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Top 10 Winter Nail Polish Shades

July 14, 2014


It's the middle of Winter here in Australia, and being an avid nail polish wearer,  I thought I would share what my current top 10 Winter nail polishes are.

I have a few categories that I tend to get drawn to in the cooler months. I tend to reach for muted shades (like nudes, taupes, greys), dark shades (like black and dark red) and also blue toned shades (like navy and dark turqoise).

My top 10 shades are:

Kester Black Nude: This is a true nude. It is a light semi-opaque shade that doesn't lean pink nor brown, it is more of a flesh peach toned nude. This makes your nails look very clean and elegant.

Kester Black Silver Birch: This is the shade I am currently wearing as I write this. Most brands are all over taupe shades, but this is a true grey with no shimmer. This might not be for everyone, but I think it is a very modern shade. This is a very opaque shade.

Essie Chinchilly: This is a more well known typical taupe shade... it is a lot warmer and more mauve than than Silver Birch (see swatch below). I love this shade, but I don't think Essie polishes last very long.

Illamasqua Trilliant: This is a super sparkly nude-pink nail polish and it works perfectly as a feature polish with other nudes and taupes. This is opaque in one coat.

Butter London Union Jack Black: Everyone needs a decent black polish in their collection, and this is mine. I love a classic black nail polish in cooler months as it goes with everything and looks great with back coats and dark scarves. This is almost opaque in one coat.

Sally Hansen Brick Wall: This is my pick for a dark red. This is a beauty maroon/wine toned red and it is perfect for the cooler months.

Picture Polish (Rocky Horror collection) Magenta: If black is too bold for you, this type of shade is a great alternative. This is a dark blackened burgundy shade which appears quite dark on the nails, but looks more burgundy in direct sunlight.

OPI Road House Blues: This is my all time favourite nail polish shade, because the formula is to die for! This is a navy blue that applies like a dream and is opaque in one coat. This is a modern alternative to a classic black nail.

Kester Black Laguna: This is a dark teal shade that appears quite bright compared to the other shades I have shown. This is a really unique shade and for some reason I think this suits cooler months more than warmer months (possibly because it is quite a dark bright shade).

Butter London British Racing Green: Lastly is my newest alternative to a black nail; a dark forest green. The name British Racing Green sums this shade up perfectly as it looks exactly like the shade that is found on cars. It also has fine shimmer which makes this have a more metallic finish... just like a car.

Kester Black Nude
Kester Black Silver Birch
Essie Chinchilly
Illamasqua Trilliant
Butter London British Racing Green
OPI Road House Blues
Kester Black Laguna
Sally Hansen Brick Wall
Picture Polish (Rocky Horror collection) Magenta
Butter London Union Jack Black


  1. I love your picks :)

  2. Stunning picks! Illamasqua polishes are some of my all-time faves and I really need some Butter London in my life! :)



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