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Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Eye Shadows - M-534 D-708 M-726 M-546 I-544 I-606

March 17, 2015


Look at these swatches! Just look at them! This is one swipe of each shadow... it's a work of art.

Before I get too carried away... this is the Make Up For Ever 6 pan palette that I made at Salon Melbourne the other week (check out my haul here). Make Up For Ever (MUFE) is a brand that's a little tricky to buy in Australia so I was very excited to see that Media Makeup had a stand with a huge range of MUFE products at a discount of around 30% (or at least the eye shadows were).

Ever since hearing that MUFE reformulated all of their Artist Shadow eye shadows for their 30th birthday, and after hearing all the fantastic reviews of the new formula, I really wanted to try them out! I was originally going to buy a 4 pan palette, but I ended up narrowing my favourites to 6 shades. My main goal was to create a palette that had a mix of warm shades and mauve-taupes which are my two favourite eye looks at the moment. Unfortunately one of the shades I was most excited to buy was sold out (I think the shade was M704 Canyon which was a unique matte rusty red-orange) so I had to choose a slightly more garish pumpkin matte orange that I think clashes a little with the overall palette... but eh, what can you do!


Onto the packaging. You need to buy all the pans separate which you can depot into any metallic palette you own. I chose to also buy a MUFE palette... and the insert isn't included so I bought that  for an extra $3 (for a neater looking palette).

The palette is light tin packaging with a very simple black design. The two things that slightly irritate me about the packaging is that the insert is made of foam/cardboard and can get quite grubby, and that there's no mirror in the lid. Ok, I lie, I think this really annoys me about this packaging because I keep catching myself going to use the mirror, and I am disappointed every time I realise it's not there. I can forgive it though because these are designed mainly for makeup artists who wouldn't use the mirror, and because I love the shadows so much that I reach for the palette regardless. I might just have to find a small mirror and stick it in the lid.


There are literally hundreds of shades to pick from in the MUFE range, and they are divided into mattes, satiny, metallic, iridescent, diamond and metallic. I picked up three mattes, two iridescent shades and one diamond (*drool* the diamond shades are amazing). The swatches below are not over a primer and they are one swipe (with my finger) of each shadow.

Onto the shades...

M-534 Oat - This is a super smooth, beautifully blendable, pigmented peachy cream matte shade. This is probably too dark to be a highlight shade for me, but it is perfect for helping blend out a look. I am very impressed with the formula! It's very rare to find a matte light shade that swatches so well.

D-708 Pinky Copper - I would have no problems making a palette entirely of these diamond shadows! They have a beautiful amount of fine sparkle that doesn't look garish or tacky, but just makes the colour pop. The name pinky copper pretty much sums this shade up, it is a orange based pink that almost looks like an intense rose gold... more like a rose copper. I have tried this all over the lid and it does look too warm toned on me, but it is so lovely to dab on the centre of the lid or to apply in the inner corner as a pop shimmery colour. Lovely shade.

M-726 Sienna - This is the shade that I bought to replace the one I actually wanted. Because the other shade (I think it was Canyon) was so lovely, I was a little bit disappointed in this shade. It's a very bright burnt orange matte that is nicely pigmented, but doesn't blend quite as nicely as the other shades. It is lovely to work into the crease to add some warmth to a look.

M-546 Dark Purple Taupe - This type of matte dusky purple taupe has been my new obsession over the last 6 months or so. This reminds me of the mauve shade in the Lorac Pro palette but is a little darker. This is perfect as a crease colour if you want a cooler/neutral look and it is one of my most used shades of the palette.

I-544 Pink Granite - My most used shade of this palette is by far this shade. This is the perfect all over lid colour for me. Being an iridescent shade this is quite shimmery, but it's not sparkly like the diamond shades. This is a beautiful rosy taupe with warm undertones and it works wonderfully on brown eyes. This shade reminds me of some of the mid toned shades in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The pigmentation and blendability is also amazing.

I-606 Pinky Earth - This is the same formula as the last shade. It is a beautiful, crazy pigmented shimmery shade that is a mix between a deep bronze/wine/taupe if that makes sense... it is a deep bronze but it has a coolness to it instead of a gold/warm undertone.


Clearly I am in love with the formula of these Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Eye Shadows. If I had unlimited funds I would buy all of the shades!

Have you tried any of the Make Up For Ever shadows? What did you think?



  1. I have been reading some seriously amazing reviews about these! The formulas sound stunning, and the shade range looks impeccable as well. WANT.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I am so in love with these shadows! I don't own any of these shades, but I'm tempted by each and every one. Great picks! :)


  3. I have loved everything from MUFE that i've tried but I have yet to dabble in the eyeshadows coz there are just so many to choose from! Pinky copper and the last 2 shades look amazing!! My gosh!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo

  4. Oh my goodness I've seen so many swatches of these from US bloggers and they look like the most creamy, pigmented, blendable eyeshadows! I love the shades you put together, I am all for warm eyeshadow looks! x

    Daniela |


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