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Cocoa Brown By Melissa Carter 1 Hour Tan Mousse

May 10, 2015


Here is a bit of a sneak peak! I was sent the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter 1 Hour Tan Mousse to review leading up to their Australian launch.

Cocoa Brown is a company from Ireland that has a range of tanning products including self tanners, bronzers, gradual tanner, body lotion, body scrub and tanning mitt. Check out their website for more details of the products.

UPDATE: Check out to purchase Cocoa Brown online, or check out their stockist list to see where you can get these in store.


I was sent the most famous Cocoa Brown product, the 1 Hour Tan Mousse along with the Self Tan Applicator Mitt.

The concept of this tan is that if you leave it on for 1 hour you get a light glow, 2 hours and you get a medium glow and 3 hours and you get a dark glow.

When I have been testing this out I have been applying it for 3+ hours. After applying this for over three hours this did gradually develop into a medium tan (but they do have a darker version available), but the tan was gradual. When I first applied this I used it on one arm and not the other to see the difference, and the tan only was noticeable the next day. The colour of the tan was quite nice... it definitely wasn't orange, but I didn't get a chance to layer this over a few days to find out if it does build up to look more orange.


There are quite a few things that I loved about this tan. Firstly, I loved the firm mousse texture. I found that this was really easy to apply, it applied evenly and it dried quickly. Secondly I really enjoyed the scent. The scent reminded me a little of DKNY Be Delicious perfume (which I adore) so it was really nice to apply, and even though this did develop into a slight fake tan scent to it at the end of the day, if you did wash it off after 3 hours you wouldn't notice it.  Thirdly I liked that it has a slight hint of colour so you can see where you have applied it and whether you have left any gaps. Lastly I liked that this tan lasted a good 4-5 days but it wore off very evenly.

The negatives about this product in my opinion is that since this gives a light-medium tan, you never get a "dark glow" if you keep this on for 3 hours. Secondly this does claim to not have the fake tan scent, but I think it can only live up to that claim because its designed to be washed off after 3 hours, if you leave it on all day the it does develop into a slight fake tan scent. Lastly the name implies that you will have a tan in an hour, but you really won't. The name is more referring to the fact that you only need to have it on for an hour, but it is definitely more of a gradual tan.

Overall I really did enjoy this tan! It gives a nice amount of colour for every day use, it is super easy to apply, it smells great, and it wears off evenly. For me this isn't a going out tan because doesn't give an instant result (and I often forget to tan until the day of an event), but this is great as an every day tanning product.

Keep your eyes peeled for Cocoa Brown by Melissa Carter's Australian release!


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  1. Interesting review, I do love a bit of fake tan, even though it is beginning to enter into Winter.
    Will this product be available at Priceline?


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