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New Lancôme goodies - Visionnaire and Grandiôse

September 9, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Lancôme launch in Melbourne. They were launching the new reformulated Visionnaire LR 2412 4% - Cx Advanced Skin Corrector (I will be referring to this as "Visionnaire"), and also the new Grandiôse mascara which launches later this month.


I have used Lancôme skincare before, but I haven't tried the original Visionnaire (which was missing the Cx in the name), so I can't compare this new one to the old formula. This is a light serum that is easily absorbed, it has a nice soft clean, almost floral scent, and it claims to improve wrinkles, pores and skin texture with everyday use. I have been using this in the evenings and I have notice that after a few days of use, my uneven skintone (I tend to get uneven red patches) have reduced and my skin is softer. This has a hefty price tag at $97 for 30ml or $135 for 50ml, but this is one serum that I can imagine getting quite addicted to.

...check out that fake tan

Next launch is a new mascara... oooooh aaaaaah. Some of you may know that I am a HUGE fan of the Lancôme Hypnôse Star and Doll Eyes mascaras, I honestly think they are some of the best high end mascaras I have used and are definitely are worth the splurge (*cough* much better than Benefit They're Real *cough*)... so naturally I was very excited to hear about the new Grandiôse mascara that launches on the 21st of September and I believe will retail for $54. That's right, a total sneak peak right here!


One small thing that makes me instantly like this mascara is the packaging. Not only can it stand up (and it is very sturdy) but it also has a see-through part in the handle that allows you to see a black Lancôme flower logo inside... nifty.

This mascara is the first Lancôme mascara (I hope I am not misquoting, the information session was nearly 2 weeks ago) to give length, lift and volume.


Besides the cool packaging, the unique thing about this mascara is the swan neck wand. This looks a little strange, but actually feels quite natural to use. The brush is also a spikey rubber brush, which is my favourite type of brush, and it also tapers in at the tip to allow you to get close to your inner corner nicely. Since the brush isn't straight, it does take a little extra force to pull the brush out of the tube and putting it back in... but we were assured that the brush won't break if you do apply a little more force than what you are used to. What is also cool about the swan neck is that it helps scrape the sides of the inside of the tube. This should help it from trying out as fast (because you can mix it around) but it also means you can scrape the inside of the tube and get maximum value for money.


You can flip the brush to allow closer access to different parts of your eye. I find the way I am holding it in the top photo can be great for lower lashes and the bottom photo is great for top lashes.

Now for some hideous eye close up photos...

No mascara

One coat of Grandiose

Clearly I am lash challenged... I have very straight and quite sparse lashes, but you can see the difference that one coat of this mascara makes.

Of course, there are pros and cons and I love presenting a nice balanced review of any product. The pros are that the wand is surprisingly easy to use, the mascara gives great volume and length with one coat, and it is very comfortable to wear and doesn't become crunchy or wear off during the day. The cons are not all that major, but I feel that they are worth mentioning anyway - the main one is that this can get a little clumpy and spidery if you layer it too much (lucky you can get a great effect with one coat), secondly it doesn't do much for holding a curl, and lastly I find that if you are like me and you apply mascara with one hand (compared to someone who swaps hands for each eye), the shape of the wand can prove to be a little challenging when trying to get into the inner corner on the opposite eye. Besides that, I have been loving this mascara and have been reaching for it over the other mascaras I am currently using.

So those are the new offerings from Lancôme, they are not cheap, but I personally think they are both worth the splurge.



  1. Your eye close ups are not hideous. You are beautiful! Your eyelashes are so long!

  2. I agree with Nayzee, close up is lovely :) Your lashes always look great in person btw, very pretty :)

    I love the look of that Lancôme serum, and I agree they make some amazing mascaras

  3. Hmm not too bad, apparently this is the "best mascara to date". Your lashes do look beautiful btw!

    1. I wouldn't agree with that claim, but its pretty good... just a little clumpy

  4. I got a sample of the Visionnaire so I've been testing it out lately and I totally agree with your view. My skin feels softer and I have a red patch on my left cheek (makes my blush look uneven even though it isn't, *shakes fist*) and that has started to look a bit better so I'm really looking forward to seeing just how much more improvement there is to come with it!

    1. How good is it for uneven red skin! I have noticed that people are starting to say nice things about my skin since using it too! Its so damn expensive but it may just be a product worth the hype! Glad you are seeing results too! Ps I found out on the weekend that red patches means that you might have sensitive skin... I never knew that!


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