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Lorac Pro palettes - reviews and swatches

September 23, 2014


To celebrate (or commiserate) my new full time job (that takes up more time, but pays the same as my old job) I decided to splurge on the Lorac Pro and Pro 2 palettes.

I also did a full review on my channel here.
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Lorac products can be quite hard to get your hands on in Australia, but I got these palettes online from myprettyfaceplace.com. Sadly they aren't currently on the site at the moment, I don't know if they are just sold out and will be back or if they no longer stock them. Anyway, these cost around $120 for both palettes including shipping, and shipping took around a week and a half to arrive.


The packaging of the palettes look exactly the same, except that the Lorac Pro Palette is black and the Lorac Pro 2 Palette is grey. These are made out of a sturdy cardboard, are very thin and sleek, and have a magnetic closure. They also have decent sized mirrors and both come with a mini eyeshadow primer. The only downside to the packaging is that it can get quite grubby since the cardboard has a more matte/rubber finish.

top: Lorac Pro, bottom: Lorac Pro 2

Tadaaa! Each palette has 16 shades and the beauty of these palettes is that the top 8 are all matte and the bottom 8 are all shimmer. The first palette is more warm toned with a lot of light pinks and warm browns, and the second palette is a little more diverse. The only double up is the black matte shade.

I can't pick a favourite palette as I tend to have a few favourite shades from each palette and I don't really use one palette more than the other. I tend to have both of these open at the same time and treat it like a mega palette.

Hopefully you can see from the swatches that these shades are BEAUTIFUL! These are all applied without a primer! The main standouts are the mattes because you can easily find lovely pigmented shimmery shades, but it can be hard finding buttery smooth mattes. Random observation: the swatches show how mattes tend to blur the skin compared to shimmery shades that emphasise skin texture - no wonder why people recommend matte shades for more mature skin.


Lorac Pro top row (matte)
  • White: a smooth matte white. It is one of the most pigmented matte whites I have come across, but to be honest I never use matte whites.
  • Cream: light pink toned cream which would be a great blending out shade or matte brow bone highlight for people who have pink undertones in their skin. Not as pigmented as the white.
  • Taupe: a very yellow toned caramel light brown (similar to Naked in Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette)... I have no idea why this is called taupe.
  • Light Pink: very light baby pink... would be nice as an all over lid shade for people who like light pinks. This is way too pink to be used as a brow bone highlight or as a blending out shade - probably one of my lease used shades in the palette alongside the white. I wish this was a little darker.
  • Mauve: a very pigmented and smooth rose toned mauve/taupe. This is my all time favourite shade of both palettes! I am on the lookout for dupe since I can foresee this being the shade I hit pan on first. This is the best crease colour as it works with cool toned taupes (because of the purple tones) and also warmer shades (because of the rosiness), and it's not too light but not too dark... perfect! I love you Mauve
  • Sable: a pretty typical warm chocolate brown that would work well with coppers and bronzes.
  • Espresso: a very dark neutral brown.
  • Black: a nicely pigmented matte black. 

Lorac Pro bottom row (shimmer)
  • Nude: a light pink toned frosty shimmer, think virgin/sin from UD Naked.
  • Champagne: a light pink toned frosty shimmer, think virgin/sin... waaaait... this is very similar to nude, except that it is a fraction more pink toned (maybe) and has more glitter. I think having two shades so similar is a bit of a waste.
  • Gold: your typical highly metallic yellow toned gold.
  • Light Bronze: this is more what I think of when I hear "champagne". This is a soft warm toned champagne peach and is a great all over the lid shade.
  • Pewter: a nice mid toned bronze. I would have loved to see another bronzy shade instead of two light pinks.
  • Garnet: a beautiful higly metallic copper shade that is my second favourite shade of the palette. This is an amazing shade to add to the outer corner of the lid to add some warmth and depth. I love pairing this with Gold, Light Bronze or Pewter.
  • Deep Purple: in the pan this looks like a deep grape colour, but it applies much darker. I would say this is more of a blackened plum.
  • Slate: the token deep metallic grey/blue (similar to Gunmetal in the UD Naked Palette)

Lorac Pro 2 top row (matte)
  • Buff: a nicely pigmented yellow toned nude - perfect as a blending shade/matte brow bone highlight for people with yellow undertones (aka me!).
  • Light Brown: very similar to taupe in the first palette, but a little more peach toned and more pigmented.
  • Cool Gray: a true mid toned taupe.
  • Nectar: a matte pinky peach - great crease shade for summer!
  • Plum: a deep warm toned purple that would go nicely with the gold and garnet from the first palette.
  • Navy:  a gorgeous pigmented ink blue - could be a great alternative for a navy liner.
  • Charcoal: a true dark grey
  • Black: matte pigmented black - the only double up in the palettes.

