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Mary Kay Spring/Summer products

November 7, 2014


This is a post that I have been meaning to do for a very long time now (whoops) and it has been so long that I have actually received a new Mary Kay package with some of their new products.

So straight up, I will mention that I was sent this Spring/Summer Mary Kay collection... I personally think Mary Kay is a little hit and miss with some of their products, but I thought I would briefly show you the collection anyway because it is a very rare occasion where I can review a full collection on my blog.

Mary Kay is one of those companies that are known for having reps who sell their products. Luckily they also have an online store, so if you're anything like me and you can't be bothered dealing with reps, you can just browse the products at the Mary Kay Australia/New Zealand website.


In the collection there are four True Dimensions Lipsticks, four Nourishine Lip Glosses, four Cream Eye Colours and a clear Lip Liner Pencil and a Cream Eye Color/Concealer brush.

l-r: Berry A La Mode, Sassy Fuschia, Citrus Flirt, Color Me Coral
l-r: Color Me Coral, Sassy Fuschia, Citrus Flirt, Berry A La Mode

The highlight of this collection are the lip products!

The four True Dimensions Lipsticks are lovely and have a bold but transparent finish. These are bright and are very pigmented, but instead of having a creamy opaque finish, they have a more of a glossy stain finish. This also means that you can build them up for a bold finish or apply them lighty for a wash of colour. These are very comfortable, but they don't last too too long because of their light and almost wet formula... after a few hours they fade off and leave an almost stained look which is also quite pretty. These remind me of tinted balms with the pigmentation of a lipstick.

The shades are:
Berry A La Mode - a beautiful plum red brown that is a really vampy version of a berry. This is such a gorgeous dark lip shade and I am in love with it. If you want a dark lip minus the purple/pink tones, then you will love this! You can also pat this on lightly to make a lovely dark red stain.

Sassy Fuschia - a bright dark pink with a slight blue tone. This is a really pretty shade and this definitely gives the look of a bold stain with a gloss over the top.

Color Me Coral - this is the only shade that didn't quite cut it for me, only because this is a peachy coral that has a slight shimmer to it and instead of looking bright and juicy, it looks a little frosty. Maybe this shade just didn't suit me.

Citrus Flirt - this is a bright orange that has a very similar formula to the pink shade. It is a great for a comfortable pop of colour.

t-b: Mango Tango, Rock and Red, Berry Tart, Pink Luster

Strangely, the absolute highlight of this range is the Nourishine Lip Glosses... I usually hate lip glosses, but these have converted me! These are quite thick, are a little sticky (but comfortable), long lasting, and they have a lot of pigment but they are more of a shiny jelly looking gloss rather than a creamy opaque gloss. Like the lipsticks, you can build these up for a bolder finish or you can sheer them out for a wash of colour. I have started wearing these every day to work because they last a good few hours, feel very comfortable and wear off beautifully.

I LOVE the shades Berry Tart and Pink Luster because they are both beautiful every day nude shades. Pink Luster is a "your lips but extra shiny and luscious" colour and Berry Tart is a mauve mid toned nude. I also love Mango Tango which provides a pop of sheer orange to the lips and is a great fun summer shade. The only one that I don't wear often is Rock and Red because it is a very pigmented red, and even though it looks beautiful and shiny on the lips, it can be a little high maintenance.

l-r Glacier Grey, Violet Storm, Coastal Blue and Meadow Grass

Then we have the Cream Eye Colours. To be honest, I haven't worn these much because they shades aren't my everyday favourites. These are thin and apply nice and evenly on the eyelid. I can't wear cream shadows on their own without them creasing, so I use these as a base for a similar colour shadow. These aren't the most pigmented cream shadows, but they do apply a soft wash of colour that can be built up.

The two shades that I use the most are Glacier Grey, which is a warm taupe toned grey, and Violet Storm, which is a soft mauve purple. Coastal Blue and Meadow Grass are beautiful fun shades but they are a bit bright for my everyday look. If I ever want to rock a blue or green look then these will be the bases I reach for.


Lastly we have a clear Lip Liner Pencil and a Cream Eye Color/Concealer brush. These are great additions to the collection because the shiny glosses/lipsticks may move and slip a little, so  a clear liner can help prevent that... and of course the brush can help apply the cream shadow or even the lip products.

Overall I am really impressed with the lip products, but I think the cream shadows are just ok. I do think that this collection is great for Spring and Summer, there are some fun colours and the lip products are all light, comfortable and fun!


  1. The lipsticks look really pretty! Shame the coral shade has a bit of a frost to it, I love the look of the shade itself. Glad you're enjoying the lip glosses! A good gloss can really convert a girl!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. whoa!..that is bomb load of stuff!!! <3
    the clear lip pencil is really interesting
    Blue Velvet


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