October 24, 2014

Hey, I thought I would just do an update of some of the videos that I have put up on my channel recently.

Above is my collective haul and mini reviews of what I have been buying over the last few months (if you want to see any in depth reviews of the products just let me know).

Below is my purple lipstick collection... and after filming I realised that I left out a couple of shades, but its just majority of my collection anyway.

Then of course we have my giveaway that closes in one week!

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  1. Great roundup, Kat! I absolutely loved your purple lipstick post- you're making me want Airbourne Unicorn so badly! And such an amazing haul- I've had the Too Faced Natural palette on my wishlist for ages and you're selling me in Cindy Loumainzer :)



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