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Bioderma Hydrabio range

April 2, 2015


Is anyone super excited for Easter?!? I just realised that I haven't done any Easter themed blog posts this year (I might see if I can squeeze a nail one in soon). To be honest, I have just seen Easter this year as being 4 glorious days off work... and chocolate, we can't forget about chocolate. Anyway, I have decided to sneak a quick skincare post before the long weekend (I have a lot of blogging to catch up on over the Easter break).

This is almost the full range of the Bioderma Hydrabio range (I am missing one moisturiser from the range). I was given these to trial at a blogger session where we were able to learn more about this range, and the Bioderma range in general.

I'll start by saying that this whole Hydrabio range is designed for dehydrated skin. The beauty of Bioderma products is that they not only reduce the symptoms of skin concerns, but they also work to treat the cause of them. Also all of the Bioderma skincare products are designed for sensitive skin. Do note that this Hydrabio range has some fragrance, but it is supposed to be in such small quantities that won't irritate your skin. I personally think this small amount of fragrance makes these products smell fresh and clean, which I really like.. but then again I my skin is rarely irritated by fragrance so I can't comment on whether the fragrance will bother people with sensitive skin.

Now this range has really appealed to me because I do have dehydrated skin. Dehydration is different from dry skin and so any skin type can suffer from dehydration. I personally have oily/combo but dehydrated skin and I know my dehydration stems from not drinking enough water and drinking too much caffeine. You can often tell if your skin is dehydrated if you have just washed your face or stepped out of the shower and your skin feels really tight.

Firstly from this range I have the Bioderma Exfoliating Cream which is described as a "gentle moisturising scrub". This would suit people who don't like very abrasive scrubs, but personally I love abrasive scrubs so this didn't quite cut it for me. I still think this is a decent scrub, but for $39.99 a tube I don't think it's a must have (check it out at Priceline). If a gentle moisturising scrub sounds amazing to you, then I recommend trying it, otherwise save your money for the other products in the range.

Next is the Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution. This is the hydrating twin of the ever so famous Sensibo H20 Micelle Solution. I love this stuff, and I must admit that the bottle in the photo is actually my second bottle! This is a gentle makeup remover that feels like water but has micelle molecules that are attracted to oil, so it works really well at removing makeup and general face oils. The way you use this is by applying it to a cotton pad and then removing your makeup (you don't need to wash it off). I only use this to remove my makeup on a minimal makeup days (or when I am traveling) because if this was to be my primary way of removing makeup I would need to use numerous cotton pads of it to remove a full face of makeup (I wear a lot of makeup). I instead use this as my morning cleanse as it's quick, gentle, and helps hydrate my skin - win, win, win. This is also amazing at removing makeup swatches! This retails for $29.99 at Priceline, but it is a worthwhile investment.

My favourite toner I have ever tried is the Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Toning Lotion. My biggest pet peeve with toners in general (and why I rarely use them) is that I never feel like they do anything! This toner is different because it not only removes any makeup/cleanser residue, but it actually somehow feels like its moisturining my skin. I don't know how to describe it but it is like a liquid lotion. I love it and do recommend it to people who are looking for a gentle and effective toner. This retails for $29.99 at Priceline... oh and I love the blue bottle.

Then we have one of my favourite additions to my skincare routine in the past 12 months... a gel serum. This is the Bioderma Hydrabio Serum and this is the most expensive product from the range retailing at $42.99 at Priceline, but if you are serious about hydrating your skin then this is the place to invest. Not only is a gel serum awesome because it's light and refreshing, but gel holds water which is what provides hydration to the skin. I use this as my day serum (because it is light and fresh) and I use an anti-aging serum at night.

Lastly we have the Bioderma Hydrabio Rich Cream which is one of the two moisturisers in the range. The other moisturiser is a lighter version. I quite like this moisturiser, it's thick but sinks into the skin nicely and it's just a nice basic moisturiser. I can comfortably use this on my oily/combo skin both during the day and at night, but if you hate thicker moisturisers then there is the light version available. This retails for $39.99 at Priceline.

So overall I am pretty impressed with this whole range. I have noticed that after using this range for a while, my skin no longer feels tight after I have washed it and it does feel a little more plump. Since I didn't buy these myself then I can easily say "go out and buy the whole range because it's great" but I do realise that buying the whole range is quite an investment. Do I think it's worth the money? Yes. Would I repurchase the whole range? No. I can definitely see myself repurchase the gel serum, the toner and the micelle solution because I think they are completely worth the investment, but I probably won't repurchase the moisturiser and scrub. I do like the moisturiser, but if you are using the gel serum then I don't think its mandatory to buy this exact moisturiser to pair it with. I do also like the scrub, but I don't see how a scrub that you was off would add much hydration to your skin... and at $40 I would give it a miss.

Have you tried this range? What did you think?



  1. Oh I have the exact same skin type! I'm oily but at the same time dehydrated.
    Definitely curious about trying the serum! x

  2. I love the toning lotion too, smells so good and I really feel like it's doing good things to my skin, making it well worth the effort!

  3. I was able to try the Bioderma Hydrabio Serum when my cousin sent me one from her trip to France a couple of years ago and it was absolutely amazing!
    I wonder if there's actually that much of a difference between the different Bioderma micelle solutions because I've always used the original one but am curious between all the different ones.

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo

  4. I love serums! This one sounds very tempting! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Priceline!


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