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Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix in 140 Nude - review and swatches

August 18, 2015


Hey lovelies! I was lucky enough to be send this Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix foundation for review as part of the Beauty Directory Expert Panel. I have been using this most days for the last week and thought I would share my thoughts.

Some basic information before we start. This is a stick foundation that comes in 9 shades, is broad spectrum SPF 20, contains 6.8 grams and retails in Australia for $29.95. This foundation claims to be lightweight, non-dragging and has super-refined pigments for an airbrushed finish.


I got the shade 140 Nude which matches my skin really well. This is slightly yellow toned but I prefer slightly yellow foundations to correct the redness in my skin.

The formula is quite thick when you first apply it from the stick, but it smooths over the skin quite well and delivers a light to medium coverage with a reasonably lightweight finish. I typically draw a few lines on my face and then use fingers/beauty blender/buffing brush to work the product evenly on my skin. This is definitely not a full coverage foundation, but it does a great job at evening out the skin tone (see photos below). This foundation is slightly buildable but you can probably only build it up to a medium coverage at the heaviest. You will definitely need to apply concealer to cover up any blemishes or imperfections.

no foundation
finished with powder/blush/bronzer/highlighter
I have oily combination skin and I found that this foundation gave me a natural finish (not matte, not dewy) but I definitely needed to powder it to completely set it. This foundation didn't stay put all day, but I did actually like the way it wore off. Instead of wearing off unevenly around the nose and t-zone and leaving the rest of the face looking patchy, this wore off quite evenly and by the end of the day it looked like natural skin (slightly dewy) with a light coverage. This is the type of foundation I will use when I don't need to look flawless all day and when I don't mind if my makeup is going wear off a little (which is generally on the weekends or when I am visiting family).

The one thing that I was most impressed with was that this is a great touching up foundation. If you blot any oil and then reapply, it looks as good as it did when you first applied it. The handy stick format has made this my new touch up handbag foundation.

If you wanted to dabble with cream contouring then you might want to look at getting these foundations in shades that are a few shades lighter and a few shades darker than your natural skintone. Do keep in mind that this foundation contains SPF 20 so it is likely to give some flash back in flash photography.

Overall this won't become my everyday foundation (mainly because I like heavier coverage and longer wearing foundation) BUT I have been reaching for this on "no makeup" days where I want a light coverage and a natural finish. I have also put this in my makeup bag for the occasions when I need a tough up. I might look at buying a dark shade for cream contouring when I next see them on sale.

Have you tried the Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Foundation? What did you think?



  1. I like the light coverage but I wish it was longer lasting, not about that touch up life

  2. You look great! I like light makeup days so I may consider picking one up. I appreciate your review.

  3. I have never tried stick foundation, not sure if it would work for my skin type. You look stunning without foundation too Kat, absolutely lovely skin :) You should do a skincare routine video soon :)

  4. Oooo we have a similar skin type so I'm interested to see how this goes with my skin too! x

    Katina |


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