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Red Apple Lipstick review

November 1, 2014


Do you ever read my blog and think, "man this girl puts a lot of chemicals on her face"? Well, if you do, then this is a review for you!

This is a review of two of the Red Apple Lipsticks that are stocked at Miss Pearl Store (shipping in Australia is free!). They retail for $28.50 each, which isn't cheap, but they are gluten free, paraben free, nut/tree nut free, fragrance free, soy free, and toxin free, cruelty free, vegan, and allergen free.

So if you have any sensitivities to gluten, nuts, or soy then you might want to check out this brand! There are also over 25 shades available which range from nudes, reds, pinks, oranges, and berry.

Top: Ruby Slippers, Bottom: Coral Crush

These come in simple black plastic packaging that has an almost studded design. I trialled the shades Coral Crush and Ruby Slippers.


Coral Crush is a beautiful dark coral brick shade that is a great alternative to a red. The formula itself is very smooth, comfortable and pigmented. Because these are quite hydrating and smooth, they don't tend to last on the lips more than a couple of hours, but they are very comfortable lipsticks to wear and this has become one of my favourite work lipsticks.


Ruby Slippers is very different to what I imagined. It is a beautiful shimmery yellow toned pink with a fine gold sheen. I didn't expect to like this as much as I do, because shimmery lipsticks aren't really my thing. The colour reminds me of a lipstick version of the NARS Orgasm blush. This is a slightly sheer lipstick, but it is really pretty and it gives a shimmery lip gloss look without the stickiness of a gloss.

Overall I really do like these lipsticks, and even though I prefer a lipstick that lasts a little longer (like a matte lipstick for example) I can imagine these being a savior for people who have food allergies/sensitivities and is unable to wear most lipsticks on the market.


  1. Ooh these shades are pretty! Usually I'm not into frosty/shimmery lipsticks either, but Ruby Slippers looks gorg. Never heard of this brand before but I love that they cater for those with allergies.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Coral Crush looks so beautiful on your lips!
    My Beauty Blog

  3. Ruby slippers looks great on!! I'm sure they will be super useful for those with allergies but for the rest... I'm thinking there's much better options for that price :( Packaging is cute, though!
    x Julia | Wing me a dream

  4. I love Coral Crush on you! It's nice to see a vegan/food sensitive brand with such a big range and I love the packaging too, although the price is probably a bit more than what I'd spend.


  5. Great review. I've heard some wonderful things about the brand from overseas bloggers but I haven't yet tried them out myself. They're now on my wishlist.

  6. Surprisingly I am loving ruby slippers too


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