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Mary Kay Endless Performance Crème-to-Powder Foundation

March 18, 2015


Hello hello, today I have an exciting review! It's the first product I've been sent to review as a member Beauty Directory Expert Panel... fancy! If you a beauty blogger, I highly recommend checking out Beauty Directory for information about events being held and also details of some beauty PR companies.


This is the brand new Endless Performance Crème-to-Powder Foundation that's been released from Mary Kay. This foundation comes in 9 shades (the shade I have is Beige 3), contains 10g of product and retails for $30 from the Mary Kay website. Now I do want to mention up front that buying this foundation means that you just buy the pan. If you also want the compact, it retails for a further $28. So you will be paying a pretty penny for 10g of product. However, if you are the type of person who likes to touch up their makeup on the go, this compact is very very handy!


The pan fits into the compact magnetically and there is a little compartment under the pan to keep the sponge and a nice sized mirror in the lid. This is such a handy compact as it is sturdy, has a strong closure, and you can easily throw this in your bag for touch ups during the day.


If you want to take the pan out then there is a little gap under the tray that allows you to easily depot the pan with something pointy like a pen.


The product itself is a very interesting firm mousse/cream to powder formula. As this does set to a powder finish then it is probably designed more for people who prefer a matte finish to their base (like me!). This is also oil free, non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores) and is designed to be allergy and irritant free so its great for people who have sensitive skin. This is also designed to be heat and humidity resistant, so it's a great warm weather foundation. This would most likely suit people who have normal to oily skin.

This is also designed to be buildable and long wearing (up to 12 hours without wearing off). I accidentally chose a shade that's a few shades too dark for me (I personally think these shades lean a little dark) so I never tried building it up and opted instead to sheer it out more than I normally would. I did think this was easy to apply and I did really like the feel of this foundation and the wear/oil control. I found that the sponge was great at applying a thin layer of this foundation, but you could easily use a brush or your fingers to apply a thicker layer.

Overall I do really like this foundation, and I know I would love it even more if I had an exact colour match. However, I do recommend buying this through a Mary Kay rep rather than online (as I failed to choose the right shade when choosing online), and I did want to mention that if you didn't already have the compact, this is a pricy item to buy outright and for the amount of product you receive it might be out of a lot of peoples price range. Now that I do have the compact I will no doubt buy refills because I think this is one of the most compact and easiest foundations to use to touch up my makeup throughout the day or to take traveling.

If you are cautious about buying the compact in case you don't like the foundation, you can either buy the foundation and keep it in a magnetic palette, or you could buy the compact and reuse it because this compact also fits the pan blushes/highlighter/bronzer/eye shadows.

Let me know what you think of this concept and if you would give this foundation a try!



  1. I like the concept of the product. I have always found products like these interesting but I find they do not set or they are slightly still sticky and I need to set it with a powder. I hope I can find a shade for myself, I like creme foundations for the colder months :)


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