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MAC Rocky Horror Collection - review and swatches

October 26, 2014


OOOOOH MYYYY GOOOOOOOD... wait, wrong cult movie.

I don't know about you, but I personally was super dooper excited when I saw that MAC was doing Rocky Horror Picture Show collection to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the film. I personally believe that this film has shaped who I am today... I think back to when I used to come home from kindergarten and dance around the living room to the movie with my neighbour Stefan. I had no idea what the movie was about when I was a kid (I just liked the music) and it wasn't until I was a bit older when I realised that it had a lot of "controversial" undertones. I think movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show helped mould me into a more accepting person at a very young age.

I think it goes without saying that MAC + limited edition + Australia = expensive, but I had to pick up a couple of products from this collection (and would have bought more if it didn't sell out so quickly).

Anyway... I did a video of this review as well!


The packaging is fucking awesome and is worth the extra few dollars for. The plastic is black and very shiny (unlike the more matte finish of normal MAC products) and the products themselves have a graphic of the mouth from the opening scene of the movie. The inside of the boxes have awesome images of the characters, and I wish that this was some how incorporated on the packing of the products because it makes me want to keep the boxes (but I can't stand keeping clutter of boxes around my house - bah!). It also crossed my mind to keep these in mint condition as collectors items, but I love these so much that I want to be able to smear them on my face whenever I want :P


I ended up buying the Sculpt and Shape Powder in Bone Beige/Emphasize ($47), the pigment in It's Not Easy Having A Good Time ($40), matte lipstick in Strange Journey (I also wanted FrankNFurter but it was sold out everywhere) ($38) and blush in Crazed Imagination ($43).

A lot of people said they were disappointed with the collection and didn't see anything too exciting in it... I disagree, sure there are four red lipsticks, but if you look at the makeup in this movie then these products are pretty spot on. The movie is full of red lips, lots of contouring, sparkles, and crazy smoky eyes... so I think MAC did a pretty damn good job picking out the items in this collection.


Sculpt and Shape Powder in Bone Beige/Emphasize: I have only used this a couple of times so this is a first impressions review, but I adore the contour shade but am a little iffy about the highlight shade. The contour is quite light but can but can be easily built up and would work well on anyone with fair to medium skin tones because it has a nice brown/rose undertone rather than an orange undertone. It is a off white with a very slight yellow hint to it and it has a slight shimmer in the pan but looks mostly matte on the skin. The highlight is quite powdery and even on my light skin tone I am a little worried that it looks chalky, so it would be a no go for darker skin tones. I think on skin tones that lean yellow (like mine) this might clash a little and look chalky, so this might suit people who have pinker undertones to their skin. I have been using this to set my under eye concealer and I will see how I like it in the long run. It is pretty handy having these in the one compact, and the size of the pan allows you to easy access the product with a small to medium powder brush.

It's Not Easy Having A Good Time pigment: Do I use pigments often? No. Do I love pigments? Yes! This was a must have for me because the sparkly wine cranberry shade looked beautiful and because I know that this will last me years and years. Even though I don't use pigments on a daily basis, they are my go to product for going out. This is a perfect Autumn shade/warm smoky eye shade... but I think you can make it more wearable by pairing it with a bronze or gold eye shadow.


Strange Journey matte lipstick: I am a complete and utter sucker for MAC lipsticks, and especially limited edition bright shades! This is a beautiful shade that reminds me a lot of Lady Danger (in texture, pigmentation and in shade), but the only difference is that this is slightly darker and slightly more brick toned rather than a bright red (see comparison swatches below). Lady Danger is my perfect lipstick, it is a matte finish, creamy and comfortable, lasts a long time... and Strange Journey is no different. I utterly adore this lipstick and it will be my slight darker and more muted and possibly more vintage alternative to Lady Danger.

top: Strange Journey, bottom: Lady Danger

Crazed Imagination blush: I am also a sucker for blushes, and I have been loving dark natural shades of blushes these days because they tend to compliment bright lips beautifully... so I was super excited to see a plum toned blush in this collection. This blush is a plum burgundy shade with a burgundy sheen (which is quite unique) and it is a great blush for sculpting the face (aka great for days when you can't be bothered using blush and contour). This is a very firm blush and you don't pick up much product with your brush, which means that this applies quite lightly at first but you can build it up.


So overall I actually think I am one of the rare people who like this collection! I know it is "nothing special" but I think it sums up the movie really well and most of the products are brand new limited edition shades. Everything that I bought (maybe with the exception of the bone beige powder) are products are very good quality, suit my makeup style, and I can imagine using them often.


  1. Hahahaha, I understand what you mean. I LOVED Dirty Dancing when I was younger, but luckily it all went over my head.

    I was going to buy something from the collection for my mum since she LOVES RHPS, but there wasn't really anything that I thought that she would wear... such a shame.

  2. That pigment is a beautiful colour! :)

  3. Ah, that pigment is something special and I'm always a sucker for an orange-toned red. Thanks for the comparison with Lady Danger :)


  4. OMG that pigment!! And that blush is gorgeous as well... I don't think I've seen a blush colour quite like that before


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