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Kat Don D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette

January 9, 2015


Sometimes when you lose motivation to blog, maybe time off work has made me lazy, I always think reviewing something you love can inspire you to get back into it. That is why I have decided to review the Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette today.


I was give this as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend so I'm not sure how much it costs in Australia but I do know that he bought it from Sephora in Sydney. It retails for $46 from the US Sephora site.

The packaging of the palette is a sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure. The palette also has gold reflective detailing. There is also a reasonably large mirror in the lid. This is a very thin and sleek palette and would be great for traveling as it doesn't take up much room and is quite lightweight.


There are twelve shades in the palette - three large pans (containing 2.7g) and nine smaller pans (containing 1.4g). The shades also appear to be grouped in quads (one large shade with three smaller shades). Of course you can use any of the shades together, but the quads can give you a guide on what shades work well together.


Above you can see that the names of each shade are conveniently located on the back of the palette.


Overall, the shades of this palette are very warm toned, with one of two exceptions. If you prefer cooler toned palettes there was also the Kat Von D Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette that was released alongside this palette.

PicMonkey Collage

Ok so I took photos of these swatches a little strangely. I swatches them in the quads with the large shade first and then the smaller shades (see full swatch photos later in this post).

Entomology: This is a very pigmented (albeit a little powdery) yellow toned matte cream shade. Perfect for blending out other shades.

Wrath: A deep burnt orange shade with a hint of shimmer. This has great pigmentation and wears all day. Lately I am loving these orange shades as an alternative to a brown crease shade. If this looks a little scary, I did a get ready with me using this shade and others from this palette which I will link at the end of this post.

Papillio: This is a very warm chocolate bronze shade with a frost finish. Great pigmentation, very easy to blend and lasts all day.

Summerfly: This is a more glittery shade so it can be a little chunkier to apply. It is a very warm coppery gold.

Telepathy: This is a beautiful shade and has one of the best formulas of the palette. This is a shimmery metallic shade that is a warm beige pearl... if that makes any sense? It looks quite silvery, but instead of being cool like a normal silver, it is warmer. Perfect for a highlight shade.

Killing Jar: This is a soft pinky-peach shimmer with gold iridescence. This isn't as bold as some of the other shades and I like to use it as an all over lid shade.

Delaney: This is similar in formula to Telepathy but is slightly darker and more pewter toned. It is a shimmery metallic shade and is one of the cool toned shades of the palette. It has a more brown pewter base but the metallic sheen is a cool toned silver.

Vanish: A matte mid toned taupe with good pigmentation and blends beautifully. This (along with a matte cream) is a staple in any decent palette in my opinion.

Tiny Death: A matte cream base with a little bit of glitter. I love the idea of a matte cream shade in a palette, but I can't understand why they would bother putting glitter in it. The shade itself is a great neutral cream shade with good colour payoff and formula, but the glitter is so sparse that it looks like it is a mistake. The glitter also doesn't transfer very well onto the lid so it doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose.

Disintegration: Whereas Papillio is more red toned, this shade is a mid toned brown that has a more yellow gold/olive tone to it. This shade also has a satin finish and great pigmentation.

Shadow Box: A dark chocolate matte brown with warm red undertones. Very pigmented.

Deadhead: A matte buildable black shade.

So overall I think each of these shades has a great formula (i.e. there aren't any dud shades), but the only shade I really didn't understand the purpose of was Tiny Death. If they replaced Tiny Death with another mid toned shade then I think this palette would be a lot stronger. Besides being very warm toned, this palette also leans very dark and I would have loved to see a matte peach shade or a light satin bronze/taupe instead of Tiny Death to give another option for an all over the lid shade. I find that this palette jumps from light shades (cream/metallic silver) to a lot of dark shades (burnt orange and dark browns) with only a couple of mid toned shades to use all over the lid. I also don't like that all of the large pans are lighter shades, as I personally tend to use mid toned shades more than light shades (with the matte cream being the one exception).

I love the quality of this palette, I think the shades are fun but wearable, and I have been loving using this palette during the warmer months. Like I said above, this palette could have been improved by changing Tiny Death to mid toned shade but besides that this palette is pretty perfect. There are quite a lot of different shades and finishes in this palette, but they all work well together.

...but what is the deal with the morbid shade names?


I did a get ready with me using this palette if you wanted to see how it turned out:

What are your thoughts on this palette?


  1. I think this looks awesome! Those colours really seem to swatch up beautifully but if it came from Sephora AUS then it might be a bit too expensive for me...

    Sarah xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

  2. These swatches look incredible! It's definitely something I wish I'd picked up!

  3. Love the pigmentation of these shades and a great variety too! I've never tried anything from the brand as I'm not a fan of hers, but this palette is tempting :) Have a great weekend, Kat!




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