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Revo Lip Balms

April 15, 2015


Over the last year or so I have been wanting to jump onto the sphere lip balm trend. This trend was started with brands like EOS, and up until recently they have been pretty difficult to access in Australia. One of the newer releases to the Australian market is the Revo Lip Balms that have launched at The Beauty Office.

The thing that impresses me about these Revo Lip Balms is that they contain 7g of product and they retail at The Beauty Office for only $4.99! Normal stick lip balms (like Chapsticks) retail from $5ish and contain little over 4g of product.

I was sent these for review, but I can tell you already that I am really liking them! I originally thought "what am I going to do with three of them?" but I keep the strawberry one next to my bed, the watermelon one in my kitchen (no idea why) and the melon mint in my handbag and whenever I see them, I want to use them!


One thing that I though was worth noting is that all of the information is on the packaging, so when you remove the packaging you are left with no information about the product (except for the expiry date, which is handy), but it doesn't even tell you what scent it is. However, the packaging colour of each scent is very different so you can easily tell which one your are picking up.

I thought I would also mention that you can see that the ingredients list mineral oil as being the main ingredient in this balm. Personally that doesn't stop me from using it, but I know a lot of people are a little weary of products that contain mineral oil. I think on the lips it should be fine, but in skincare it can make people break out... so maybe refrain from smearing this all over your face.


The three balms that I have are Strawberry (pink), Watermelon (green), and Melon Mint (yellow)

All of the types available in Australia are:
Blue Razzberry
Melon Mint
Onto the packaging...

I am surprised at how much I really like these little spheres! Not only are they super colourful and fun, but they are suite sturdy so the lid doesn't come off in your handbag AND they are really easy to find in your bag! They are also surprisingly really easy and comfortable to use. I think they feel a lot more natural to apply than a stick lip balm... maybe back when we were cavemen we used to use balls of fat to moisturise our lips :P


One thing that made me go "oooooooh" when I opened these, was that the balm itself is coloured (but applies clear)... green on the outside/pink on the inside for the watermelon is genius!

The balms themselves are very moisturising and smooth (not sticky). I thought it was interesting to note that these balms are quite firm. When you apply it, it only applies a thin layer and it doesn't really look like you have used any of the product at all (unlike a softer stick balm that become misshapen and worn down with one application). The only difference in formula between the three scents (besides the colour and the scent) is that the Melon Mint one has a tingly menthol feel which I really like and I think might have a slight plumping effect on the lips (it's great as a lip prep before a bold lipstick).

All of the scents are very sweet, and the balms themselves taste sweet. The Watermelon reminds me of a watermelon Jolly Rancher, the Strawberry one reminds me of a sweeter version of the Strawberry Chapstick, and the Melon Mint one has a really interesting mix of melon and mint and they remind me of when Skittles brought out the mint flavours. This is pretty much the same as the toffee mint Skittle... it's definitely a mint, but a sweeter more buttery scent.

So overall I am a convert. Sure they won't replace my favourite higher end lip balms like the NUXE Reve De Miel, BUT I will reach for these over a chapstick or a basic lip balm. I love the scent of the strawberry, but I think overall I like the Mint Melon one because mint just feels really fresh and it has that tingling effect.

Have you tried these? What were your thoughts?



  1. cute packaging !
    but i'm not really into colorful lipbalm


    1. Its not actually coloured. It applies clear

  2. These are so cute! I can imagine putting a bunch of these in a clear bowl and just using it home decor too haha!

    Raincouver Beauty

    1. Great idea! I just have them sprinkled around my house like an easter egg hunt

  3. OOOH I love the fact that they also taste nice :) I think that I shall definitely switch out my Balmi for one of these

  4. Ooo these are cute! What a surprise for the inside product to be different from the packaging aswell even if it does come off clear. That's also good that theres a larger amount of product in these too! x

  5. So cute! I love the packaging its different to just the plain tubes.

  6. "maybe back when we were cavemen we used to use balls of fat to moisturise our lips"

    This made me laugh unexpectedly, I almost spilt my tea lol

    The lip balms look super cute, will definitely try to get them.

  7. I love the sound of the tingly mint melon one and the watermelon one simply looks divine! I want, no make that, NEED one!


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