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MAC Sweet Sentiment Mineralize Blush - Heirloom Mix Collection

November 18, 2014


More Christmas love on the blog today! This is the MAC Mineralize Blush in Sweet Sentiment, and even though this doesn't look particularly Christmassy (is that even a word?), it is part of the MAC Heirloom Mix collection which is their limited edition holiday collection for 2014.


This blush retails for a whopping $47 in Australia... A normal MAC blush retails for $41, but being limited edition packaging AND a mineralized blush then its a little more pricey. For the money you get 3.5g of product.


The packaging is similar to normal MAC packaging but it is more shiny, slightly blacker and has silver glitter in the plastic. This is nothing particularly special, but its a bit of fun!


I honestly wasn't planning on buying anything from this collection, but the reviews of this blush had peaked my interest and when I saw it in store I was in love. The formula is lovely, soft and really easy to blend and the shade is the perfect cool toned pink. This is the loveliest mauve toned pink with a soft shimmer in it which creates the perfect dolly pink flush. This is the type of blush that most people will oooh and aaah over... and I had to buy it. This would work on most skin tones and can easily be sheered out or built up.


I know that this is probably sold out everywhere (this was the second last one in stock when I picked it up), but if you love cool toned pink blushes and you can some how get your hands on it, I highly recommend it!


  1. the color looks pretty with natural blush tone. Nice pick!

  2. This shade is soooo pretty! I'd wear it everyday! Looks like the mineralize blush gentle but a bit more cool.

  3. what a lovely colour! what's the lasting power like?

    xx Julia | Wing me a dream

  4. This looks so pretty, such a glowy soft mauvy pink

  5. beautiful colour..light mauve/plummy colour..gorgeous <3
    Blue Velvet

  6. What a gorgeous cool pink! Glad it took you by surprise :)


  7. I tried to purchase online and it's out of stock :-( it really is a beautiful shade.

  8. I am in the market for a good blush. I dropped my NARS blush the other day - it was traumatic haha.

    Lucy x ||


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