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Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palettes - Mind and Soul review and swatches

February 28, 2015


I'm not going to lie, I have WAAAY too many eyeshadow palettes... but for some reason I keep buying them. When these Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palettes first came out I was intrigued but a little put off by the $68 price tag that these retail for in Australia at Mecca Cosmetica. Thinking about it now, under $70 for an eyeshadow palette in Australia definitely isn't excessive, but I think these came out around the same time as the Lorac Mega Pro, which satisfied my palette urge at the time.

Aaaaayway, fast forward a few months and I noticed that Stila was on sale on Beautybay and these palettes were down to around $40 each ! Yes, $40 each! (well, I think it was more like $40.90). I was originally lusting after the all matte "Mind" palette, but decided to splurge and buy the "Soul" palette as well... and I am so glad that I did.


There are four of versions of the Stila "Eyes Are The Window" palettes. There is Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. Each of the palettes come in a sturdy plastic packaging with a magnetic closure, a large mirror and a metallic finish that shows up fingerprints like there's no tomorrow. Each palette has a mixture of two metallic finishes, but each palette is different. The Soul palette is gold with rose gold detailing and the Mind palette has silver packaging with gold detailing.

Each palette contains 12 shadows and a total of 14.5g of product. For reference that is 1.1g less than an Urban Decay Naked Palette but 5.7g more than a Lorac Pro Palette.

Each palette also comes with a booklet of eye looks and also a quote on a plastic sleeve (that looks pretty impressive when you first open the palette, but I think I have already lost them).

The Mind palette contains the quote:
"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination" - Albert Einstein

The Soul palette contains the quote:
"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is beauty of the soul" - Saint Augustine



Let's get onto the individual palettes and I will start with Mind because that was the palette I was most excited for.


The Mind palette contains 12 matte shades with a beautiful mix of cool purples and slate shades,  earthy rusty reds, and a nice mix of wearable nudes (I will go through each shade individually later in this post). For anyone who loves matte eye shadows, this is a drool worthy palette.

After playing around with this palette for a couple of weeks, I am a little on the fence with it. The colours are amazing and I particularly love the bottom row... they are divine! The thing that I dislike is the formula of the shadows. They are quite pigmented but also quite firm, so when you apply them over a primer the colour sticks very well and appear quite bold, but they don't blend out evenly which leaves patches of darker spots. If this was a little more powdery or soft then they would apply more evenly. So that's a complete bummer! The upside is that I have started wearing these without a primer and they perform beautifully, they are pigmented and blend really nicely. Of course the downside is that without a primer these have the tendency to crease, but it's very minor and barely noticeable (and I have eyelids that are probably on the oilier side of normal), and the colours do last all day with minimal fading. This has become a work/everyday palette for me because at the end of the day I am not too fussed about a tiny bit of creasing.


Onto what I original thought would be the palette that would cause me to have buyers remorse... the Soul palette.

...this is an absolutely amazing palette! I don't think I can adequately describe how much I love this palette! The shades are PERFECT, it is almost like they have reached into my brain and plucked out all the shades that I want in a basic everyday palette (but they could have swapped the grey with a matte rust). There are five mattes, and they are the mattes you need in any good palette - you get a matte beige, two crease colours (one warm and one cool toned), a matte dark brown and a matte black. Then you get some lovely mid toned shimmery shades, a couple of lighter shimmery highlight shades and a couple of deeper shades. BAM! What more do you want from a palette? Besides one slightly dud shade (which I will talk about later) this palette performs SO well! The only downside is that it is quite similar to the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I have both palettes and even though they are similar, they are different enough. This palette is warmer and less metallic and sparkly. I prefer warmer toned eye shadow shades so I think this one is a lot more wearable on a daily basis.

Now lets get up close and personal...

PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage

Lets start with the individual shades of the Mind palette, and sorry for switching them in a strange order... I wanted them to line up in the above photos :P

l-r: Understanding, Genius, Imagination, Brilliance

Understanding - A matte mid toned rosy nude. This is one of my favourite shades of the palette as it is quite unique but also very versatile. Unfortunately it is one of the shades that are harder to blend.

