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The Wet Brush review

June 16, 2015



There are so many detangling brushes on the market these days, but I have found a new love... The Wet Brush!

I was sent this for review, and I am so glad I was because I adore it!


This is The Wet Brush in the shade Cool Tones Blue and you can buy it for $14.95 from This comes in a variety of shades but I love this metallic turquoise blue shade from the Cool Tones range.

This is essentially a brush that works really well at detangling hair and you can use it on wet hair without breaking or damaging your hair. This is also amazing at making your hair look really smooth and shiny.


The brush itself looks like a standard paddle brush, but where I suspect that this works well at detangling is with the really flexible bristles.

This concept is very similar to a Tangle Teezer, but there are three reasons why I think The Wet Brush wins over the Tangle Teezer: Firstly, this has a handle, so it is a lot more comfortable to hold and control. Secondly because this has the little ball things on the end of the bristles that actually create a massaging effect on the scalp instead of a scratching feeling (which the Tangle Teezer gives). Lastly is because in Australia it's around half the price of a Tangle Teezer!

I have quite wavy hair with fine stands but a lot of it, which is a bad combination that results in very messy and tangled hair. This brush is a miracle and not only does it effectively and efficiently brush my hair, but it is the first brush that actually makes my hair look shiny.

I never expected to appreciate a brush as much as I appreciate The Wet Brush. If you have issues with detangling hair, or you have tried brushes like Tangle Teezer and like the concept but found them awkward to use, then try The Wet Brush, you will thank me for it!




  1. The other major plus for this product over the Tangle Teaser appears to be the price - it's a lot cheaper!

    1. VERY TRUE! I have just added that in as a third reason. Thanks! x

  2. This sounds great! I have super thick hair so brushes like Tangle Teezers don't stand a chance against it. This looks like it might be bit sturdier :)

  3. I own and love this brush as well!

  4. Great review Kat, yes the handle is definitely so practical and useful :) I really wanna try this. The price is pretty decent too !

  5. This sounds amazing for my tangle loving hair!


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