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NEW Benefit Products - Puff Off! & License To Blott

February 9, 2015


I was lucky enough to attended the Glamour Affair blogger event the other week and one of the most exciting parts of the event was when a couple of ladies from Benefit gave us a sneak peak of some of the newest products to hit the Australian counters.

The first is the Puff Off! eye gel (which was released in stores on the 31st of January) and the second is a sneak peak of the new License To Blot, which is the latest addition to the Porefessional line (I believe this launches later in the month). I love the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream and the Porefessional Primer, so I was very excited to trial these new offerings.


Lets start with the packaging...

I LOVE the packaging of the Puff Off! eye gel! It is a squeezy tube and has the cutest iron shaped applicator! (see photos below for a close up). It doesn't take a genius to realise that iron is supposed to represent ironing out puffiness and lines... but it's a cute detail. PLEASE NOTE that to remove the cap you need to pull it (it can be a little stiff to begin with), if you twist the cap the metal applicator may break (this point was emphasised by the Benefit staff who told us about the product). This retails in Australia for $44.00 but in the US for $29.00.

The License To Blot packing is a little less fun and looks like an old school glue stick. the shape is a triangle which is supposed to help when applying this around the nose etc.


look how cute!

The Puff Off! eye gel is designed to smooth the under eye area and is supposed to have instant results (almost like that weird serum on infomercials, but less intense). Because I don't need beautifully smooth eyes while I sleep, I have only been trying this out during the day and have been sticking to my other eye cream (which just so happens to also be from Benefit) at night. You can apply this either onto bare skin or over makeup. I was impressed to see that this doesn't disturb makeup too much if you apply it over the top. If you apply this directly onto the skin then you can use the metal applicator to blend the product in and cool down the under eye area, but it is recommended to pat it on with your finger if you apply it over makeup. You can see from the photo below that this is a peachy toned gel, but when it is blended in then it doesn't have a colour.

On first impression, I personally don't notice any amazing instant results with this gel, however puffiness under the eyes has never been a concern of mine so I might not be the best person to test this. I do like the feel of this eye gel, and it does make my eye area feel smoother and more hydrated (I just can't notice any instant visible results). This does have a slight tingle when you apply it, which reminds me of a very mild version of the tingle you may experience with a plumping lip product. I am mainly impressed that this applies nicely over the top of makeup, so if you are the type of person who wants to refresh your under eye area during the day, you can easily do that with this product.


Onto the glue stick, I mean, The Porefessional Licence To Blot. This is a blotting stick and is designed to mattify oily skin. The Benefit staff told us that this won't disrupt your makeup (yay) and is supposed to look less embarrassing than pulling out the blotting tissues. Now, I don't know how using blotting tissues in public will raise an eyebrow but smearing what appears to be a glue stick all over your t-zone won't, but each to their own. I personally prefer to blot in private or in the ladies room anyway. I am not too sure exactly when this is released and how much it will retail for.

My first impressions of this isn't good, and sadly I don't think that opinion will change with more use. This is a thick balm type product and even though it does do a pretty good job at reducing the look of oily skin (although it's definitely not as effective as blotting paper or powder), I find it really off-putting applying a thick balm layer on top of my makeup and oil. That concept really doesn't sit well with me and I find that when I apply this onto quite oily skin, my skin feels so cakey that I immediately want to wash it off. The reason why I love blotting paper/tissues so much is because it actually removes the oil... but this adds another layer on top of the oil. ALSO this does disrupt your makeup!

Ok, ok I know that that's all pretty negative, but I can see some ways that this stick can work. Firstly, this would work on skin that is only slightly oily... so if you are on the ball and start seeing oil breaking through, that's when you use this guy, but I would not recommend this for when your skin has reached the stage of being quite oily. Secondly, despite the claims that this doesn't disrupt makeup, it really does! I recommend applying this to your fingers and then patting your fingers on your face... do not rub it in otherwise you will start to smear your makeup. The main pro is that this takes away the oily look but gives a natural finish instead of a stark matte finish (which is what powdering tends to do)... so if you are a fan of a more dewy complexion then this will help you achieve that more than a powder would.


So those are the newest Benefit products to hit the Australian shores. What are your thoughts on them? Are you interested in trying either one of them out?

Also I will be reviewing these on my YouTube Channel shortly and I will demonstrate the License To Blot... so don't forget to subscribe to my channel to see that coming in the next couple of days :)


  1. I really wasn't a fan of the 'License to Blot' either. I'm barely oily and it just added more crap and if anything, MORE oil to my face. I think Benefit can be really hit and miss, Props to them for trying to make new products, but this was a total fail!

  2. Hmm, the blotting stick does sound quite iffy. I can't imagine how a balm would reduce shine if it doesn't absorb it! Could it work as a primer perhaps? (like their other stick like product)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Ohh how lucky~ ^ w ^
    How was the event? ^ u ^

  4. Love the name Licence to Blot, but I think I would have been more impressed had they come out with some super spunky oil blotting sheets in nice packaging. If it works, why change things, ya know?

  5. Aw! I was looking forward to the glue stick! Haha. Oh well less money spent ;) Also benefit has a similar product already that is in a tin. Dr feelgood? I think. I wonder if it's comparable... I might have to go to the launch and ask.

    Thanks for the review!
    Xx N.


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