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Arbonne mini collective review - Bronzer, Glosses Over Lip Gloss, Sheer Glow Highlighter and Liquid Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

July 7, 2015


I am going to admit that I have had these photos in a draft blog post for weeks and I totally forgot that I hadn't actually written the review! Whoops! Ah well, at least you know I have been trying these products for ages and can give a very informed review :P

I was sent all of these products for review (yes, the PR for Arbonne are very lovely to me!) but these reviews are 100% my honest opinion.

In my opinion Arbonne delivers wearable everyday products that contain high quality ingredients. The ingredients are derived from botanically based ingredients, and the products are cruelty free and vegan. Because they are very good quality products they do fall in the mid-range price range in the Australian market. I would recommend Arbonne to people who want basic high quality makeup and skincare. If you want to see more details about where you can buy any of these products or the list of ingredients, check out the Arbonne website.


Lets start with the Arbonne Bronzer. This a powder bronzer that comes in one shade. It is quite a dark bronzer with red undertones and a gold sheen to it (see swatch below). When I first swatched this I thought it would only work to warm up the face, but I started using it as a contour and I think it does a great job! It is very pigmented but if you apply it lightly then it works well for light skin tones (maybe not for super fair skin tones) and can easily be build it up for medium to deeper skin tones. The shimmer adds more of a glow to the skin and doesn't make the skin look sparkly. This also applies and blends out evenly and wears all day. This is my current go to bronzer.

This bronzer retails $47 in Australia ($36 in the US) and contains 9.3g of product (for reference NARS Laguna contains 8g).


Next is the Glosses Over Lip Glosses in the shades in Cosmos and Hyacinth. These are high shine lip glosses that contain plant extracts and peptides to leave your lips soft and plump. They come in 10 shades, contain 3.36ml of product and retail for $37 in Australia ($24 in the US). 

These come in nice clear tubes that have a plastic brush applicator. The applicator is probably the thing I like the least about this product, as these types of brushes have a tendency to fray if accidentally inserted in the tube the wrong way.

PicMonkey Collage
 top - Hyacinth. bottom - Cosmos

The lip glosses themselves are really lovely looking on the lips. They provide a high shine and a nice strong (but not opaque) colour. They are quite thick and are a little sticky, but the stickiness allows them to last for hours on the lips. They also have a very strong sweet toffee apple bar scent, which I don't mind, but I can imagine that it will polarise people.
  • Hyacinth is the most beautiful slightly shimmery deep translucent wine red shade that I am obsessed with! This colour is perfection for the cooler months and the colour can be built up or sheered out. The bold colour might last for 1-2 hours without eating and then it fades to more of a berry stained balm look which is equally as pretty.  
  • Cosmos is more of a cream formula with no shimmer and a slightly more opaque finish. I also love this shade and it is the prettiest bright mid toned berry pink. This also lasts on the lips for hours but fades into more of a pink balm look after a couple of hours on the lips. The balm feel lasts a further few hours. 
Next is the Sheer Glow Highlighter, and interestingly enough this is the only highlighting product in the Arbonne range (well at least on the Australian site). I did swatch this in the photo earlier in this post, but all you can really see is that this is a lotion/primer like product that has a light pearl white shade to it. To be honest, I don't really understand this product. It has very little shimmer so it doesn't work successfully over foundation as a cream highlight, it doesn't show though as a illuminating primer or if you mix it with foundation... the only way I could get this to work for me was if I applied it onto bare skin where it did have a slight light defusing effect which made my skin look brighter. As I tend to wear foundation most days I never find myself reaching for this because it is was too subtle. This does have a lot of promise if they ramped up shimmer ten fold, but as it is it will only suit people who don't wear foundation or who want to apply this to their body for a very natural subtle glow. This contains 30ml and retails for $56 in Australia ($42 in the US) and this is the one product of the five that I would not recommend.

Lastly, Arbonne recently released the Liquid Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 for Face in Australia and this retails for $50 for 52g (36g in the US). I am an avid sunscreen enthusiast and I wear it every day without fail. This is a mineral sunscreen with SPF30, UVA/UVB protection and is water resistant for 80min. I quite like this sunscreen and have been wearing daily every since receiving it. The pros are that it doesn't make me greasy (and I do have oily combo skin), it doesn't disrupt my makeup, and it doesn't break me out. I do however find that this is a very thick sunscreen so it's best to apply a small amount on top of your moisturiser while your moisturiser is still a little wet. This will help blend the sunscreen into the face without needing to apply too much product. If you are interested in a good quality mineral sunscreen then you might want to look into this one. If you don't like thick suncreens, then give this a miss... but I can easily work it into my daily skincare routine without any issues.

Those are some of the products I have been using lately from Arbonne. I really do love all the products (the highlighter is the only exception), but my favourites are probably the bronzer and the Hyacinth lip gloss!

Have you tried any Arbonne products? What are your recommendations?



  1. You just reminded me of a few Arbonne products I need to dig back out and use again. I have a lovely plum gloss which is perfect for time of the year. :)


  2. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

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