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New products from Mary Kay

January 23, 2015


Hey hey! I am doing a very quick post today... well it will be very picture heavy but light on words (let's face it, it's Friday!).

I thought I would share some Mary Kay products that have relatively recently hit the Australian market. Full disclosure, I was sent these products, but as per usual that will not effect my review of them (but it explains why I almost have the full range of the new Mary Kay products).

You don't need a Rep to buy Mary Kay anymore, you can buy it directly from the Mary Kay website (yay!)


The Thinking of Love perfume and scented body lotion was released recently. The 29ml bottle retails for $44 and is described as being a fresh, floral and woody scent. This is a pretty typical perfume sent, nothing extremely unique, but I did think it was nice that it came with a charm and also a card inside the box so that you can write a note on it if you are giving it as a present.


Now for some of the products from the Mary Kay At Play range. These are two of the four baked eyeshadow trios available in the range. The green/yellow/blue trio is called Field Day and the purple/champagne/coral trio is called Sunset Beach (I LOVE this coral shade). Each of these retail for $18 and contain 2g of product. I actually think these are quite nice eyeshadows and could see myself using them a lot if the colours were a little more work appropriate (the trio in Neapoleon is a lot more wearable). These aren't densely pigmented, but the colour payoff is pretty nice and the shades have a really beautiful shimmery effect that looks a lot more impressive in real life than it does in the photos below. If you love a shimmery colourful pop then I would recommend these.


l-r: In The Plum, Atomic Red, Orange Love You

From the same Mary Kay At Play range are these Triple Layer Tinted Balms. LOOK HOW COOL THESE ARE! I am pretty excited about these guys! These are however a hefty $21 each... but they come in the four shades and I have In The Plum, Atomic Red, and Orange Love You (I don't have the shade Pink Again shade),

l-r: In The Plum, Atomic Red, Orange Love You

For a tinted balm these do have a decent amount of colour that they add to the lips. They also have a delicious berry scent that reminds me of apple blackcurrant juice. These also give the lips a nice shine and the balm lasts for a good few hours. See lip swatches below.

PicMonkey Collage
t-b: In The Plum, Atomic Red, Orange Love You
Lastly from the Mary Kay At Play range we have the Bold Fluid Liners. I have the shades Gold Metal and Hello Violet, but it also comes in The Read Teal. Just like the eyeshadows, I think these are pretty decent quality liners but although the shades are really fun they aren't something that I would reach for on a daily basis. Also a warning that the violet shade does stain... so the gold wins in my opinion for that reason alone. These retail for $20 each.


So that is my little round up of some of the new Mary Kay products. My picks would definitely be the tinted balms followed by the baked eyeshadows. The quality of these products are pretty good, but they do require someone who loves playing with colour to fall in love with them.


  1. I have the Gold metal liner and I love it!
    It goes well with my dark skin and with black liner!

  2. I am loving the look of the Triple Layer Tinted Balms and the Baked Eyeshadows. That shimmer looks so pretty!

  3. I have always used Avon but I have not tried Mary Kay looking at the lip stick I am liking them, I also like Avon lipsticks but I always wanted to try Mary Kay now that I am looking around I am going to look in to these. The perfume looks pretty, I do like floral scents but not sure how the wood mixed into it would smell, maybe like a musky scent? I like how the colors are so bright. The ones I get at stores are sometime just get dull after a hours, now these look like they will stay the brightness. Thank you for sharing.

  4. As much as I love living in the future, I do sometimes wish I was an adult in the 80s so I could go crazy with bright coloured eyeshadows

  5. Ohh the Body Lotion looks like it would be lovely! ^ v ^


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