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Top 5 Highlighters

August 4, 2014


I'm currently on my lunch break at my new job, missing my old routine, and wishing I could still have my sleep ins, plenty of time for blogging, and work casually around my schedule. No such luck when you work full time 9-5. Blerg.

Nevertheless, I have decided to share my top 5 highlighters of the moment!


Over the last couple of years I have gone from not having any highlighters, to buying a shit load of them but rarely wearing them, to recently wearing so much highlighter that I look like a disco ball. I don't know what it is, maybe I am missing a bit of glow during the middle of winter, but I have been loving quite intense highlighters lately. This is my current top 5 highlighters, and warning - these aren't for the faint hearted.

l-r: Scout Cosmetics, The Balm, NARS

I applied the swatches with a small brush, so they show a more accurate representation of what the highlighters will look like applied... but I did build them up quite a lot so you can see the differences in colour and finish.

Scout Cosmetics Mineral Illuminator: This is my new baby! It is a loose mineral highlighter, which I generally would think is a little high maintenance for every day use, but this is worth it! Firstly, this has a sifter, so it really isn't all that difficult to apply. Secondly, this gives the MOST GORGEOUS sheen to your skin! Compared to all other highlighters I own, this makes your skin have a wet/dewy appearance instead of glittery or sparkly. I know we don't want to look like we're wet or greasy, but this actually looks very natural. I remember I put a crazy amount of this on when I first got it, and I said to my boyfriend "look at how much I sparkle" (while moving my head around awkwardly to catch the light). He had no idea what I was talking about because he couldn't see the "sparkle" he thought it was natural... pffft amateur. Point being, you can get away with applying this very heavily because people think it's a natural glow instead of a shit tonne of highlighter!

Aaaanyway, getting onto the actual shade... Mine says shade 04, but on the website it says that it only comes in one shade - confuse me? I was sent this to trial, so I don't know if there is a selection of shades but you can't purchase them all online, I'm not sure. This is quite a dark highlighter (I'm sure that if this is Shade 4, then you can buy 3 lighter shades), it has quite a bronze base colour with more of a peachy fine shimmer. Since I am very fair in winter, I can only apply this if I bronze, otherwise it looks like I have a strip of bronze on my cheekbones. This retails for $44.95 from the Scout Cosmetics website.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer: This is a very popular highlighter, and it packs a punch! You can see from the swatch above that this can be applied moderately softly, but if you pick up a lot of product on your brush (which is easy to do because it is a very soft highlighter) or if you use a dense brush, then this can be an extreme highlighter. I like that this has the versatility of being subtle with a very light hand, or crazily OTT if you apply a lot (sometimes a gal needs to go OTT). Also, I think the shade would suit most skin types and makeup looks. It's not too silver, not too gold, not too pink... it is the perfect soft champagne gold shade. In Australia this retails for $34.95 and I bought mine in store at David Jones.

NARS Albatross Highlighting Blush: This is a very beautiful and more unique highlighter. This looks almost glow-in-the-dark white in the pan but it applies to the skin with a cool toned white base with a fine duo chrome of a yellow shimmer. This is a more subtle highlighter that can't be built up as much as Mary-Lou Manizer, but it gives the most beautiful cool gold sheen. This may possibly apply a little ashy on darker skin tones, but if you are after a more yellow highlight, then I highly recommend this. It also pairs nicely with all of NARS blushes that have a gold shimmer in them. I bought this in Japan, but you can buy in in Australia at Mecca Cosmetica for $45.


Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten: I would say that out of these 5, this is my 5th favourite - I really like it and have been using it quite a bit recently, but it's not as special at the other four. However, there are three reasons this has made the top 5. Firstly, you get two shades - one mid toned bronzy shade and the other a light subtle pink. This means that it's a great duo to have all year round (the bronze for warmer months and the pink for cooler months). Secondly, these double as eye shadows. So if you are very pale and would never use the darker shade, then you can still use it as an eye shadow... and they work beautifully as eyeshadows. The third reason is because this is not a super expensive highlighter for a "higher end" product. It costs $32 from Mecca Cosmetica, but I got mine on sale at Urban Outfitters for closer to $18 (and there are other international websites that sell it for cheaper than Mecca too).

