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New releases February/March 2015

March 20, 2015


Eeeek, this was a post that I wanted to get up ages ago...ah well, better late than never!

This is a quick post about a few new release products that I have come across in the last few weeks  and my first impressions (some of these I bought and others I were sent for review). If you want to see any of these products reviewed in more depth, just let me know in the comments!

This post was supposed to go up before my Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar review, but since the in depth review and swatches are up, I will keep this brief. This is the second edition of Too Faced's very popular Chocolate Bar palette. It was released at the end of February and you can buy it for $65 in Australia in store at Kit Cosmetics or Mecca Maxima or online at I personally really like this palette, the shades are very wearable (if you like warm shadows) and I find myself reaching for these shades over the shades in the original Chocolate Bar palette. However, it is worth mentioning that I much prefer the quality of the shadows in the original Chocolate Bar palette, it overall had better colour payoff and was much more blendable. Check out my full review here.

The newest Katy Perry perfume to hit Australian stores is the Killer Queen Spring Reign. Even though it's not Spring in Australia, I do love fresh Spring scents all year round... and I also appreciate the play on words with Reign. The bottle is clear glass with a rose gold lid, and the liquid itself is pink. The scent is lighter and fresher than the other scents in this line and some of the notes include rose, violet, freesia, blackcurrant blossom, and cedar wood.  I would recommend any of these Killer Queen perfumes to people who like sweet fresh fragrances similar to Marc Jacobs' scents. You can buy this in Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Myer and any other place that sells Katy Perry fragrances.

Some new offerings from Rimmel are a few matte products.The first is the Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet, which I guess you can tell is just a matte version of the original Alpocalips Lip Lacquers. I love the feel of this because I love the look of a matte lip, but hate how uncomfortable and dry some matte liquid lipsticks set. This does stay more as a creamy consistency on the lips but eventually settles to look matte instead of staying glossy like the original Alpocalips Lip Lacquers. The pigmentation of this product is amazing! You get a very bold lip colour without needing to layer the product (see swatch below). The shade that I have is Burning Lava which is an amazing cool toned red, but there are three other shades in the range (a nude, an orange and a wine). The one pet peeve that I had about the original Alocalips sadly still applies to the new matte version... I find that because these stay quite liquidy on the lips and don't really set, they can move and smear very easily. I wore this to work the other day and found that I had to keep looking in a mirror to tidy up any smears. Another side effect to having a lip product that doesn't set means that it can wear off easily if you are eating or drinking as well.


It doesn't look very matte on the lips because it takes some time to settle to a more matte finish.

The second matte release from Rimmel is the Velvet Matte nail polishes. These come in four dark wintery shades and I have Midnight Kiss (see below) and the black which is Matte-Itude. If you love matte finish nail polishes then you would love these! They are very opaque (they are almost a one coat wonder polish) and they set very matte very quickly. I do find that the matte finish wears off a little over a few days, but I think they are pretty impressive. My only negative about the formula is that because it does set very quickly, you may notice this starting to streak as it sets while you're applying it. I think this polish works best when you apply a thick coat.

Rimmel is 3 for 2 at Priceline at the moment so if you are interested in these products then check them out while they are on sale!


Last is The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. Now, I have only used this a few times (which is not enough to develop a strong impression), but I wanted to share it with my readers because I love overnight masks! I think The Body Shop have been kicking goals with some of the products they have been releasing lately and this Drops Of Youth range is no exception. The consistency of this mask is really strange as it is a mix between a jelly and a cream (hence the "bounce"). This is what the website says about some of the ingredients:

The stem cells of Edelweiss slow down the loss of collagen and stimulate skin cells renewal. In addition, the Bouncy Sleeping Mask contains Hyaluronic Acid, a natural component of the skin and a “moisture magnet” trapping up to 100 x its own weight of moisture and delivering maximum level of moisture, so by the morning skin is dewy, plump and bouncier. 

So those are some of the new release products that I have been playing with this month. Let me know if you want to see any in depth reviews of any of these products x



  1. I saw the Drops of Youth in The Body Shop yesterday. I would buy it just to play with it! I should have asked for a sample. I will next time I go there.

    1. I am on the fence about it... its highly fragranced (which is normally fine for my skin) but for some reason it has been irritating parts of my face :( Definitely sample first x

  2. Nice roundup! I'm super curious to try the new Body Shop mask- sounds unique! Have a great weekend, Kat! xo


    1. Thanks honey. I am still on the fence with the mask x

  3. I have recently been loving all things matte recently so I will be sure to check these out

  4. Wow, the Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet looks amazing when first applied! Too bad it doesn't set!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo

    1. The shade is amazing! I like the formula, but I never end up reaching for products that don't set... too high maintenance

  5. I was just swatching the apocalips but i didn't know they came out with matte ones. They look really good on you!

    Would love if you check out my blog! Just followed you :)
    Raincouver Beauty

  6. Such a shame the Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet doesn't set! I had the same problem with the Chi Chi matte liquid lipsticks and I just don't reach for them for the same reason.

    Daniela |


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