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September 2014 Favourites

October 1, 2014


Faaaaark when did October sneak up on us?
Blerg, anyway here are the products that I have been loving in September!

I also did a video of my favourites:

I only have one skincare favourite this month (well, this is the only one I can think of anyway). I went to the launch of the new reformulated Lancôme Visionnaire and I was lucky enough to be given a full size bottle. I have been using this at night and I have noticed that my skin has been getting consistently nicer as I have been using it. My red sensitive cheeks have become less red and more even, my skin is slightly smoother, and it just seems overall clearer. This stuff isn't cheap, but I will probably have to repurchase it in the future. I did a review of the new Visionnaire and the new Lancome mascara here.

Onto makeup...


Lets start with lips.

Last month I mentioned that I have started wearing lip glosses at work (I generally hate lip glosses, but I am over always rocking a half worn off lipstick look), and this month is no different. A new lipgloss that I keep reaching for is the NYX Megashine Lip Gloss in Miami Babe, which is a perfect rosy nude that gives a little colour, a little shine, and isn't too sticky. My only is that the strong sweet artificial cherry scent is a little much.

If I was going out and wearing a bright colour in September, it was likely a bright mauve purple shade. The first favorite is the limited edition MAC Dodgy Girl matte lipstick from the Kelly Osborne collection. This is bright pinky mauve lipstick that may possibly be too out there for some, but I find it quite wearable because of its pink tones. The honorable mention is the Pretty Zombie Cosmetics liquid matte lipstick in Potion #9 - this is like Dodgy Girl to the extreme... it is brighter, more purple, and more matte. It's definitely not an every day colour, but it's a lot of fun.

Top to bottom: MAC Dodgy Girl, Pretty Zombie Potion #9, NYX Miami Babe

Onto the rest of the makeup...


I finally graduated to the title of "serious blogger" when I got my hands on the two Lorac Pro palettes (by the way I will be giving one away when I hit 4k subscribers on my YouTube channel). Part of me thinks that these are completely worth the hype, and another part of me thinks that these are just another palette. Regardless, I have been reaching for them often because of their buttery formula and huge range of mattes. Some of my most loved shades in September were Mauve (my all time favourite shade from both palettes), Garnet and Chrome (see swatches below). I also did a full review of both of these palettes that you can find here.

I also bought my very first Bare Minerals palette at the start of the month. This is The Dream Sequence quad and I was surprised that I picked this up because I rarely wear purple eyeshadow. I originally bought it because the taupe shade was so beautiful to swatch, but I was surprised that the dark purple shade has become a staple in my everyday makeup look. I use this shade on a fluffy brush to darken the outer corner of my crease and it works amazingly well. For some reason this shade is ridiculously easy to work with and it applies quite warm toned on the skin, so it adds a little colour and a little warmth to a basic neutral eye look.

Lastly, I have been reaching for my old faithful Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure to add a little natural colour to my cheeks when I have been experimenting with different eye shadows and purple lips! See my review of this blush here.
(sorry about the horrible lighting) l-r: Lorac Mauve, Garnet, Chrome, and Bare Minerals Nightcap
Lastly, lets talk about nails...


What is with me and purple this month? Generally I don't like purple, and I refuse to wear purple clothes... but clearly purple nails, lips, and sometimes eyes, is ok.

Well start with my impromptu 50% off Chemist Warehouse purchase, the Sally Hansen Color Frenzy polish in Splattered. What I love about this glitter is that it adds an 80s vibe to anything you apply it over (and yes, that's a good thing in my opinion). This contains jagged pieces of gold glitter, fine gold glitter, small black glitter pieces, small pastel pink glitter pieces and small fine bars of bright pink glitter.

The next are the purples - I bought Lime Crime Lavendairy nail polish at IMATS which it is the perfect bright pale pink toned purple. I have also been wearing the Kester Black Bougainvillea, which is my all time favourite purple nail polish... seriously, it. is. stunning!

So that's it! Those are my most used and loved products in September! What were your favourites of the month?


  1. Sooo your favourites are essentially my wish list! Especially lime crime nail polish and Pretty Zombie liquid lipstick! Gah! Great faves :) Xoxo

    Kate |

  2. So many pretty purple shades here x

  3. I really want that Pro Palette 2, I've only just gotten into the groove with the first edition but I am such a palette hoarder!

  4. The Sally Hansen nail polish looks gorgeous. I've seen them on the shelves and yet never heard about them from bloggers so I haven't picked up one yet.

  5. I'm heading down to Melbourne this weekend shopping and I definitely plan on picking up that hourglass blush! Looks stunning <3

  6. Extra gorgeous picks this month, Kat! Your reviews are so thorough and your photos are amazing. I am so tempted by that Lime Crime nail polish (just got my first-ever lip products from them and looove them) and both Lorac palettes look great :)


  7. Okay. I NEED that Pretty Zombie lipstick... NEED.. like, not even kidding. Omg.

    Jacquelyn xx | heytherejacquelyn

  8. Mauve is perfection, seriously the best matte eyeshadow ever. Love the look of that Lime Crime nail poilsh too!

  9. Great items loved every single one love the Lorac Pro palettes they look gorgeous :-)

    Leslie xoxo

  10. I'm such a whore for glitter on my fingers.
    Loving the LimeCrime colour


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