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Beauty By Rubi Shoes launch

December 3, 2014

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Hello my friends, this is a bit of a different post from my regular reviews. A few months ago (yes I am very behind on blog posts) I went to the launch of the Rubi Shoes makeup line Beauty By Rubi Shoes.

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Beauty By Rubi Shoes has launched a range that contains lipsticks, nail polishes, and some lip glosses, perfumes, bronzer, blush and eyeshadow palettes.

Everything is very affordable and retails for under $15. Check out the range at the Rubi Shoes website here.

can you see me waving in the reflection?

I was given a gift bag with a few items to sample. On first impression, and I need to be completely honest, I thought that this had a great range of lipsticks (from the typical nude, reds and pinks to oranges, purples and black) and nail polishes, BUT (yes there is a but) the quality was so-so and the packaging was quite cheap. After swatching the lipsticks in store I realised that some of the darker shades had ok pigmentation but some of the lighter shades were very sheer. Also the bronzer (see photo above) is a gigantic pan of golden bronze shimmer... definitely not an easily wearable bronzer.

BUT (yes, a second but) when I started swatching them at home I was moderately impressed with the colour pay off for some of the eyeshadows (besides the black) in the palette I received AND even though I won't be using the bronzer as a bronzer, it is nicely pigmented and would make for a nice (and giant) eyeshadow. The lipstick is a little sheer, but I am still impressed with the range of shades available (see them in the photo at the start of this post).


So all in all, this is a very affordable range of makeup that I would recommend for people who are just starting out with makeup OR who want a really affordable way to try out some new shades without spending a pretty penny on a MAC lipstick or eyeshadow. I do recommend this Midsummer Eyes palette if you want to try purple eye shadows shadows).

Do I recommend this to people who reach from Urban Decay palettes, NARS blushes and MAC lipsticks on a daily basis? No. This isn't a range for the fellow makeup snobs out there but there is a place in the market for this type of makeup range.

Check out how big the bronzer... or giant golden eyeshadow is.
Have you seen this range of makeup yet? What did you think?

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  1. I quite like the packaging! It suits Rubi Shoes haha
    What were the wipes like? I like having cheap wipes in my handbag for swatches/chocolate stickyness :P

    1. they are good for general swatches/sticky hands, but they didn't even remove my eye shadow if I have a serious primer on... definitely handbag wipes and not removal of full face of makeup wipes

  2. I eyed the display when I was last in store but didn't take it too seriously. The bronzer/eyeshadow looks a nice colour on the swatch for summer

  3. I think the 'giant golden eyes-shadow' will look really pretty as a shadow :)


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