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Review and swatches of the whole range of Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colours

November 17, 2014


One of the newest products to hit Australian stores is the Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour.

On a side note, I quite like the name of these. I like that it fits nicely with the Apocalips Lip Lacquers.... I foresee an Eclips lip gloss on the horizon.

These come in eight shades (I was sent them all for review), they retail in Australia for $17.95 each, and you can buy them from Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.

The Provocalips lip colours are designed to be a very long wearing liquid lipsticks. These are a two step process, the first is the liquid colour which is applied with a doe foot applicator and the second is a gloss that is designed to lock in the colour and add shine, this is also applied with a doe foot applicator. I wanted to point out that two smart things about the design of the packaging is that a) the colour of the plastic on the lipstick end is pretty close to the colour of the actual shade and b) that covering the gloss end with a lip design will cover up the fact that the gloss will eventually become coloured and a bit funky after a few uses.
I wanted to mention that unlike liquid matte lipsticks (such as the Lime Crime Velvetines) or the newish glossy stain products (eg YSL Glossy Stains) that have hit the makeup market in the last couple of years, this isn't a new concept! These types of long wearing lipsticks have been around for a long time (I remember the Revlon ones when I was in high school... which was over a decade ago now!) and many brands do them. Nevertheless, I think its great that Rimmel have added a long wearing lipstick into their range. 
700 Skinny Dipping, 730 Make your Move, 110 Dare to Pink, 200 I'll Call You, 310 Little Minx, 500 Kiss Me You Fool, 550 Play With Fire, 230 Kiss Fatal
700 Skinny Dipping, 730 Make your Move, 110 Dare to Pink, 200 I'll Call You, 310 Little Minx, 500 Kiss Me You Fool, 550 Play With Fire, 230 Kiss Fatal

Before I talk about the shades, lets quickly touch on the formula. As you can see from the swatches above, these aren't 100% opaque and, besides the bright pink or the true red, you may need to apply two coats to get a completely opaque colour. Like all long wearing lipsticks of this type, these are very very sticky and you need the top coat of gloss to make these comfortable. One of my favourite things about this product is actually the gloss. It lasts a long time, isn't at all sticky, and it gives the lips a really nice shine. Because these don't budge, they are kiss proof... hence the name. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.59.50 PM

Another thing that is important to note is that these do really last all day. The downside to that is that these are a real bugger to remove. I highly recommend using an oil to dissolve the lipstick otherwise you will be literally scrubbing away at your lips. The other downside is that these can wear off in the inner rim of your lips when you eat (like in the photo above) and when they start wearing off they can get a little chunky. The one good thing is that if you can very easy to touch up the inner rim without it looking too cakey.

PicMonkey Collage
LEFT: 700 Skinny Dipping, 730 Make your Move, 110 Dare to Pink, 200 I'll Call You
RIGHT: 310 Little Minx, 500 Kiss Me You Fool, 550 Play With Fire, 230 Kiss Fatal

Onto the shades. Now some of these are quite pretty and others are a bit of a miss.

Lets start with the misses. Skinny Dipping is a light brown nude with a subtle frosty shimmer, and even though I respect that Rimmel has attempted to do a brown toned nude (after all the 90s mid toned brown lip is all the rage) this is a very dated shade and completely misses the mark. Very few people will be able to pull this off, which is a shame because with a little tweaking this could have been quite a nice shade. This is also not the most opaque shade and requires a few coats for an even colour. The second miss is Dare to Pink, which is the lightest pink shade. Just like Skinny Dipping this is uneven in one coat, is a little frosty and has a tacky 80s peachy pink vibe when you apply it on the lips. This would also look hideous once it starts to wear off and the natural lip colour starts to show through. Lastly, Kiss Fatal had a lot of potential, but once again this is a very dated purple plum shade that has a frosty finish and requires layering for an opaque finish.

The best shades are Make your Move, which is a beautiful peachy brown nude, Little Minx which is a vibrant opaque pink, and Kiss Me You Fool which is a bright true red that has great pigmentation. I'll Call You is a lovely dark mauvey pink that most people will like, and Play With Fire is a lovely dark red, but both of these shades need a little bit of layering to get an opaque finish.

So overall I think that these are decent products. Sure, I'm not raving about them, but that's because I have never got along with these long wearing lipsticks. Even though these don't try your lips, I can't stand the feel of them when they start wearing off... they end up feeling too chunky and annoying and I just want to take them off! If you are the type of people who does like these long wearing lipsticks, then I highly recommend trying these ones out because they do a decent job and are around $10 less than the Revlon ones and around $5 cheaper than the Maybelline ones. I do however suggest to be careful with your colour choices because some of these shades aren't pretty. If you have never tried one of these long wearing formulas before, I recommend buying one and trying the formula out before you commit to too many shades.

Ps I did a video review of these too :)


  1. I'm loving your review! Super in depth and I always love a review with both arm and lip swatches. I've been eyeing these for a while but the colours look a bit... ageing to me? Like they're missing a little bit of life. The packaging is cute though! I also remember L'Oreal making some of these ages and ages ago that left your lips super glopey.
    Lovely review :)
    x Julia | Wing me a dream

  2. They are all so beautiful, I want them all! :)

    My Beauty Blog

  3. Really great, detailed review Kat! These sound pretty great in terms of lasting power, but I doubt it'd be a product I'd wear regularly. I definitely agree with your 'miss' shades, they look frosty and...old. I do really like the look of Make your move though!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. I want these so bad! Do you know if they sell them in Canada?
    I haven't seen them and I think there only in the UK right now, but I wish they would travel over this way so I could get my hands on some of them!

    Check out my blog?
    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & ­­Bloglovin'

  5. Ah, long-wear lipsticks always seem to have both pros and cons. Glad to hear these are truly long-wearing, but I can't stand a chunky texture. Love most of the shades, though! xo


  6. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with long wear lipsticks. I hate that look when it starts to wear out and looks tacky, especially if you haven't got it with you to touch up easily!

    I really like the look of I'll Call You and Little Minx!

  7. Make Your Move just arrived from my 40% off makeup Priceline order. Can't wait to have a play!

    Di //

  8. Oh gosh, these are frikin' gorgeous! I was at the shops yesterday and while wondering around I spot these and I kinda hestitated with the gloss and all that. I wish I have seen your review yesterday, I would definitely get my hands on Skinny Dipping and Dare to Pink; both colors are such gorgeous every day wear shades!

  9. They are all so beautiful,I'want them all.


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