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Scratch Box August 2014

August 26, 2014


I am actually pretty excited to share this box with you, and I haven't been excited to share a subscription box in a LONG time!

This is the August Scratch Box, and if you aren't familiar with Scratch Box, it is a nail art box (mainly nail wraps) that been designed by artists/bloggers and is based in L.A.


I have seen many US YouTube openings for this box, but I haven't seen any international bloggers/YouTubers feature it. I am here to say that you can order it internationally, but like most international subscription boxes, you need to pay for shipping. This costs $30 per month with an extra $8 for shipping to Australia.

This isn't a cheap box, and I will give you my thoughts on whether or not I think it is worth it at the end of this review, but one great thing about it is that they give you a sneak peak of the next months box and they give you the option to skip it if you don't want to receive it... don't you wish all subscription boxes gave you that option.

Heads up, I did end up skipping next months box because I didn't love all of the wraps that were shown in the sneak peak. For close to $40 a month, I will only receive these if I love the wraps.

You can check out the Scratch website if you want to sign up or find out more... also you can buy these wraps (and heaps more) individually if you are bummed that you missed one your really liked, or if you don't want to order the subscription.


Onto the box... firstly, what I love about this box is that it sums my aesthetics perfectly. If you know me, I love prints and I love colour... If I could wear an outfit with the colours and designs in the above photo, I would... I can even picture me wearing a white and black polka dot shirt with a colourful patterned skirt, tan shoes and some sparkly or bright nails.


Each month the box items are designed by fashion bloggers/artists (I think). This months box is from Jenni from I Spy DIY and is inspired by her trip to Mexico.


Look how pretty the contents are! You get three nail wraps (retail $12 each), some mermaid glitter, sea charms, nail glue, a cute little bag and a nail file + an orange stick (aka cuticle pusher) which come standard in every box to help with nail wrap application.


The first nail wrap design is Summer Serape which is a fun design with stripes and colour and looks inspired by fabrics that you can find in Mexico. Each wrap pack comes with 16 nail wraps, so you can use these as a full manicure, or you can use them as accent nails... or both. I think this would looks stunning on every nail.


The next is probably my favourite of the three, and this is Dia De Muertos and it is a fun mix of bright bold colours and sugar skulls/day of the dead designs. You could use this on each nail or have a random sugar skull as an accent nail. Very cute.

The last is my least favourite. It is the design Tulum Treasure and after reading about the design on the website I don't hate it as much as I originally did, but I still don't like it. Essentially what I don't like about it is that its pretty boring, and its an effect that you could easily mimic with nail polish (so why pay $12 for wraps?). It is a gradient blue on most of the nails with a couple of plain gold nails and two blue nails that have a cut out shell design on it. After reading about this design I realised that it is supposed to be paired with the glitter and the sea charms that you get in the box... but I probably wouldn't do that because it seems a little OTT for me. I will probably save the charms and glitter for a more simple nail look.


Above is a photo of the sea charms you get and below is the mermaid glitter. I think both of these are very cute (mainly because I love anything mermaid). The glitter (I believe) is designed to be placed individually to make a mermaid/fish scale effect. The pieces of glitter are quite large, but the process still seems very time consuming. I might attempt this with an accent nail some time soon.


So overall what did I think of this box? I actually think it's a very fun and unique box, and although I don't think this is worth $38 if you are all about value for money... but if you are like me, and you prefer to wear things that are a little more unique and a little more arty, then this is totally worth the money. I see this as being somewhat similar to buying high end over drugstore... you get more bang for you buck with drugstore, but if you are after something a little more special and are willing to pay extra for it, then you go high end. I lump this Scratch Box in that high end category.

I have already said that I won't be getting next months box, but I am excited to see what they have in store for the October box.

What do you think of Scratch Box?

Ps I also did a hideous opening video... bad lighting and bad after-a-long-day-of-work makeup and hair... but here is is!


  1. I've never come across Scratch Box before. Thanks for writing this post! I think it's a neat little idea. And it's nice that they let you skip boxes. But yea, $40 is a bit of a stretch. I'm not big on nail art. Nevertheless, I like the concept and it's something to keep in mind if I ever jump on the nail art bandwagon! x

  2. Love the sugar skull wraps! They'd be my favourite bit for sure. I've not heard of this, not keen to sub but definitely interested to see what's in other months boxes.

  3. Great to see a review of something different. Your make up looks fab even after a full day!


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