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Scout Cosmetics: Organic Mineral Fluid Foundation, Mineral Powder Foundation, Mineral Illuminate and Vegan Kabuki Brush review

August 31, 2014


Towards the end of each month I always try to squeeze in a couple of last minute reviews of products that I know will feature in my favourites. Shhhh... this month I will be featuring the Scout Cosmetics Mineral Illuminate in my August favourites.

I was sent these products a few weeks ago to trial and I am excited to let you know what I think!

Scout Cosmetics is a Australian mineral makeup brand that isn't cheap, but the quality is very very nice. You can check out the whole range at the Scout Cosmetics website.

I received the Organic Mineral Fluid Foundation, the Mineral Powder Foundation (they also have a Creme Compact Foundation), the Mineral Illuminate and the Vegan Kabuki Brush.


I really want to start with the product that blew me away - The Mineral Illuminate. This is a mineral loose highligher that is absolutely GORGEOUS. I have never been so impressed instantly with a highlighter. I love this magical powder because it is finely milled so it doesn't look artificial, yet instead of looking shimmery like other highlighters, it looks more like a fine glittery sheen. I don't know how to describe this, but it is the type of highlighter that can look like a glowing angle without people knowing you're wearing a highlighter. I remember applying a ridiculous amount when I first started testing this, and I was asking the boyfriend what he thought of my extremely shiny face, and he couldn't see what I was talking about.

The colour is a little odd, but it works well. This is quite a dark highlighter and the base has an almost bronze tint (see swatch later in this post) and then it has almost a duo chrome of a champagne shimmer. Because it is slightly darker than a typical highlighter, it looks more natural, but if you have very light skin (like mine or lighter) you will have to add a little bronzer to your face before you apply this, so it doesn't look like a bronze stripe on your cheekbones. This retails for a hefty $44.95, but I know that I will be repurchasing it when I use it up (and I know I will).

The Organic Mineral Fluid Foundation is my second favourite of the bunch. This reminds me a lot of a better quality version of the Chi Chi Fabulous and Flawless foundation. Instead of a typical liquid foundation, that almost looks like you are applying a paint on your face, this one almost blends into your skin like a moisturiser. Generally foundations that I have this type of formula tend to be wetter in consistency, lighter in coverage and slightly harder to build up (this can be built up to medium coverage after you have let the first layer set a little). The pros about these types of foundations is that they look more natural, blend flawlessly into your skin, they don't just sit on top of your skin like a mask, they generally feel more comfortable and they give a "your skin but better" appearance.

I have been wearing this a lot to work lately because it doesn't require too much effort blending it out, it doesn't give a cake face appearance, and it lasts surprisingly well throughout the day... foundations often separate on my oily combo skin but because this sinks into my skin, instead of sitting on top of my skin, it doesn't separate as much as other foundations. If you have drier skin or you like a dewy appearance then you wouldn't have to set this foundation, but I always set my foundation to mattify it slightly. This retails for a hefty $59.95, but it is lovely. The shade I have is Camel.

I was also sent the Mineral Powder Foundation, and personally I don't tend to use powder foundations often so this is very hard for me to review. As far as I can tell, this foundation does provide a surprising amount of coverage for a powder product. I am more inclined to use this to set a lighter coverage foundation to add more coverage, for example, if I were to apply a thin layer of Mineral Fluid Foundation I would apply this Mineral Powder Foundation over the top to add a bit more coverage while also setting the foundation. This retails for $59.95 and the shade I have is Bisque.

The Vegan Kabuki Brush is a very soft, but dense, brush. This works well with the Mineral Powder Foundation, but because it is quite dense I think it works better with pressed powder. I love a good kabuki brush and I love that this is a great vegan one. 


Above are the swatches. You can see that the highlighter has a bit of a bronze base shade with a champagne shimmer. If you are fair like me, then I would recommend pairing this with a bit of bonzer to warm the skin. You can see how this compares to some of the more well known highlighters here.

The powder foundation matches my natural skin (since I wear sunscreen on my face everyday) and it provides a nice amount of coverage that evens out my skin tone - I am more included to wear this on a "no makeup" day or as a setting powder that provides more coverage.

You can see that the liquid foundation looks like it has become a part of my skin! This stuff is beautiful! This Camel shade is a little dark for my face, but it is the type of foundation that I will be using once the weather warms up a little.

You can see all of the products applied to the face below.


Overall these are on the pricier side of makeup so they won't be for everyone, but if you are looking good quality mineral makeup, then I recommend trying out Scout Cosmetics.


  1. I've seen quite a few bloggers rave about this. It sounds so lovely. I'm obsessed with mineral foundation at the moment, so this is on my wishlist. I love the look of the brush too! It looks so soft.

  2. The highlighter and the brush look really lovely.


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