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Eye Of Horus mini haul - Serpentine Sultry Goddess Pencil and Brow Define Pencils in Dynasty and Nile

July 11, 2015


Eye Of Horus is an Australian brand that I have been keeping an eye on for a few years now. I tried their mascara and liquid eyeliner a few years ago now and really loved them. Since then they have expanded their range to include eye shadows, coloured liners and also a range of brow products. 

A few weeks ago they were having 20% off and I decided to place a small order from their website.


I decided to order the Serpentine Sultry Goddess Pencil which is a dark olive pencil with gold sparkle and two Brow Define pencils in Dynasty (medium) and Nile (medium to dark). There are 10 shades of the pencil liners in the range and three shades of the Brow Define pencils. I decide to pick up two of the brow pencils because I wasn't sure which shade would suit me. 

The eyeliner pencils retail for $30 full priced and the brow pencils retail for $25 each. 


The Serpentine Sultry Goddess Pencil contains 1.3 grams of product has a rubber smudger on the back of the pencil. This is a very pigmented, long lasting and waterproof pencil. This is perfect for applying to the lash line or smudging out for a smokey eye (they claim to take 40 seconds to set so you have a bit of time to work with it). The shade is a lot more blackened and a lot less green and metallic than what I was expecting (see swatches below). I do think this is a pretty colour and it would work well to accentuate brown eyes. This also isn't joking when it says that it is water and budge proof! Once this liner sets it is almost impossible to remove (without makeup remover), which ensures all day wear. My biggest issue with this pencil is that it isn't creamy enough to easily apply to the waterline or the tightline. If you really wanted to make this work on the waterline then you can attempt to dry the waterline with a cotton bud or layer the liner to it build up, but I think it the best way to apply it is if you warm up the tip on back of your hand before applying it. I rarely reach for this pencil for the waterline because I have a lot of other pencils that apply a lot more easily. Considering the price and the fact that I mainly bought this to apply to the waterline, I find this pencil a little disappointing. I think the longevity of this pencil is outstanding and if you are looking for a pencil liner that will last all day (even on the oiliest lids) then I highly recommend this range, however if you are like me and mainly use pencils on the waterline then this liner isn't worth the investment. 

The Brow Define pencils remind me a lot of the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencils, which is great because I bought these pencils knowing that my Anastasia Brow Wiz is almost out. The Eye Of Horus Brow Define pencils have very similar packaging, they have a similar spooley on the end, the thinness of brow pencil is very similar and the firmness and pigmentation is very similar. The main differences are that the Brow Define pencils are cheaper than the Brow Wiz ($25 vs $38 in Australia) and the Brow Wiz comes in a lot more shades. The Brow Wiz contains 0.085 grams of product but I can't seem to find how much the Brow Define contains. If these pencils contain the same or more product than the Brow Wiz then I am converted, if not then I may go back to my Brow Wiz in the future. 

Both the Dynasty and Nile shades are great brow shades as they are both cool toned browns. There isn't much difference in the shades though so I find that they are both interchangeable for me. As a reference, Nile (the darker of the two) looks very similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette. The benefit of these very fine brow pencils is that they can mimic hairs and they are really great at lining and defining the brows. I don't use these to fill in my whole brow (otherwise I would use half a pencil each time I fill in my brows), but I instead use these to tidy up my brows.

top to bottom - Nile, Dynasty and Serpentine Sultry

Have you tried Eye Of Horus? What are your thoughts?



  1. Hi,
    I ve never tried Eye Of Horus but the pencils looks eally great.
    Thank you for this lovely review.
    Wish you a fab sunday!

  2. I love the Eye Of Horus Pencils I find the matte pencils adhere well to the tightline and waterline but the metallics are only really suited to the skin on the lash line :)
    Beauty Wanderer


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