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New at the drugstore: August

August 14, 2014


Before I start I wanted to apologise for the crappy photos. I took these photos when it was very very overcast. Usually I would retake them, but I haven't had any time. BAH!

Anyway, this is my "what's new at the drugstore" post of August. I did one of these in July which you can check out here. To be completely up front and honest, this is pretty much a quick post about new release products/collections that I have been sent by PR companies and my quick thoughts on them.


Let's start with the new Rimmel London Rita Ora range. This comprises of some 6 new nail polish shades and 6 Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balms. Judge me if you will, but I have no idea who Rita Ora is... but the shades are pretty!

I was sent the nail polish in the shade Do Not Disturb which is a bright teal, and two balms in the shades Give Me A Cuddle (candy pink) and Keep Mauving (dusky rose pink)



Let's start with the Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balms! These are the typical twist up crayon style tinted balms (which I'm pretty fond of). What I love about these ones is that they are much more pigmented than I was expecting them to be, and they also have a lovely MAC-esque vanilla scent. These do provide a few hours of hydration and are very comfortable to wear.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.32.48 PM

There is a pretty typical range of shades... a bright light pink, a fuchsia, a red, a coral, a nude, and a mauve. I was sent the light pink shade called Give Me A Cuddle and also Keep Mauving. When I saw Keep Mauving, I thought ewwww a weird brown... but I am obsessed with this shade! These retail for $12.95 each.

Later in the post you can see arm swatches of these shades, but below are the lip swatches.


Give Me A Cuddle is a shade that I would immediately be drawn to. It is a cute semi opaque bubblegum pink, but for some reason it doesn't quite suit me. I think its an awkward mix between a tinted balm and an opaque lipstick - it gives nice colour to the lips, but the colour looks like it sits on top of the lips. If this was more like a stain/tinted balm them I would love it, or if it was a full on opaque lipstick I would also love it, but in-between kind of looks like a lipstick that is in the process of fading off. Nevertheless, if you love light bright bubblegum pinks, this might suit you!


Keep Mauving is the shade that I initially thought was a tacky brown... wrong! This has been one of my go to work lip products since receiving this, and in fact I am wearing it now. This is the perfect mid toned rosy nude and it would suit most people. This has a lot of colour to it, but unlike the other shade, this sits nicely and appears like it's a part of your lips (almost a glossy stain effect). Love the colour, love the scent, love the formula... its a complete win!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.32.57 PM

Onto the 60 Second nail polishes...

Above is the 6 new shades in this range, and they all have a Rita Ora label that looks like a stamp. In the range there are three dark brights and three light shades. I believe these retail for $7.95.


I love this Do Not Disturb shade, it is a bright bold teal shade and is opaque in two coats. This lasts a decent number of days (with a top coat), but it definitely doesn't dry in 60 seconds... I don't even think I even noticed whether it dried faster than any other nail polish. My only issue with it was that it badly stained the base coat I wore underneath... and I think it may have even slightly stained my nails through the base coat. Because of that, I am very hesitant to wear it often. I do think this is a perfect bright teal shade and it is a very high end shade.


Next is some new offerings from Covergirl. These are from the Bombshell line and it contains a liquid liner, cream shadows, and a new mascara.

I'm going to say up front that I have been enjoying these products, and even though they aren't the best eye products I have ever used, I have been reaching for them quite a lot with my daily makeup.


Firstly there's the Bombshell Intensity Liner. I was glad to see this released because I hate spending too much money on liquid liners that end up drying out and also because I am not all that impressed with the current drugstore offerings (including the Maybelline Master Precise... not a fan!).

This is a reasonably well pigmented liner (see the swatch in a photo below), it's not amazingly black, but you do get a pretty opaque line with one coat. The reason why I like this WAAAY more than the Maybelline Master Precise is because the Master Precise tends to run and bleed on me, and doesn't last a full working day. This Covergirl liner stays put all day and only costs $11.95! The actual packaging is about half the length of a normal liner pen, so it's great for your makeup bag and it's actually surprisingly easy to hold and use.

Edit: after using this for a week this did dry up significantly. I don't know if it was because I was storing it incorrectly, but it's not as impressive as I initially thought!


