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September 29, 2014


Hello hello! Today I present you with a very different type of Australian subscription box... a "that time of the month" inspired box. This is the Love Lois box, which is a monthly tampon and pad box that is designed to make periods a lot more convenient.

I was sent this for review, and even though it's not beauty related it is something that the majority of my readers may find interesting. I love this concept because I work 5-6 days a week (plus blogging) and I often forget to buy pads and tampons until its too late... and then I just hope that I have a couple of tampons hidden away for emergencies. So the convenience of this box was quite interesting for me.

Also... as per usual I did an opening video

By the way Love Lois is named after the creators cat... cute. I should start a box and call it Love Alphonse.


There are eight different types of boxes that you can choose from and the prices of each box varies:

Helena Regular: tampons and pads for heavy periods ($25 per month)
Melina Regular: tampons and pads for medium periods ($23 per month)
Pandora Regular: pads only ($22 per month)
Tabitha Regular: tampons only ($23 per month)
Helena Organic: tampons and pads for heavy periods ($25 per month)
Melina Organic: tampons and pads for medium periods ($25 per month)
Pandora Organic: pads only ($25 per month)
Tabitha Organic: tampons only ($25 per month)

Once you select a plan, they ask you details about what brand you prefer and whether or not you like winged pads. For any future boxes I order I will specify that I love U by Kotex because that has been my go to brand for over a decade!

You can also specify how regular your cycle is so that a box can arrive right before your period, and if you don't specify then it arrives in the first week of the month.

You can check out more detail at the Love Lois website.


The box I received is the Melina Regular... and above is what I got in my first box.

You receive a card with information about the box, a little story about when someone was caught off guard with their period (don't we all have plenty of those stories), a block of chocolate (if you don't like chocolate you can let Love Lois know and they can find an alternative for your boxes), a couple of tea bags, 5 night time pads, a mixture of 5 regular and light pads, a two pack of mini tampons and a two pack of regular tampons.

I received 2x two packs of tampons because it was my first box. From the next box on they include one two pack of tampons and they alternate mini and regular each month. There is also a card in the box that explains that due to regulations they can't open the two packs to give one box of each per month.

So what do I think? Firstly I thought I would mention that I have pretty short periods so it would probably take me two months to go through all of these pads and tampons... luckily you can cancel and re-join any time so I could theoretically just get them delivered when my stash was getting low.

The main pros about this box is that it is a really convenience and useful box (unlike a lot of other subscription boxes), it arrives discretely, it makes periods a little more fun by adding in chocolate and tea, and it definitely comes with enough pads and tampons to see you through your period.

The main cons for me is that you could probably buy the pads and tampons for under $15 and the chocolate and tea for under $5, so you really are paying a couple of extra dollars for the convenience. I would have also liked to see a couple more tea bags.

Overall I think this is a great concept if are time poor (like me), otherwise if you aren't fussed about convenience then you could buy these products in a slightly more cost efficient way by buying them yourself... but let's face it, getting stuff delivered is way more fun!


  1. This is such a cute idea! I also have really short period so I would never use all those tampons but I don't mind having all those as back ups - I will use it eventually!

    1. Exactly! they definitely wont go to waste!

  2. Hahahaha! Cute idea but both Miss 12 and I laughed when we read about Love Lois. Like you said, we could probably get the pads and tampons we need at the supermarket at a cheaper price. I normally just stock up when they have some sort of special - especially now that I have to "share my stash" with Miss 12. One plus point though...Miss 12 did say, "but they have chocolate!". Yeah...I could buy that too ;) Great review as always!

    1. Yeah I totally agree, but for someone like me who works 5-6 days a week and does small supermarket shops in their lunch break... it's pretty handy :P

  3. Really cute idea! So good for people like me that for some reason although I've had my period for over half my life still manage to forget to purchase pads.
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

    1. I have had my period for 17 years and I still forget to buy tampons to this very day :P

  4. I think it's a very cute concept but absolutely on the expensive side!

    1. Its probably very accurate pricing for the products plus shipping... it just depends if you'd prefer to go to the shops

  5. I like the idea of this box. But it seems expensive for what it is. I prefer to shop around and get my 'necessities' on special. : )
    Renee x

  6. Hi Kat. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Love your posts :) Check out the post on my blog
    <3 Gab

  7. We have a box company like this in the USA. It comes with the tea bags, some candy, a piece of jewelry like a bracelet or a small pendant, not expensive pieces but great for a teenager. There is usually a lip gloss or nail polish in them as well. Sometimes it comes with a little Chick Novel. I wish they had these when I was a teen.


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