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Paula's Choice Blush It On Contour Palette and Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara - review and swatches

June 22, 2015


This has been a review that I have been meaning to do for ages! I am clearly behind with blogging :P

I mentioned this Paula's Choice Blush It On Contour Palette in my May favourites... so finally here is the full review and swatches (along with the Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara). I was sent these for review, but I have been trying them for the past few weeks and have a pretty solid opinion on each product.

You can buy both of these products from the Paula's Choice website. Right now they have free shipping on the website, so if you are interested in Paula's Choice products then right now is a great time to order.


Lets start with the Blush It On Contour Palette which you can find on the Paula's Choice website for $55 full priced. This contains a highlighter, a bronzer and four blushes which totals 18g of product all together.

The palette is a very simple grey cardboard palette that is quite sleek and travel friendly, but the design is a little boring and basic and can be easily overlooked if you saw it in store. This isn't the most luxurious packaging.


The palette contains one highlighter, one bronzer and four blushes. Each pan contains 3g of product.

Top row: Pearl, Delicate Coral, Peony. Bottom row: Bronze, Dusty Rose, Soft Mauve
l-r: Pearl, Bronze, Delicate Coral, Dusty Rose, Peony, Soft Mauve

Pearl - This is the highlighter shade and it looks quite boring in the pan, but it is beautiful on the skin It is pigmented and has a very finely milled sheen that doesn't look at all chunky and glittery. The shade is a pinky white highlighter and the name pearl suits it perfectly. This is my favourite product (or highlight... get it, get it?) of the palette. This rivals some of my favourite high end highlighters and is perfect for fair skin or winter looks.

Bronze - This is the bronzer/contour shade and I also love this. It applies smoothly, is nicely pigmented, and has a matte/possinly slightly satin finish that works as both a contour and a overall bronzer. The shade is a nice bronze brown that almost has a red undertone that doesn't look too orange on the skin.

Delicate Coral - This is my favourite blush of the four. This has a matte/slightly satin finish and is a lovely bright orange coral shade. This is very similar to Tom Ford Blush in Flush but this is a more wearable version because of the matte finish. This is very pigmented to a light application gives a healthy flush to the cheeks.

Dusty Rose - This is a similar shade to Delicate Coral but it is softer and has a slightly pinker tone. This also has the same matte finish as Delicate Coral but I find that this doesn't apply as evenly and it doesn't brighten up the face as much as the coral.

Peony - This is very similar to Dusty Rose, but it is a more pink toned version. This is nice, but it is the least pigmented of the four shades and probably the most common and dupe-able blush shade.

Soft Mauve - This is a nicely pigmented burgundy mauve. This would suit darker skin tones but you need to be careful when applying it because even though it has nice pigmentation, it can apply patchy if you apply too much at once.

Overall the blushes are nice but they all have the same finish so there isn't much versatility. I would have loved to see one or two of them with some shimmer or sheen. Also, even though the shades do look very different in the pan, they can look quite similar when applied. I LOVE the Delicate Coral shade as it is quite unique and very flattering and brightening on the skin. I rarely reach for the other shades because they don't apply as evenly and they aren't anything too unique. The highlighter is perfect and it is my favourite part of this palette, and also love the bronzer as both a contour and bronzer.

My biggest problem with this palette is that the ratio of bronzer and highlighter to blush is really off. I would prefer this palette if the bronzer was double the size and there was less blush. By the time I have used up the bronzer and highlighter I will still have barely made a dent in the blushes. I do still reach for this palette often, but it is mainly for the highlighter, bronzer and Delicate Coral shade.


Next is the Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara which retails for $21 at the Paula's Choice website. I was actually impressed with the price of the Paula's Choice mascaras, they in the same price range as drug store mascaras which makes them very affordable!

As you can see the brush for this mascara has plastic bristles that tapers in at the end.

PicMonkey Collage

Above is a photo of my no makeup eye and the bottom is one coat of the mascara.

There are some pros and cons about this mascara. Firstly, the pros. This mascara does a great job at lengthening lashes and adding volume. It also lasts all day without any flaking or smudging (if you have super oily lids then it may smudge, I don't have super oily lids so I can't tell).

The cons are that this doesn't separate or hold a curl very well. I also find that if you try to build this up then the lashes clumps together really badly and you end up looking like you have 4 really long thick lashes.

I have actually really started liking this mascara after I figured out the best way to use it (which essentially is by applying one layer and not trying to build it up). This is definitely not the best mascara I have ever used, but I am starting to dig the really long spiky looking lashes (as strange as that sounds) as it gives a really pretty and feminine look paired with a simple eye and a winged liner.

So those are my thoughts on some of the makeup from Paula's Choice. Have you used any? What are your thoughts?



  1. I am the biggest fan of their skincare but haven't dabbled at all with their makeup. Their skincare has given me phenomenal results though x
    Beauty Wanderer

  2. Love the palette looks so good, looks like a NARS palette actually. I would be very happy with just matte blushes but yes it would make sense for the highlight and the bronzer to be bigger

  3. I also love their skincare but this looks beautiful! I will have to try and check out these makeup products.


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