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NEW Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever

August 11, 2015


Hello ladies (and gentlemen). I am thrilled to announce that Marc Jacobs have released a new fragrance *balloons fall from the ceiling*. Marc Jacobs do come out with new fragrances quite often, but it's my favourite fragrance brand (as you can tell from my collection in the photo above) so I do get quite excited!

So the new fragrance is... *drumroll*... Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever!


Daisy Dream Forever was released in Myer and David Jones on 3 August 2015 and this 50ml bottle retails for $120 in Australia. This will also release in Sephora and selected pharmacies on 1 September 2015. I was lucky enough to be send this for review.

Before we talk about the notes, I wanted to mention that the packaging is gorgeous! It is a blue glass bottle with frosted blue glass flowers creating a lace like design. The lid is a metallic silver finish with blue frosted flowers dotted in a cute and slightly 60s inspired design. The one problem that I have with the packaging is that it doesn't actually say Daisy Dream Forever anywhere on the bottle so unless you can remember the specific name of the fragrance, then it looks like its just Daisy Dream. I know that other fragrance lines do this as well, but it annoys me a little bit.


I thought I would also show the difference between the original Daisy Dream packaging which has blue liquid in a clear bottle and white and gold detailing. They are both beautifully designed bottles and I love keeping them out on display.

The notes of both of these fragrances are actually the same! However in Daisy Dreams Forever some of the notes (the ones in bold) are emphasised.

Top notes: blackberry, grapefruit, pear
Heart notes: jasmine, lychee, blue wisteria
Base notes: white woods, musks, coconut water

The original Daisy Dreams is a light floral fresh scent that would suit warmer weather perfectly, however this new Daisy Dream Forever takes on a deeper more sweet and woody scent. I personally like both of these scents, but I can see myself reaching for Daisy Dream Forever more often as I find that warm sweet fruity scents seem to suit me a lot better than very floral scents.

Do you like Marc Jacobs fragrances? Which is your favourite?

x Kat



  1. It annoys me too that they don't put the entire name on the bottles too. Dot would be my favourite MJ fragrance hands down, love it! x

  2. I would love to smell this! It sounds incredible and I really love the original Daisy Dream. x

  3. I think I need Marc Jacob's new fragrance offering. I do like deeper scents and this one sounds lovely xx

  4. I love the Marc Jacobs Daisy's perfumes, so happy to see this new one. I will need to check it out.

  5. Marc Jacob's is so so sooo good! I've got Honey at the moment and I love it :) especially during the summer time x

    Katina |

  6. I got MJ Dot for my birthday a few years ago and I was so excited about it, unortunately it smelt so sickly sweet and gross on me, I've never worn it :(

  7. Hi Kate, I'm your new follower :) I bought MJ Daisy Dream a month ago and I do really like it. Before it was out, I was thinking to buy Kenzo Flower In The Air, but it is a bit pricy comparing to other brands :)


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