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle: Last, but definitely not least, is MAC's MSF in Soft and Gentle! This is probably in my top two highlighters of all time, so don't think that I am leaving it last because I don't like it! This is quite a sparkly highlighter and compared to the other four I mentioned, this is closest to the Mary-Lou Manizer. The main differences is that it is a little more pink toned - so it's more of a pink champagne, instead of a gold champagne, and it's not as intense as Mary-Lou. It is however quite chunky and glittery (but not obnoxiously so), so if you prefer natural highlighters, this might not be for you. I would prefer this over Mar-Lou, mainly because I know I won't end up looking like a disco ball if I apply too much, also because I prefer this more pink toned shade, and lastly because I quite like the soft sparkle that this gives. The packaging I have is the older MSF packaging, since MAC updated the packaging they also increased the price slightly to $47. You can get this from the MAC website or in store.

So those are my current top 5 highlighters, what's your favourite highlighter?


  1. I love Mary Lou! It's my all time fave. That Scout Cosmetics one sounds amazing too :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Great post, I absolutely adore highlighters but actually don't own that many. I do have Mary-lou and I love it so much! The Scout highlighter looks stunning though, I love the colour and the way you've described it sounds very appealing ;)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. the scout one looks so pretty

  4. Gorgeous picks, Kat! I've been lusting after Mary Loumanizer for ages! I've heard nothing but good things about Soft & Gentle as well- glad you're loving it! :)


  5. I am obsessed with highlighters love all these xx

  6. I really want NARS Albatross and the Balm Mary Lou-Manizer, they both look gorgeous ♡

    Eila | theblushingbrunettes

  7. Hey Kat, Do you find if you don't apply the perfect amount of highlighter or if you don't use a light hand that it is merely Unbearable to blend? It seems merely impossible to blend out or remove product if you happened to put too much on...Do you have any tip if you don't have a light hand during application, by the way, my hand is messed up and permanently messed up from surgery, it's hard to get a feel for certain makeup steps...Any advice would help, so far my best help has been to use the blue ray mattifier and kinda cover it up and try again, but I just want to buff it out without any extra product....Thanks!

    1. I find applying a face powder before you apply a powder highlighter helps a lot... it doesn't stick to your foundation so much so it's much easier to blend. If I got too over the top with my highlighter, I generally just get the brush that I applied my foundation or powder with, and just blend it out with the residual foundation or powder. Hope that helps!

  8. Hello Kat, I have a couple important beauty questions for you before I go out and waste a shit ton of money...I have had horrible allergies this year and it has caused horrible DARK circles, fine lines, and of course red and itchy eyes...I know during allergy season that I should use cream eyeshadow in place of dry and I was wondering what you would say is a good brand, on both sides of the scale, high end and drug store, I think so far with drug store I have had the best luck with Maybelline Color Tattoo so far, but for drug store, they are a bit pricey but I think you get what you pay for, and selection sucks for cream shadows too, I just invested in Duraline by Inglot in order to make my own, or at least try to...I hope it works out, if you have any tips for making your own please let me know about that too, I just don't know a good high end with a good color selection and NO CREASE right? ok, I guess fill me in with a few when you have a chance, And I am dying to get an eye cream which will diminish dark circles and fine lines over time, under makeup ?? and not crazy expensive like up to 90 plus dollars? OMG, I was freaking out...I would rather buy Canadian Preperation H for my undereyes than any of these possible ripoff eye creams and gels...I really like the cool feeling of a rollerball...I thought maybe you could have come across one you like in a subscription box, that really works, whether you have to use it daily under your makeup, or daily to work over time, at bed time and wash it off in the morning...I have a sample of Ole Henrickson eye gel right now, and I like it but it's a PM formula and you have to wash it off before you apply makeup. the lady said it works over time but how much time do I have to spend my money and pray's not horrible but it's 40 USD. I think for 1 oz. and you only need a wee bit...I just don't trust the over time it will work quote. I guess I'm thinking, I will just use it daily, watch it work wear it under my makeup and reapply daily...I don't know...If you have a suggestion, please let me know, and anyone that has a reasonable amount of cream shadows that are good just good quality let me know, and how do you feel about making your own cream shadow with duraline? I'm going to look up to see if there are any tutorials, but I am scared it won't blend...I have no idea in hell...Ok, I will shut up now and give you a chance to answer me because I think I asked you the same question 3 different ways haha...oh well that is just me...I think i'll be making my own so I can use all my shadows that I have....I don't want to gauge up my nice palettes though also...grrrr allergies...grrrrr...alrighty then, you take care sweetie, and thanks in advance...XOXO Michelle

    1. Hey Michelle! My favourite cream shadows are the creaseless cream shadows by Benefit... I find that they are really pigmented and don't crease. I haven't troed Duraline by Inglot, but I would love to know what you think of it. I wish I could help you more regarding the eye cream, but I don't generally get dark circles so I would have no idea what reduces them! Sorry that I havent been much help! Good luck with it! x


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