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Red Earth - Velvet Radiance Blush in 09 Sunset Glow & Pure Colour Pigment Rich Lipstick in 16 Coral Love

April 26, 2015


Well hello hello old friend...

If you were in Australia in the 90s and were into wearing makeup, you would know of Red Earth. I was only a kid in the 90s, but I remember thinking I was really cool wearing my bright metallic blue nail polish by Red Earth called Mars. I also remember being in my tweens and buying one of my first shimmery eye shadows from Red Earth.

...So clearly I have a nostalgic attachment to Red Earth and I am so happy to see that they are back!

Red Earth used to have stores everywhere until they sold the business to Esprit and then it disappeared (check out an article about it here)... but now it's back!


I was sent these to trial, but if you want to have a play in person then they do have a Red Earth stand in Emporium in Melbourne. Or of course, you can check out their website where shipping in Australia is free for ordered over $75.

The two products I was sent are the Velvet Radiance Blush in 09 Sunset Glow and the Pure Colour Pigment Rich Lipstick in 16 Coral Love.


I'll start with the Velvet Radiance Blush, because I LOVE this blush! This is shade 09 Sunset Glow and I just wanted to mention that I love the names of the blushes! There are 10 shades in the range and they all have really nice names like High Noon, First Light, and Desert Dusk... besides all sounding like Twilight books, they are very romantic names that remind me of the sky at different times of the day. The blushes contain 5 grams of product and retail for $24 each.

This Sunset Glow shades is a shimmery coral that gives the most beautiful natural flush to the cheeks. This is a sheer blush, but it applies really smoothly and you can build up the colour. I also love that the shimmer is very fine and gives the skin a healthy glow rather than a sparkly look. I think this is the perfect blush for beginners because you really can't go wrong with applying this. I know I will be hitting the Emporium shop next time I am in the city because I am in love with this formula!


Then onto the lipstick. Red Earth have two types of lipsticks - the Hydra Luxe Lipstick and the Pure Colour Pigment Rich Lipstick. The lipstick I have is a Pure Colour Pigment Rich Lipstick. These contain 3.6 grams of product and retail for $24 each.

16 Coral Love is a bright mid toned coral pink shade with a cream finish and has a beautiful formula. It is a very silky smooth and hydrating formula that has great pigmentation. Often it's hard to find a hydrating formula with decent pigmentation, but this is definitely the best of both worlds. I personally find that this is a little too slippery for me (I am always sipping on water/coffee/tea while I am at work) and would prefer a drier more long wearing lipstick, but I do appreciate how well this applies and how nice the colour pay off is. This does wear a good few hours with minimal eating and drinking. If you want a comfortable lipstick with lovely pigmentation, then this is definitely one to check out.


Overall I am really glad to see that Red Earth is back! So far the products are very impressive and I am very happy to see that these don't cost an arm and a leg. At $24 each these are very affordable and are in the same price range as a lot of "drugstore" makeup in Australia. I will definitely be going to the store in Emporium to swatch a few more blushes, and I would love to get my hands on a glossy deep red lipstick for winter.

...I wonder if they will ever bring back the Mars nail polish?

Do you guys remember Red Earth? What do you think of these products?



  1. Aaah, these both look so gorgeous on you! These shades are totally up my street. I do remember Red fact I think my mum still has a few products from them in the abyss of her drawers haha! It's awesome to see them back :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. The blush looks incredible!! So pigmented & lovely.

  3. Wow, Red Earth! What next, Poppy King and So? perfume?

  4. I remember Red Earth too when I was young. I kept thinking 'yeh I'll bunch a of Red earth products and do my own makeup for the formal' lucky I came to my senses and got it properly done at a counter.

  5. Oh wow I too remember Mars nail polish !!!! Thanks for that flashback!! Wore to death in high school. So happy to see red earth back... really hope they reserect Mars nail polish .

  6. Wow I too remember Mars nail polish !! It was THE nail polish to have !! Bring it back red earth so we can all rock it again +!


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