Lorac Pro 2 bottom row (shimmer)
  • Snow: a shimmery frosted white.
  • Beige: similar to nude from the first palette but more yellow/peach toned. More of a true light champagne.
  • Rose - a lovely subtle rose gold shade.
  • Mocha - a warm mid toned coppery bronze.
  • Chrome - a true cool toned taupe shimmer. Chrome, Rose and Navy are probably my favourite shades of the second palette.
  • Silver - a true metallic silver
  • Jade - a dark forest green with gold shimmer
  • Cocoa -a dark warm chocolate brown with gold shimmer.

Overall I love these palettes, but there are pros and cons. The main pro is the great formula and pigmentation, also there are 16 shades in each palette, half of the shades are matte, there is a lovely range of wearable shades that aren't just boring nudes, and none of the shades are duds.

The negatives is that each shadow only contains 0.55g of product (compared to 1.3g in the Naked palettes) so if you love one particular shade, you might hit pan pretty quickly. These are a little powdery and if you're not careful you can pick up a lot of product on your brush (and waste product). Lastly I think there are some questionable colour choices... for example you don't need two similar shimmy light pinks in the first palette and you don't need to have an overlap with the matte black - the second palette could have had a shimmery black and a matte forest green... oh and there isn't any eyebrow appropriate shades in either palette. 

Even though it sounds like the negative outweigh the positives, they definitely don't! Besides the few minor negatives, this is pretty much a perfect palette. I have been comparing this to the Urban Naked Palette throughout this review, but I think these palettes are much more diverse and classier than the Naked Palettes... you get more shades, the mattes are more buttery and soft, and the shimmers aren't as chunky and glittery as the Naked Palettes.

If you can track these down, I highly recommend them to anyone from people starting their makeup collection to anyone who is serious about makeup and would appreciate a good quality palette.


  1. I've wanted the first palette for ages and ordered both it and the pro to go on bosabeauty.com however, they are the worst website ever! They have stopped responding to customers emails and who knows when the orders will be shipped! I do not recommend that site for American beauty purchases. Loved the review kitsch! :)

    1. oh that's such a shame! I wish there were more reliable sites stocking brands like Lorac

  2. These are all so beautiful! I think I slightly prefer the Lorac Pro, but only slightly!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I think I am the same.. I prefer warmer shades generally, and the Lorac 1 has more warm options.

  3. Oh wow you got such a great deal! Love the review :)

    1. Yeah I wish it was still available!

  4. Absolutely awesome swatches Kat! I have the first Pro palette and love it to bits! The formula is outstanding and I love its diversity. I agree though, they could have done without Champagne. It;s the only one I find to have quite gritty shimmer as well. Lorac Pro 2 looks super awesome too, though not sure that I need it right now!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Haha yeah I don't need it either... I just bit the bullet and bought them both. I also love the first palette, such great quality!

  5. Ordered the pro 2 yesterday to be delivered express today - excited! I also looked at bosa beauty as some youtubers were spruiking it but checked reviews and saw a huge amount of complaints. Ended up ordering with myqty.com which is based in Brisbane and stocks Lorac, sigma, tarte, UD etc. Their reviews looked pretty good so hopefully will do a lot of buying from them.

    1. oh that's a great tip! There was another comment from a reader saying that she wasn't happy with the customer service at bosa!

  6. They are both so beautiful, and pigmentation is amazing!

  7. Great review Kat, I was initially thinking of buying the Lorac Pro as a neutral palette, but I don't like the fact that they have four pale shades, which will not work for my skin tone ..

    1. Yeah I agree with you... I am not a fan of really light shades and would have preferred one light shimmer and one light matte.

  8. Gosh, such beautiful swatches! Both palettes look incredible, really. Lorac has been getting progressively harder to track down in Canada these days- such a shame!



  9. Great review. Thanks to Temptalia, a couple of dupes for Mauve are Dusty Lilac by Bobbi Brown and #344 by Inglot. Love reading your blog and am currently in the process of relaunching my blog

    Dannii <3


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