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TanOrganic Self-Tan & TanOrganic Multi-Use Dry Oil review

April 20, 2015


I have been trying A LOT of tanning products lately! The most recent one I have tried is also one of the most unique self tanners I have ever tried!

I have been trialing the TanOrganic Self Tan and the TanOrganic Multi-Use Dry Oil. TanOrganic is the world's first 100% natural and organic, eco-certified self tanning brand, but what I love most about it is the formula... which we will get onto shortly.

You can buy these in store in Myer, on the TanOrganic website (which has free shipping in Australia), or you can check out the stockist page of the website. 

The TanOrganic Self Tan retails for $35 and the Dry Oil retails for $42.50 and they each contain 100ml of product.


I tried to take photos of the ingredients list... but it's quite hard to do on long thin bottles. It is interesting to note that the OrganicTan is 84% Aloe Vera based and the Dry Oil contains Argan oil, Borage seed oil and Rosehip oil.


I love the packaging! These are long thick glass bottles that feel very heavy and high quality (be careful not to drop these). These also have a twist top cap with a very rustic (in the best possible way) wood covered lid.


These don't have pumps, instead you twist off the top and there is a small opening that allows you to shake out a small amount of product at a time.


Onto the product itself, and I will start with the TanOrganic Self-Tan. This is like no other tanning product I have ever used! Usually tanning products come in a cream/mousse texture which can often stain your hands (if you don't use a mitt... by the way this brand also sells a tanning mitt bit I personally don't think it requires one), transfer onto clothes, or applies like a thick and heavy body lotion. This fake tan doesn't do any of that!

There are a lot of positive points about this product. This is a very unique watery formula that looks a lot like soy sauce (see photo below) and it is SO easy to apply! You only need a few drops and you rub it into clean dry skin, and just like rubbing a small amount of water on your skin, it's spreads easily and evenly, it's super lightweight, and it dries almost instantly. Also this has a strong orange oil scent that doesn't linger on the skin, and the best thing is that it NEVER develops into a fake tan scent. After applying this it doesn't feel like you have applied anything to your skin. It's amazing!

It is worth noting that this develops into a light to medium tan. If you are a hardcore tanner then this won't cut it for you, but if you like to take it slow and build up a tan over a few applications, then this is perfect. This also fades off very evenly so I haven't noticed uneven scaly wearing off. It is a very natural feeling and looking tan.

The only negative is that it takes a while for the tan to develop (it is recommended to keep it on for 6 hours) so you may want to apply this before bed and let it develop overnight. I haven't noticed any transferring onto clothes or sheets so you can easily wear it to bed. Since this does take so long to develop, and it doesn't deliver an instant stain, I don't bother using a tanning mitt with this product. Like I said before, if you wanted an instant dark tan then this won't give you that. This is definitely more of a natural tan that requires a few applications to build up.


Onto the TanOrganic Multi-Use Dry Oil... or as the bottle says the "Oil Arganic" which is an interesting play on words. I love oils, but am very picky with my oils. I have only come across a few dry oils that I can use comfortably (I hate feeling greasy), and luckily this is one of the few dry oils that I really enjoy and would happily use in place of a body lotion.

You can use this like any other multipurpose oil. You can use it on your body, on your hair and your cuticles and hands. I mainly just use this as a body oil and I can vouch that it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my skin greasy (YAY). This shares the same orange oil scent as the TanOrganic Self-Tan.

Some of you may be wondering, why use an oil over a body lotion? Well, along with moisturisng the skin, oils tend to provide antioxidants and helps diminish scars and stretch marks. I also find that when you get a non greasy body oil, it leaves your skin feeling smoother and more lightweight than body lotions or body butters. This also accompanies the TanOrganic Self-Tan very well and will help prolong your tan.

Overall I am very impressed with these products. I love a good body oil and I can see this one staying on my sink instead of being thrown into the oil graveyard. I am surprised that I enjoy the TanOrganic as much as I do. The thing I like the most about it is that it is SO easy to apply and it is the first fake tan I have ever used that doesn't feel like you have applied anything on the skin! I just wish that this applied a little darker so that you can get a more noticeable tan after one application.

Have you tried either one of these products? What are your thoughts?



  1. Wow ! I've never seen anything like this before. I'm a beauty therapist and this sounds so cool. I only wear dark tans when I go out or have an event. So something like this would be perfect for me for an everyday tan. So keen to try this. Have to go past myers now :)

  2. Good review. I like more eco products so this is something for me to look into. It's good that's it's easy to access in myer :)

    1. yeah its a great tanning product if you prefer eco products


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