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Get ready with me and first impressions

March 24, 2015

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I thought I would do something a little differently today (well I took these photos and filmed this on Sunday, which is a perfect day for experimenting with makeup). I thought that I would take some newer products (either products that I have only used a couple of times, or products that I haven't ever used before) and demonstrate them in a get ready with me.

I talk through my initial thoughts of the products in the video, but if you want to know how the products wore during the day then I will also have a mini review below!


Before I get onto the products that I am testing out, I thought I would mention that the other products that I used are:
Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in Shade 840 Natural Beige
Maybelline Matte Maker Powder in Natural Beige
Benefit Brow Zings in Light
Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Brunette
Stila Sun Bronzer in Shade 1 those are the products that I was wearing in the "before" photo.


Blinc Mascara Amplified in Black: This is the first "tubing" mascara that I have tried and to be honest it was a little strange. The application is like any mascara, but it applies an almost rubber coat around the lash which is waterproof, budge proof and non flaky. I am going to admit that this does live up to the claims! If you have problems with mascara smudging or running, then you might want to look into trying a tubing mascara because they really do stay put. What I didn't like was that it didn't provide enough volume for my liking, and the removal of the "tubes" is a little freaky. I think the key to removing this mascara is to use warm water which will help soften the tubes and allow you to gently pull them off. Honestly, it looks like you are pulling off spiders legs. The main thing that concerns me about using a mascara that requires you to gently pull it off to remove it, it is that if you aren't careful you could pull out some of your eyelashes by mistake... I'm sure once you get used to the removal process then it gets a lot easier. I would recommend this for people that really struggle with finding a budge proof mascara, but I think I will stick to normal mascaras for now. If you wanted to check out more information about the Blinc range of mascaras the website is

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer in SC3: This concealer contains two shades (a larger pan of a lighter shade and a smaller pan of a darker shade), I use the lighter shade under my eyes and the darker shade on blemishes, but you can mix the two to suit any area of your face. I love this concealer! You will see how this applies in the video, but it is a firm concealer that's very pigmented and applies to a more matte finish. This is oil free and is designed to last all day so it will be great for people with oilier skin who finds that their makeup breaks down during the day. What I love about it is the longevity, the seamless finish and that it doesn't move and crease on my under eye area unlike other creamier concealers. I LOVE this concealer and it delivered everything I look for in a concealer. If you don't like the drier concealers then this might not be for you, but I love love love it! It retails for $49 in Australia, but it contains 5.9 grams of product and you only need to use the smallest amount per application. You can buy this at David Jones.

Make Up Store Slim Lipstick in Sheer 108: I love the sleek packaging of this lipstick, its simple, classy, it feels good quality and it takes up very little room in your makeup bag. As the name suggests, this is a sheer lipstick and the 108 shade is a sheer red. I am not generally one to wear a sheer lipstick, if I wear a red I often go all out bold red, but this is a nice change. This applies evenly, smoothly and gives a lovely shine to the lips. This reminds me a lot of a tinted balm but with more colour. I have been wearing this to work and it's a great day time red. I really like that it fades into what looks like a raspberry stain with a balm. I can see myself wearing this a lot in the cooler months.
Check out more details at the Make Up Store website.

Make Up Store Marble Blush in Ritsona Red: This blush is beautiful! Check out the photo later in this post to see the close up of the marble effect. This is a matte/satin blush that is made up of a marbled red, orange and magenta. It is super pigmented and bold but with a light hand it creates a gorgeous pop of a red/coral to the cheeks. This reminds me a lot of the Balm In Stain blushes in pigmentation and longevity. You can buy these at where it comes in two shades.

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette: I did a full review and swatches of this palette here, so I won't go into too much detail. But for the look I used Bon Bon, Peanut Butter and Puddin' as shadows, Hot Fudge and Licorice as liner, and Butter Pecan as a face highlight. You can buy this at the Mecca website.




  1. What a gorgeous look, Kat! I think we share a love of bright blushes and full coverage concealers :) That blush really is amazing and you're definitely tempting me with the second Chocolate Bar palette!


    1. I know! We do share a lot of makeup similarities :) xx

  2. Oh lordy! Can't stop staring at your shot of Ritsona Red!

  3. What a stunning look! I've been using the Blinc mascara in combination with the Blinc eyelash primer and I've been loving the look it gives me. I don't have any issues with removing it although the first time I used it I was a bit freaked out with the "little worm like" bits or more accurate tubes of mascara I was removing!

  4. The blush is so beautiful, I'm a real sucker for blushes that also look pretty in the pan! The lip colour really suits you <3


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