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NEW Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and Hyper Sharp Wing Liquid Liner

August 4, 2015


I wanted to do a very quick post on a few new release Maybelline products. These are the Lash Sensational Mascara and Hyper Sharp Wing Liquid Liner and I was able to pick up this pack (and a backup) from Chemist Warehouse for only $12 but I have since heard that the sale has ended. You can still pick up this pack for $24 which is great value an each product individually retails for around the $20 mark in Australia.


Lets talk a little about the Hyper Sharp Wing Liquid Liner. This is a liquid liner pen that has a brush on the end that has one side thin and the other side thick. This is designed to allow you to drawn a thin line or a thick line. I don't mind this concept, but I personally found that the thin line didn't deposit enough product to get a nice bold even line and it worked best when you used this thin side purely to draw the wing and tidy up the line.


The formula itself is good. It is budge proof when dry but it isn't waterproof. The liner also dries shiny which isn't my favourite finish, and it wasn't as black and bold as other liners. Nevertheless I think this is a decent standard liquid liner that gives a nice bold look on the eye (see photo below) and unless you are submerging your face in water, this liner should stay put pretty well throughout the day.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.25.16 PM

Onto my bestie... the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara!


This is a great mascara! The brush has rubber bristles that are long and flare out on the top of the brush and are smaller, more dense and are in a concave shape on the bottom of the brush.

What I love about this mascara is that the top part of the brush really helps add a lot of length and volume to the lashes and the bottom side of the brush is great at grabbing onto the small lashes on the lower lash line. The formula is quite wet and dries quite firm so this mascara also holds a curl pretty well. The difference that this mascara makes is extreme! Also note that in the below photos I have not curled my lashes.

PicMonkey Collage

The main negative about this mascara is that it does clump easily, so it is best to wipe off some of the product and try to layer the mascara while its still wet. If you layer this mascara when it has already dried then you will end up with three or four very clumpy lashes. Also its important to note that because this mascara does dry a quite firm it is best removed with warm water which helps dissolve and penetrate the mascara.

Overall I love this mascara! It gives a super dramatic look with one coat, it lasts all day without smudging or flaking on me (it also comes in a waterproof version) and I think it rivals some of the high end mascaras. If you can master the application so it doesn't clump then you will love this!

In regards to the liquid liner I think it's good but I won't rave about it as much as the mascara. I can say however that I like it a lot more than the Maybelline Master Precise, which I find bleeds and smudges on me really easily. The Hyper Sharp Wing Liquid Liner definitely stays in place pretty well and looks great on the eye, I just don't think the thin/thick sided brush is as effective as it sounds.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?



  1. Wow, your lashes look absolutely amazing! I've actually been hearing mixed reviews about the mascara, but mostly raves. I'm tempted to try it out for sure!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Woooww the liner and mascara both are so black and dramatic! Your eye looks amazing!

  3. I picked up both of these when they released here in Australia, and I have very similar thoughts on the mascara but have had such a positive experience with the liner too! The Maybelline Master Precise was my favourite liner before this one came along, but it definitely doesn't bleed or smudge on me so that's probably just a difference in skin-type.

  4. Awesome review! The mascara looks great on you and the liquid liner doesn't look too bad either! I think I told you I do have the duo pack but I am just waiting to bust them open as I have so many other products open at the moment! Love the first picture where you have done your liner! It looks perf! xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  5. Hm, the eyeliner looks like it has quite a sheer finish. Your wing looks fabulous though! The mascara, on the other hand, is probably a better buy. It really lengthened and curled your lashes well! I agree that it is quite clumpy. Thank you for the swatches!


  6. Thanks so much for this!! Been eye-ing this mascara since I've heard much about its hype.


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