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Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

October 18, 2014


I have pretty palette crazy lately, but this is actually a palette that I got in August but put aside because I wasn't feeling the warmer shades at the time... now that the weather is warmer (and I am fake tanning ever so slightly) this has been my every day staple.

This is the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette and I had a lovely friend pick this up for me in the US, but you can buy this at Kit Cosmetics/Mecca Cosmetica in Australia for $48.

This is actually a revamped version of this palette... The older one came in a bulky cardboard packaging (see photo comparison below) and three shades were replaced (google to see the difference). I didn't own the older version, but I think the addition of the large matte "Nudie" shade is much better than the frosty champagne "Nude Beach" that the old one had.


Too Faced's palettes used to come in large and annoyingly chunky cardboard boxes, but they now come in sleeker tins... hooray! The tin has a sturdy magnetic closure.


The palette contains nine eye shadow shades and a booklet with examples of looks that you can create. There is also a small mirror underneath where the booklet sits... I find this a little annoying so I just remove the booklet.


Like all of Too Faced 9 shadow palettes, they are divided the shades into Day, Classic, and Fashion... naturally I tend to not follow that suggestion, but it is potentially helpful to people who are new to combining eye shadow shades. There are also three large shades that are designed to be used all over the lid and then two shades that are to accent the look.

Below are the swatches on my arm without primer... you can see that every shade is nicely pigmented and very nice quality. I personally am not the biggest fan of the "naughty" shade names... but each to their own.

l-r: Heaven, Cashmere Bunny, Sexpresso, Silk Teddy, Push-Up, Erotica, Nude, Honey Pot, Chocolate Martini
Bottom: Heaven. Middle: Cashmere Bunny. Top: Sexpresso

DAY shades:

Heaven: Is a lovely smooth matte cream shade that is a must have for blending out a shade or for a matte highlight. This the perfect matte cream.

Cashmere Bunny: A slightly rosy cool toned matte brown. This is the perfect crease shade and can be used as a brow shade if you're in a pinch... I tend to mix this with Sexpresso to get my perfect brow colour.

Sexpresso: This is a basic chocolate matte brown.

Bottom: Silk Teddy. Middle: Push-Up. Top: Erotica

CLASSIC shades:

Silk Teddy: This is a highly shimmery (possibly to the point of obnoxiously frosty) light pink shade. This is what I would use as a highlight shade instead of an all over the lid shade, so I am disappointed to see that this is one of the larger shades... this palette would be 10x better if Silk Teddy was a smaller shade and Push-Up was the larger shade. I can use this as an all over the lid shade, but only if I apply Nude over the top to mute the frostiness.

Push-Up: This is my absolute favourite shade of the whole palette and I would have loved to see this in the larger pan. This is a shimmery rose toned bronze and it is the perfect all over the lid/lower lash line shade. A very beautiful and unique shade.

Erotica: This is a cool toned matte dark brown base with fine gold shimmer.

Bottom: Nude. Middle: Honey Pot. Top: Chocolate Martini


Nude: This is a nude/tan matte shade. Is very similar to Cashmere Bunny but it is a bit lighter and warm toned.

Honey Pot: A typical metallic gold shade with lovely pigmentation.

Chocolate Martini: A much warmer dark brown packed full of fine gold shimmer... This is my favourite dark brown of the palette.

Overall I love the quality of these shadows, there is not a bad shade in the whole bunch. These are great for every day looks and you can even use a couple of shades for your eyebrows. I love that this has a nice balance of mattes and shimmers, but this is overall a very warm toned palette so it won't be for everyone. I have been reaching for this palette a lot for the past few weeks, so it is definitely a palette that you can get a few complete looks from without needing to have any additional products, which would also make it handy for traveling.

I still think that this palette would have improved immensely by putting Push-Up in the bigger pan and Silk Teddy in a smaller pan. Also, there are too many dark brown shades, I think one matte and one shimmery shade would have been sufficient. It would have been nice to see a dark shimmery cranberry or wine shade instead of Erotica.

So that's it! What do you think of this palette? What is your favourite nude palette?


  1. They're beautiful! I'm seeing this palette absolutely everywhere these days- very tempting, especially since Mecca's price drop, but I don't use eyeshadow often enough to warrant another palette. D:

  2. Just looking at your swatches of this makes me want to get it out and play with it! I'm a huge fan of this palette, all of the shades are so gorgeous so I'm definitely glad I picked this one up :)

    Ash /

  3. Just a quick question: do you have the Chocolate Bar palette? I've been looking at these but they look quite similar to the Chocolate Bar...
    Wing me a dream

    1. Yeah I do, and there is a lot of similar shades so you dont need both... I like the light matte browns in this palette more than the ones in the Chocolate Bar palette and I also like that it is almost half the size, so it is the palette that I have been taking in my makeup bag with me. You definitely don't need both though... but Push-Up is my favourite shade out of both palettes

  4. Think I'll be getting this even thought i have the old one. I love it it was the first pallet I bought. Great post

  5. I've been eyeing up this palette for so long- it's really perfect! You're enabling me further, Kat ;) Thanks for the swatches!


  6. This palette looks gorgeous, I need to purchase it soon ♡

    Eila | theblushingbrunettes


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