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April 2015 Favourites

May 7, 2015


I always try to keep my favourites to a minimum, but every month they blow out to a lot of products. Here are my favourite products of the month of April and a little bit about why I am loving them!

UBU No 35 Brush: This brush came with a smokey eye kit (or something like that), and I honestly didn't love this as an eyeshadow brush, but I LOVE it as a concealer brush. This is synthetic, so it doesn't absorb too much product, is it soft, but also firm so it's perfect for blending out a creamy concealer.

Arbonne Pure Vibrance Colorlast Hair Serum: I am very minimal with my hair routine, I use shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. This is the current hair oil that I have been loving, and it has quickly become my most reached for hair oil (even over Moroccan Oil). My hair is quite picky because it is wavy and frizzy, but a lot of products weigh my hair down and make it too limp, it is very hard to find a good balance. What I love about this hair oil is that it is thick and nourishing, but it doesn't weigh down my hair, and if I accidentally apply too much then it's not a problem! This also is designed to help extend hair colour.

Ella Bache Radiance C Ampoule Brightening Serum: I wanted to mention this because it deserves a place in my favourites but there's a "but"... and it's a big but! So this is a product that I was sent to trial and I used it for 14 days (day and night) and saw some nice results. I found that this really evened out my skin tone, reduced redness and cleared my skin a bit. The "but" is that this is crazy expensive. This is a 14 day bottle (you need to activate the product by mixing in a powder and it only stays activated for 14 days) and when you buy this you get three of these bottles which gives you 6 weeks of use. The three bottles cost a whopping $189 in Australia which means my 14 day sample cost $63 (see more information at the Ella Bache website), which is far too expensive for me to maintain. Do I think the results were worth the money? No, not really... but if it was cheaper then I would be more than happy to permanently integrate it into my skincare routine. The only way I could justify the cost is if I used it leading up to some huge event (like if I got married), but I really can't justify spending the money on a regular basis, and I think you could get similar results with a cheaper product. Nevertheless, it is a good product, I did like the results and I think it was the best skincare product I used this month.


Model Rock Lashes #241: I have been trying to use fake lashes for going out and sometimes filming this month and the lashes I have been loving are the #241 from Model Rock. I cut these in half and use them more as demi lashes, which gives me a lot more uses from each pair (you end up getting 2 pairs in a pack and they can last 4-5 uses depending on how well you clean them). I have bought these at places like IMATS where they cost around $4 each ($6.95 from the Model Rock website), so they are really cheap, they look nice and fluttery, the band is clear and flexible so they are comfortable... and I just find them really easy to use! If you have seen me with fake lashes this month it's these cut in half!

Tokyo Milk Dark Parfum Everything and Nothing: My scent of the month is Everything and Nothing. I bought this as a present to myself the other week and I have been loving it! It is a warm soft orange scented perfume that also has a complicated unique earthy scent to it. It has become my new autumn scent, I just wish it lasted longer!

TanOrganic Multi-Use Dry Oil: Now that the weather is starting to get colder, my skin is starting to get drier and I have been loving using this dry oil as an alternative to a body lotion. This doesn't feel super greasy on the skin and it leaves my skin feeling really smooth after one or two applications. I also love the orange scent which is quite strong originally but smells soft and sweet on the skin. I did a full review here.

Orly Push The Limit: The shade of nail polish that has been on my nails for about 3 weeks in April is Push The Limit from the Orly Adrenaline Rush Collection. This is a neon melon shade and it is amazing! It lasts really well (4-5 days with minimal wear) and applies really it evenly.

Revo Lip Balms - Mint Melon and Strawberry: I don't want to harp on about these too much, because I did a whole blog post about them (see my review here), but these Revo lip balms were the only lip balms I used this month. They are hydrating, smell great, and comfortable to apply and are only $5 each.


Red Earth Velvet Radiance Blush in Sunset Glow: The main blush that I have been loving this month is this one by Red Earth (see swatch later in this post). This is a fool proof blush that applies very evenly and gives a gorgeous pink coral sheen to the cheeks. This can be applied lightly or built up for more colour. I did a full review here.

Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Keratin Care Shampoo and Daily Intense Mask: I am pretty bad at reviewing hair care - I either know if I love it or hate it, but often I cant tell why. I have been loving this shampoo and conditioner lately, it leaves my hair smelling great and it helps control frizz but still maintaining volume.

Colour Theory Nail Polish in Isle Of Red: This is a super cheap nail polish so the quality isn't amazing (it's still pretty good for $4), but I am obsessed with this shade! I have been looking for the perfect dark red nail polish, and this is what I was looking for. It's not too purple, it's not too brown, it's not too dark, it's just perfect! This going to be one of my most used nail polishes during autumn/winter season... I just wished this lasted longer!


NARS Audacious Lipstick in Leslie: When the cooler months start, I always do two things: I buy a new scarf and I buy a new autumn/winter lipstick. This is my 2015 cool weather lipstick and I bought it because its the nicest dark brown red. Swatched it almost has a blood colour to it (see swatch below), which sounds morbid but it's really pretty. Just like the nail polish I mentioned, this is a dark red that isn't too dark, isn't too berry, isn't too brown... it's perfect! Also these Audacious lipsticks are some of the best quality lipsticks I have ever tried.

Lush Reindeer Rock Soap: I feel like a jerk mentioning this because it's Christmas limited edition... buuuut Lush do bring back some Christmas products as their Christmas in July campaign. Anyway, this is a delicious smelling soap that smells like raspberry boiled lollies and makes my bathroom smell amazing! I love it.


Yay it's May!

Thanks so much for reading about my favourites in April. Definitely let me know in the comments what your favourite product of April was!



  1. That nail polish looks perfect for autumn! x


  2. Ooh, Leslie! Such a gorgeous vampy, yet ultra wearable shade. Great picks, Kat! :)




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