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Natura Siberica - Oblepikha Body Butter and Oblepikha and Honey Body Scrub

August 30, 2015


Natura Siberica products have just hit Australia and I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of products to trial. I really wanted to feature the Oblepikha Body Butter and Oblepikha and Honey Body Scrub on my blog because the packaging is so beautiful (yes I am a sucker for pretty packaging).


Natura Siberica is an organic range that contains bath, body and hair care products made from wild harvested herbs, plant adaptogens and natural ingredients. Natura Siberica was founded in 2007 in Moscow.

These products are available from September and you can see more information about the whole range at


I have been using the Oblepikha and Honey Body Scrub and Oblepikha Body Butter for the last few weeks and, despite originally having no idea what oblepikha is or how to pronounce it (btw it's an orange berry also known as sea buckthorn that is rich in Vitamin C, E and B - and I still have no idea how to pronounce it), I really like these products. Both products have a very strong fruity scent that almost reminds me of tropical and orange juice. This scent may divide people because it is so strong, but I personally don't mind it. If these products came in a more vanilla or strawberry scent then I would be absolutely obsessed with them.

The Oblepikha and Honey Body Scrub is my favourite of the two products and I have nearly finished the tub. It is a very unique almost sticky textured scrub that exfoliates thoroughly but gently. The sticky texture is actually a really great quality as it prevents the product from instantly washing off the body and down the drain (which is a pet peeve of mine and one of the reasons typical salt or sugar scrubs often annoy me). Once this scrub has mixed with the water of the shower, it turns into more of a milky texture and washes away without any greasy residue. I love this formula! This contains 300ml of product and retails for $19.99 which is very reasonable!

Just like the scrub, the Oblepikha Body Butter has a very unique texture for a body butter. When you first touch the product it feels very firm but once you dig your fingers into it it feels more like a foamy cream or a whipped butter texture. I was expecting this to feel quite heavy and greasy but instead it applies more like a thin lotion. This does moisturise the skin well without being too heavy or oily. This contains 300ml and retails for $22.99.

Overall I am obsessed with the packaging of these products and I think they contain fantastic ingredients and are very affordable. The products themselves are very unique and intriguing and work really effectively, but I think the scent is very strong and if you don't love it then it might put you off using the products. If you love a strong orange fruity scent (almost like breakfast juice) then I highly recommend these body products, especially the scrub! I am looking forward to trying more of the products in the range!


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