The next offerings are the Bombshell Shineshadows. These come in 6 shades and I have the shades in Colour Me Money and Copper Fling. These are very smooth, apply evenly, the colours are gorgeous, but they do crease if you don't apply a primer or set it with a powder. This creasing doesn't bother me too much because most drugstore (and some higher end) cream shadows crease on me if I don't set them. The two shades are perfect for every day use - Copper Fling is more of a rose gold shade and Colour Me Money is a silver green. If you wanted to play around with affordable cream shadows, I would recommend these at $11.95 a piece.

Keep Mauving, Give Me A Cuddle, one swipe of the Bombshell liner, a built up swatch of the liner, Copper Fling and Colour Me Money


The last Covergirl Bombshell item is the Bombshell Volume mascara by Lashblast. I thought this looked a little gimmicky at first, but after trying it I was pretty impressed! When I am not running late for work I generally like using one mascara for volume and another one for length, and now I can do this in one mascara!

Step 1 contains a rubber spiky brush which adds volume and separates lashes, and step 2 is a more traditional mascara wand that adds extra length (well that's what I noticed anyway). I prefer the spiky brush end, but I think they work well together and I really love this concept. This retails for $21.95 and it comes in a black or a brown shade.


Lastly we have some new offerings from Cetaphil. These are to be released in September, so keep an eye out if you are a sunscreen enthusiast.

The two sunscreens that I have been trialing will retail for $20.95 each and the lotion contains a whopping 100ml and the spray contains a crazy 150ml. They are just two of the seven products that are soon to be released:

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 9.54.34 PM

I have been wearing sunscreen daily for the past 18 months so I am always on the lookout for a new sunscreen that I can wear under my foundation without it causing any greasiness. Most of my other sunscreens that I loved cost $30+ for 50ml, so I was hoping this would be a more cost effective alternative.

I wore the Ultra-Light Lotion SPF 50+ for three days and sadly it broke my chin out like crazy on the second and third day (I'm a slow learner). I will no doubt use this as a body sunscreen when I am in the sun, but for me this is a no go for a daily face sunscreen. I didn't try the Liposomal Spray on my face, but it was a nice light weight non-greasy formula for the body. These would be suited for people with sensitive skin/people who like light-weight sunscreen with high protection... and I will no doubt use these up as a body product, but my face wasn't a fan.

So that's it! Those are some of the new drugstore makeup and skincare products I have been testing this month. I would love to know what you guys think of the products I mentioned!


  1. I won that mascara in a Coles comp but I'm waiting for my current one to run out before trying it. I've read some great reviews about it though with the only negative being that it's a little hard to remove. Did you find this?
    Also like the look of the Covergirl shadows. I like the hygienic aspect of a tube over a pot (even though I love the Maybelline colour tattoos)

    1. I haven't noticed that its hard to remove... but I use a cleansing oil to remove all of my makeup, so I generally have no issue with removing difficult mascaras

  2. The Covergirl Shineshadow in Copper Fling is so pretty. ♡

    Eila | theblushingbrunettes

  3. love the rimmel 60 seconds nails polish Do Not Disturb shade !
    i think i should try that Bombshell Intensity Liner
    seems promising


  4. I love me a high SPF! Shame it flared up some skin issues... My skin's pretty easy going, though, so it might be ok. And those shineshadows! Pretty!

  5. Keep mauving looks gorg with your skin tone Kat :) I need to look into using more SPF products, it's crazy that I don't. I think I still have the mind set that my skin will look greasy :(

    Kate |

  6. I did not like the Bombshell Intensity Liner. I got about one use out of it before it dried out on me -- not what I want from a liner at all! I really like the mascara, however. I also agree that the Rimmel Rita Ora nail polishes stain the nail. I didn't wear a base coat and they just look awful. I'm going to have to take it off and go over it with an OPI polish until they grow out.

    Sarah xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

    1. I agree! I actually put an edit in saying that mine started drying out after one week but for some reason it didn't save! I have added it in again :)

  7. Bugger about the liner! I was getting excited because I am not a fan of the Maybelline Master Precise either as it bleeds on me too... love the weird icky brown lip colour haha that's something I'd wear daily so I will be checking those out.


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