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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

February 2, 2015


Probably one of the newest fads to hit the nail polish world is the no light gel type polishes. I never really bothered delving into that world (I have way too many nail polishes as it is!) but I picked up a few in the Chemist Warehouse 50% off sales recently so I thought I should share my opinion.

I thought I would start with talking about the price. These are $16.95 full priced and you also need to buy the top coat to make the "miracle" happen (my words, not theirs). Supposedly these wear like a regular nail polish if you don't use the Miracle Gel Top Coat. $16.95 (plus $16.95 for the top coat) isn't cheap, it is getting into the higher end range of nail polishes, so I would recommend looking out for a sale (they are sold at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse so you can often find them on sale).

Before I get on to what I thought of these, I should mention that I've heard that a few people are having problems setting these polishes (they do take a little longer to set and are a little thicker than regular nail polishes). I have heard that these polishes last a lot longer if you set them with a UV light or if you set them in the sun for 30min. Now, I don't have a UV light and I honestly can't be effed sitting in the sun for 30min so my nails can set property... I expect gel nail polish that claims not to need a light (please refer to the repeated "NO LIGHT" pattern on the lid of the polishes) to not need a light! Also, I work full time so I tend to do my nails when I am watching a tv show in the evening... it's my time, and that's not going to change.


I have three shades and the top coat and even though the wear of these are all very similar, the application varies significantly across the shades. These are a slightly thicker formula of nail polish and they do wear a solid 4-5 days with the top coat. You can probably get longer wear out of them, but I feel that they start wearing off at the tip and start becoming a little chipped at the 4-5 day mark and that's when I personally want to take it off and redo my nails. In my opinion, the wear isn't much better than when I am wearing a regular nail polish with a good top coat.

Now onto the application...

Birthday Suit - 1 coat
All Chalked Up - 1 coat
Sugar Fix - 1 coat

Birthday Suit - 2 coats
All Chalked Up - 2 coats
Sugar Fix - 2 coats

Birthday Suit - 3 coats
All Chalked Up - 2 coats
Sugar Fix - 3 coats

All Chalked Up is a lovely soft lavender grey shade and really only requires one coat to apply opaquely and evenly. You can see in the photos above that a second coat gives this a smoother finish, but the opacity is the same with one coat and two. I would not apply a third coat as this has a very thick nail polish formula. I would HIGHLY recommend this shade.

Sugar Fix is a fun cornflower shade and this applies like a regular nail polish... it applies evenly but needs 2-3 coats to have an opaque finish. I wouldn't recommend this for the formula, but the shade is amazing!

Birthday Suit is a light nude and applies very very sheerly. If you want a sheer nude then you might like this, but you will need a steady hand to apply it evenly without streaks. When I wore this I applied four coats make it completely opaque. Would not recommend this shade at all.

As a "gel" polish these performed pretty much the same as any other polish with a decent top coat (in finish and longevity). Luckily I bought these on sale, if I paid full price I would have been very disappointed. It irritated me a little when people would praise these polishes and then proceed to give me tips about how to set them with various light sources to make them last longer... that TOTALLY defeats the purpose of this "miracle" product!

Would I recommend them? No. I am a huge fan of Sally Hansen polishes in general, but I would recommend trying the Complete Salon Manicure range or the Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear range paired with the Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat... you will find a better shade range (and a lot of the Miracle Gel shades have dupes in these ranges), the same amount of wear, and it will be cheaper! I will only recommend buying these if you fell in love with one of the shades (like Sugar Fix) and you couldn't find a dupe elsewhere.

After all that negativity I did want to say that I would highly recommend All Chalked Up because the shade and application was fab!


  1. I hated these too! Took forever to dry

  2. All Chalked Up looks really lovely! Shame there's not much difference between these and regular polishes.

    Tegan | Beauty Challenged

  3. I have been wondering what is the difference for ages, thank you for this

  4. Ohh it is unfortunate that you did not like these too much! ^ ^


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