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Bellabox September 2014

September 27, 2014


Hello Bellabox, we meet again. I am actually a little over subscription boxes (I have just accumulated too many samples) so this is the last Bellbox that I will be receiving in quite some time.

Aaaaanyway, if you were interested in trying out a subscription box, Bellabox is a monthly beauty subscription box that costs $15 per month. Check out the Bellabox website for more information.

I also filmed an unboxing video that you can see at the end of this post.


Neutrogena Makeup Wipes - 7 wipes: I honestly love receiving these travel sized wipes because they are great for keeping in my handbag, but I hate buying them because the larger packs are always much better value.

Gelogic Nail Enamel in Black - full size: This is one of those "gel" polished that don't require a UV lamp. I have never used this type of polish, but I am curious to see if it lasts much longer than a normal nail polish.


Sleek Makeup Eye Dust in Vintage - full size: This is a nice surprise. I love pigments and I really like Sleek. This is a lovely antiqued gold shade that would be great as an all over the lid shade or as an inner corner highlight. This also contains heaps of product! There is 6.5g of pigment in this jar.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation and Garnier Perfect Blur - sachet samples: I already use the Revlon Colourstay Foundation (although I use the oily combination one and this is the normal to dry one), but I am excited to sample the Garnier primer as I never thought of trying a really affordable primer... I am curious to see how it goes.

Germaine De Capuccini Defence Emulsion - 5g sample: This is supposed to protect from environmental stresses and free radicals... sounds like a fancy sunscreen. The full size is 50g and costs a whopping $143! I used this today and it had the scent and texture of a body lotion... this better do wonders if it costs $143!

100 Hour Lashes in Peek-A-Boo - full size: This are wispy natural lashes that are probably good lashes for people who find extreme lashes a little too much. Can't complain, I will definitely use these down the track!

Overall I think this box was pretty good, it definitely was good value with 3 full size products and most of these products are things I could use. I am still not sad to say goodbye though because I have sooo much makeup and skincare these days!

See ya Bellabox x

PS I did an unboxing video here:


  1. Wow! This box looks quite good, makes me wish I was subscribed to BB hahaha. But I'm like you, I need to stop acquiring so many samples that I don't use. P.S. Your face in the video preview is fantastic ;)

    1. Haha thanks, that my default face a lot of the time :P

  2. Not a bad selection but I don't blame you for not carrying on with it, there's so many more impressive boxes than this one nowadays! x

    Beauty She Wrote..

    1. That's true, but this is definitely the most affordable one!

  3. Not a bad box! I'm quite impressed with the content, the best I've seen in a while now. I didn't have a lot of luck with the nanoblur, I broke out after two days, It definitely did a lot of pore clogging!

    1. I am on day 2... I used too much of it so I doubt I will have enough for another day. I do break out from heavy products so I might give buying it a miss! Thanks for the tip x

  4. Pretty good box, I'm down to only the one subscribtion box due to the mountain of samples I've accumlated!! I did not like the Garnier perfect blur, it left my skin really oily and my makeup would just slide right off. It also broke me out :( hope you have better luck with it x

    1. Bah! I have used it only two days (couldn't get much else from the sachet) but now I am worried that it will break me out because I can break out from heavy products!


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