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Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid Perfume

September 1, 2014


Happy Monday! I hope everyone is doing well. I am on a break at work, but stuck inside because of the rain... ah well, blogging time!

I was sent this brand new fragrance release from Beyoncé, the Heat Wild Orchid perfume. To be completely honest, I have tested a few of the Beyoncé Heat perfumes in store and have been tempted to buy one, but because there are so many of them (this is what, the 5th in this Heat line alone?) I have never known which one I like the most.

This launched on the 1st of August and is currently available in a 50ml bottle for $49 and the 100ml for $69.


The bottle is the same shape as the other Heat perfumes (see close up below), but this one has a lovely bright pink faded effect. I am starting to become a perfume hoarder and am thinking that one of each of the Heat fragrance bottles would look quite impressive on my chest of drawers (NO KAT *smacks hand*).

Like the vast majority of celebrity fragrances on the market, this one is quite sweet (which I personally like), but this one has a heavier muskier scent as well. This is probably a great evening or Winter scent, and I am kinda bummed that I started using it closer to Spring.


For all of those perfume aficionados out there, here are the notes of the fragrance:

Top Notes: Pomegranate, Coconut Water, Boysenberry
Middle Notes: Butterfly Orchid, Honeysuckle, Blooming Magnolia
Bottom Notes: Blonde Woods, Skin Musks, Gilded Amber

I am quite glad I have been able to add this perfume to my collection, because I normally shy away from heavy perfumes that have musky base notes because I am always worried that they will give me a headache (yes, I am one of THOSE people). But besides me being initially quite cautious of the heavy scent, I have had no issues with it and it is a nice change from my regular fresh sweet scents. Being a relatively affordable perfume, I don't find that this lasts all day on me, but it does last a decent 6ish hours.

If you are into celebrity fragrances, but want a slightly more musky evening appropriate scent, I recommend trying out the new Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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