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Benefit Complexion Confections Gift Set

January 6, 2015


Hello hello, I thought I should quickly review this Benefit Complexion Confections box set that I bought from Myer in the boxing day sales (and is still currently on sale and available in some Myer stores)

Even though there were heaps of box sets available for Christmas, most of them were sold out before the sales began. I am sure that this pack was only available because the Benefit skincare range isn't nearly as popular as their makeup.

This pack was originally $75 but is now on sale for $52. These were being sold in the US for $48, so $52 is a pretty good deal.

All the products come snug in this red plastic insert

In the box you get a full size Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (normally $43 in Australia), a full size of the It's Potent! Eye Cream (normally $42) and a sample of the Instant Comeback Facial Serum and a sample of the PoreFessional Primer. You also get this really cute tin which I am turning into a container for my Nespresso pods.

I mainly bought this pack because I love the eye cream, and I thought it might be nice to trial other skincare from the range. So far I am liking most of the products, the moisturiser is quite light and the serum is a gel consistency. What is important to note is that these are heavily fragranced, which I really like, but you might want to avoid these if you have sensitive skin.

If you are interested in trying some of the Benefit skincare, I recommend checking out this pack because it's great value!


  1. I've been trialling some of the Benefit skincare minis recently and some are hits like the eye cream but I wasn't a fan of the facial cleanser. I guess a little kit like this is a good way to test them out and $52 seems like a bargain.

    Dani | KaBOOM! Cosmetics

  2. Facial Emulsion just sounds like some kind of eye-of-newt-potion. I might check out Myer this week and see what kits they have left. I missed so many of the gift packs this season, I must be more organized next time!

  3. I love picking up the xmas gift packs on sale. They have the best value!!

  4. I saw this at Ulta the other day! the packaging is so cute!


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