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Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette review, swatches and comparison to the original Chocolate Bar Palette

March 16, 2015


Hello friends! Today I will be talking about the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette. 

Let's get onto the basics. The Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette was released a couple of weeks ago as the sequel to the very popular Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Both of these palettes retail for $65 in Australia and you can find them in store at Kit Cosmetics or Mecca Maxima, or you can buy them online at


Onto packaging...

Sticking to the theme of a chocolate bar, the packaging is a tin that's designed to look like a chocolate bar, and the box that it comes in resembles the wrapper of a chocolate bar. In both the Chocolate Bar palettes, the eye shadows contain cocoa so they give off a really nice hot chocolate scent when you open the palette (don't worry, you can't smell it once you have applied it to the eyes).


Let's get to the brief comparison between the palettes. If you want to see my full review and swatches of the original Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette then check out my blog post here.

When it comes to the packaging there are a few differences:
  • The colour of the packaging is different - the original looks more like a dark chocolate bar and the Semi Sweet looks more like a milk chocolate bar.
  • The Semi Sweet palette is thinner and much sleeker (see photo above). Please note that if you have bought the original palette in the last few months it will come in the same sleek packaging as the Semi Sweet palette.
  • The original palette came with a plastic slip that had the shade names on it, but the Semi Sweet palette has the shades printed above each pan (yay).
  • The two large shades in the Semi Sweet palette each contain 0.6g less product than the large pans in the original Chocolate Bar palette (you can see the size difference in the photo below). 
  • When you open the original palette the lid lays flat, but the Semi Sweet palette's lid sits at an  angle so you're able to place the palette on a flat surface and potentially use the mirror without needing to hold it up. 

Now let's talk about the differences in the shades. I am going to abbreviate the Chocolate Bar Palette to CB and the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette to SS.
  • Firstly, I never thought the CB was a cool toned palette, but compared to the SS it does appear cooler overall. They are both warm palettes, but the SS contains some extremely warm shades.
  • Secondly the CB contains 6 matte shades but the SS contains 7 mattes.
  • Thirdly, besides the warm orange and blue shades in the SS, the rest of the shades are very standard nude shades whereas the CB has some wearable but more unusual shades (wines, green browns etc).
  • Fourthly, I found that the SS is overall a much darker palette with the only light shades being the two large highlight shades (one matte and one shimmery) and the Pink Sugar shade which contains just sparkle and no base colour. The CB has a wider variety of tones.
  • And most importantly, I found that overall the quality of the shades in the CB were consistently better than the SS. The SS has some shades that perform very well and others that don't, but I would say that every shade in the CB is pigmented, soft and blendable.
left shades are from the Chocolate Bar Palette and right shades are from the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

Now on to the shade similarities. Being both warm toned neutral palettes, there are bound to be some similarities with the shades. I was actually surprised to see that there were only a few real similarities.
  • The two matte highlight shades White Chocolate (CB) and Coconut Crème (SS) are similar but Coconut Crème is a little more yellow toned and White Chocolate is more pigmented.
  • Hazelnut (CB) and Frosting (SS) are both warm bronze shades, but once again the shade in the CB is more pigmented but it is also more warm toned.
  • Salted Caramel (CB) and Peanut Butter (SS) is similar in pigmentation but Salted Caramel is more muted pink toned and Peanut Butter is more orange.
  • Lastly Semi Sweet (CB) and Truffled (SS) are very similar, they are both typical chocolate matte brown shades, but Semi Sweet is a lot more pigmented and easier to blend.
PicMonkey Collage

Onto the individual shades in the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette. Please keep in mind that these are not swatches over primer, however most shades did require a few layers to build up the colour. The full arm swatches are at the end of this post.


Licorice: A typical matte black. Decent pigmentation and nice blendabiliy

Coconut Crème: A matte yellow bone shade. The pigmentation wasn't very strong, but the shade works well as a brow bone highlight.

Nougat: A matte rosy nude. I love this shade! It is not super pigmented to swatch but it's a lovely subtle crease colour and is probably one of my most used shades of the palette.

Truffled: A typical matte chocolate brown.

