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January 2, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I can't believe it's 2015 already! While I recover from New Years, I thought I would do a brief post about the French skincare products that I have been currently using. I will be doing a best of 2014 post shortly!

French skincare might sound expensive and hard to get, but all of these are available at Priceline (for all of those people who aren't in Australia, Priceline is the main place where we buy our "drugstore" type products).


First up is a couple of products that I use from NUXE. The NUXE Rêve de Miel Baume Levres Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm is one of my favourite lip balms. I use this at night and I find that it is a treatment that keeps your lips hydrated all night. It has a slightly gritty texture and a heavy orange scent, but you get used to it. Two moisturisers that I have been using by NUXE are the Merveillance Expert and Crème Nirvanesque. The Merveillance Expert (the white one in the photo above) is an anti-aging moisturiser for dry skin and is designed to correct visible lines. I tend to use this as more of a heavy duty night moituriser. The Crème Nirvanesque (the more caramel moisturiser in the photo above) is designed for all skin types and is targeted to people who are seeing the first signs of aging. I find this to be light enough to use as a day moisturiser. All of these NUXE products are nice basic, but luxuious, skincare products.


Next brand is Bioderma. Biderma is a very well known because of their very famous micellar waters. I have been using some of the products from the Hydrabio range which is designed for dehydrated sensitive skin. All of Bioderma products are suitable for sensitive skin, but they have ranges that target skin concerns like dehydration or oiliness. I have the Hydrabio Tonique which is a hydrating toner and the Hydrabio H2O which is the micellar water. I adore the toner, it is like no other toner that I have ever used. Most toners feel like they are either drying out your skin or not doing much at all... this toner is like a liquid lotion (if that it possible) and I apply it to a cotton pad and use it as a quick way to cleanse my skin in the morning or to remove any last residue of makeup at night. The micellar water is more of a cleanser/makeup remover that contains micelles that attract oils and work well at breaking down and removing makeup and oil/dirt from your skin. You apply this with a cotton pad and it removes your makeup without needing to rinse anything off - it is a very quick and easy way of removing makeup. I don't use this everyday because I generally wear a full face of makeup and find it easier to just wash my face with a cleansing oil/gel cleanser to remove everything in one fell swoop. I like to keep this around for minimal makeup days or when I am cleaning up makeup mistakes.

I have also been trying my hardest to add thermal sprays into my skincare routine as I have pretty dehydrated skin and I hear that they are supposed to help. I have been using the Uriage Eau Thermale D'Uriage which is a really refreshing spray (I apply it after I have cleansed my face and before I apply my serum/moisturiser) and also doubles as a makeup setting spray.


Last but not lease is a couple of staples by La Roche-Posay. One of my all time favourite sunscreens is the Anthelios XL Melt In Cream as it is SPF 50+ and does not make my skin oily or greasy. I also always keep the Effaclar Duo+ in my cupboard at all times as it is a light weight moisturiser that does wonders at clearing up breakouts. If I am having a bad skin week I will replace my normal moisturisers (day and night) with this and it clears up my skin in no time! This whole range is also designed for sensitive skin.

So those are the French skincare brands that I have been dabbling with in 2014. I would love to know what your must have products from these brands are!

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  1. What an awesome post Kat, I have been really wanting to venture into French skincare now that its so easily available. Thanks for the detailed post, helps a lot :)
    Wishing you a happy new year !

  2. Happy New Year! I recently got my hands on the Nuxe Reve De Miel and was really excited to use it because it is such a well known loved product but I didn't really like at first, though it's definitely growing on me!

  3. What great products! I haven't tried an awful lot of french skincare but they're definitely quality products. The Effaclar Duo is a HG of mine!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. I've been going nuts with French skincare products too! I went to France and bought a huge haul back - I love Bioderma's fluid sunscreen, LRP Cicaplast and Uriage's AquaPrecis Moisturising Gel-Cream. Happy new year! :)

  5. Happy New Year, Kat! I remember being tempted by those Nuxe face creams a while back- I should definitely check them out sometime this year :)


  6. I love how easy it is for us aussies to get french skincare now :) I hope that Priceline starts selling Embryolisse in 2015!!

  7. Oooh great post Kat! Ive been wanting to try french skincare for a while now! I think you just tipped me over the edge and next time I walk past a priceline, i will prob buy a whooole lotta french skincare! :)

  8. Hey Kat, I bought the melt in cream as I needed a new sunscreen for my hyper sensitive skin and it just doesn't work for me! I've slapped it on and also gently put it on and rubbed it, yet nothing works to actually make it melt in! I'm left with a weird white shiny face with streaks every where and when I try to rub more of it in, it comes straight off in little balls! So frustrating. Any tips to make it work for me? It's too expensive to throw away :(
    Thanks, Paris :)

    1. That has never happened to me! It happened with the Extreme Fluid, but not the Melt In Cream! Try using a different moisturiser underneath? Sorry I can't help more


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