Genius - A matte light peachy nude

Imagination - A matte light pinky nude

Brilliance - A matte off white/cream shade

l-r: Perception, Wit, Observation, Instinct

Perception - A matte burnt red. This is also a stand out shade. It is super pigmented, very blendable, and lasts all day on the lid

Wit - A matte burnt caramel, perfect for a warm crease colour.

Observation - A matte dark taupe grey

Instinct - A matte dark slate grey

l-r: Intellect, Creativity, Thinker, Reason
Intellect: A matte marsala. This is also an absolute favourite of the palette. This has a lovely blendable formula and is great shade to deepen a warm eye look.

Creativity: A matte dark chocolate brown. This has great pigmentation but is very firm and difficult to blend.

Thinker: A matte dark grape purple. This also is a lovely shade, but it is quite patchy and difficult to apply evenly.

Reason: A matte dark slate grey. This is one of those "is it black or is it grey" type shades, I quite like it because it isn't as harsh as a black, but once again it is one of those shades that isn't the best to blend.

Onto my beloved Soul palette...

l-r: Vitality, Thought, Kitten, Light

Vitality: A metallic gold champagne

Thought: A metallic warm bronze

Kitten: A metallic silvery pink. This is probably the best known Stila eye shadow shade

Light: A matte nude. Much more flesh toned than the light mattes in the Mind palette

l-r: Substance, Heart, Affection, Individual

Substance: A metallic warm grey that has a sheen of gold. This gold warmth makes this a lot more wearable for people who avoid very cool toned shades.

Heart: A matte rosy taupe. This is my perfect crease colour and it works perfectly with neutral or cooler looks.

Affection: A shimmery rusty bronze. This isn't as pigmented as some of the other shimmery shades but it is still lovely.

Individual: A matte burnt orange tan. This is great as a crease colour for warmer looks.

l-r: Essence, Peace, Character, Being
Essence: A true matte black. This is very pigmented and very blendable

Peace: A shimmery marsala. It is similar to Affection but a little darker and cool toned

Character: A blackened plum with some shimmer. This is the worst shade to swatch, but it does apply quite well on the eyes

Being: A matte dark chocolate brown. Very similar in shade to Creativity, but this blends a lot nicer. 

Overall I am VERY impressed with the Soul palette but am on the fence with the Mind palette. The Mind palette is a great palette to accompany a look, but the Soul palette is a perfect stand alone palette.

Have you tried any of the Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palettes? What are your thoughts?



  1. Wow - these are stunning! I wasn't particularly fussed about these but I must say the packaging looks super luxe, and the collection of shades look amazing and so wearable!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Amazing colours :D literally all of my mostly used colours in 1 well 2 places

  3. Wow, the Soul palette really does look amazing! What a fantastic range of shades. Thanks for the swatches :)


  4. Oh my lordy. Soul looks incredible!

  5. Wow! Perception and Intellect are both stunning!!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo

  6. Thanks for comparing the Soul palette to the Naked 2 palette. I noticed they were similar and was curious how they compared.

  7. I've already seen the shades in Soul done a million different times, most famously in the Naked series so I couldn't even justify spending the money on that particular palette, especially when I have the first two Nakeds (which are my favourite). I'm not even too crazy about shimmer shades.

    What I'm crazy about are matte shades, and when I found out that Stila discontinued their beautiful In the Know palette, I was crushed! I checked out their new like to find out that Mind was an exact duplicate, in a far prettier/sturdier case, with two extra shadows!

    And considering that when I originally bought In the Know, it retailed at the same price as Mind, I'm getting a much better deal the second time around. I'm a little worried that their formula has changed, although the shadows in their old matte palette also had a habit of sticking too well. They just required a bit of finessing.

    Thank you for these pictures, and I hope you're still enjoying these babies months later!

    1. The Soul palette is very similar to the Naked 2, but I personally prefer it and find it less glittery and tacky


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