Hot Fudge: A deep blackened plum brown with a warm shimmer throughout. The pigmentation of this shade is nice - the shimmery shades are definitely smoother and more pigmented than the matte shades.


Cocoa Chilli: A warm dark brown with gold glitter.

Pink Sugar: A pink duo chrome fine glitter with no base colour. This is lovely to add some shimmer on top of another shade or some sparkle as an inner corner highlight, but it's not a great stand alone shade. Since this is quite glittery, it is also probably the chunkiest shade of the palette. I have shown a close up below so you can see what I am talking about.


Puddin: A cool toned matte brown - a great eyebrow colour. Not super pigmented, but smooth to apply and blend.

Blueberry Swirl: An almost duo chrome blue shadow that has a sheer blue/purple base and a flash of vibrant blue shimmer. Since this isn't very opaque so you could easily tone it down to make it more wearable, or you can apply it over a stronger base to make the blue sheen really pop.

Peanut Butter: A matte warm orange brown. This is one of the shades that drew me to the palette. This is probably the most pigmented matte shade of the palette.

Frosting: A dark shimmery bronze. Nice pigmentation and blendability.


Rum Raisin: A beautiful cool toned rosy taupe with great colour pay off. This shade can be easily overlooked but it's one of the nicest shades in the palette.

Mousse: A mid toned neutral caramel brown crease colour. It's the perfect crease colour because it's not too warm and not too cool, a very versatile shade. I also mix this shade with Puddin to do my brows, and this could work for people who have light brows. 

Caramel: A lovely coppery gold shimmery shade. This is great colour payoff, is smooth and blendable. The shimmery shades are definitely the best performing of the palette.

Bon Bon: Similar formula to Caramel, but is more peach toned and less yellow.

Butter Pecan: This highlight shade looks quite dark and yellow (for a highlight shade) in the pan but when you apply it to the skin it's more of a frosty champagne shade. Not a highlighter for the faint hearted. 

Definitely the best performing shades are the shimmery shades, and the mattes are easy to blend but lack some colour pay off so they do require some building up. Besides the orange toned shades and the random blue, lets face it, this honestly isn't a very special or unique palette. It contains a lot of classic neutral shades that a lot of people will use everyday (i.e. a matte cream, matte black, warm and cool crease colours, brow shades and some nice shimmery shades). If you own a lot of neutral palettes then you might find that the Semi Sweet contains a lot of shades that you already have, but if you don't own many palettes then this would be a great palette to start with, because it is very versatile and wearable. I personally love having one palette that can do a variety of complete looks without needing to reach for another palette, and I think that's why I prefer this palette over the original Chocolate Bar palette. With the original palette I found that I was always reaching for other palettes to complete a look.

Overall I quite like this palette. Compared to the original Chocolate Bar Palette, the formula of the shadows are a little disappointing but I much prefer these shades. Even though I raved about the formula of the original Chocolate Bar palette, I rarely found myself reaching for the palette because the shades weren't everyday shades for me. This Semi Sweet palette is more my style and provides a more complete look.

If you are debating about which palette to buy, I would recommend looking at the shades and seeing which ones you would use the most. In my opinion the Chocolate Bar had a better formula and more unique shades, but the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar has more everyday wearable shades. If you were wondering if the palettes were similar to own them both, I think they complement each other very well and there are only a couple of shades that are quite similar. If you don't like warm toned eye shadows then I would avoid both palettes.

Have you tried the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette? What are your thoughts?




  1. it's so pretty, and I agree that semi sweet palette has more wearable shades than previous one.

    I wouldn't try it in short time though, but I think it's nice to have ;)

  2. I so didn't need to see another post on this to push me towards buying it! These are such beautiful palettes and I think they excite me even more than Urban Decay's offerings.

  3. I've been tossing up which of these two pallettes to get. Based on your recommendations I think I'll get the Semi Sweet one! Thanks for the review and swatches. They were a great help!

  4. Thanks so much for the swatches and such a detailed review! I have and love the original, but this one is definitely tempting too :)


  5. Great review! :) I appreciate it when swatches are done. This makes me want to try one of the palettes!

  6. I need to find a dupe of Nougat! Perfect swatches Kat!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo


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