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Mixing primary colours: OCC Lip Tars

July 29, 2014

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I did a post for the Lipstick Republic website about mixing primary coloured OCC Lip Tars, and thought it might be an interesting thing to share on my blog!

You can buy dozens of shades of lip tars/lipsticks, or you can buy the three primary shades (red, yellow, blue) and a black and white, and theoretically create any custom shade that you want! Sure this can get a little messy, but it is a lot of fun!

Clearly one downside of mixing your own shade is that if you mix a shade you really love, you will need to keep recreating it to use it again, but you can easily store some in a small tub.


The five basic shades you will need to create any possible shade are:



Lets back track for a second. If you aren't familiar with OCC Lip Tars, these are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks that come in a small tube. You do need a lip brush to apply these, but luckily these days they tend to come with their own mini lip brush. These retail for $19 each in Australia and I buy mine from Lipstick Republic. These do have fine nozzles, so you can easily control how much product dispenses from the tube. Warning: a little goes a long way!


When I had a play with mixing some of the shades, I first decided to mix roughly equal potions of the three primary colours with each other:

TRAFFIC + NSFW = orange
TRAFFIC + RX = green
NSFW + RX = plum

Using the three primary shades alone, you can make orange, green and plum... but of course if you mixed them in different proportions then you can make lime green, teal, egg yolk yellow, true purples, or even a bright coral (see photo below)... the list goes on and on.

NSFW + TRAFFIC (using more NSFW than TRAFFIC) = bright coral

Then comes the fun part! When you add in black or white to any of the shades, then you can really start creating some great shades. Lets take the red NSFW shade as an example...

NSFW + TARRED = dark red

Some other shades that I came up with while mixing are:

FEATHERED + TRAFFIC + NSFW + a hint of RX = nude
RX + NFSW + FEATHERED = purple
FEATHERED + RX + TRAFFIC = light teal

If you are really creative, if you love an interesting lip shade, or you just want to slightly adjust the current lip products you own (the white and black lip tars can transform any basic red lipstick into a variety of pinks and berry shades!)... you might want to look into mixing your lip products with some of these primary shades of lip tars. If you have always wanted to try a navy or grey lip and never could find the exact shade you wanted, then get mixing!

What shade would you create?


  1. Very interesting post! Loved seeing all the colour combos you came up with, the options really are endless!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. These are incredible, I'd have hours of fun mixing away to see what shades and colours I could come up with. Traffic and RX mixed together are beautiful. Definitely not afraid to rock a green lip :D

    Juyey xx

  3. That is amazing that you can make all those shade. I love the dark red.

  4. This looks like heaps of fun! The plum and dark red colours you made were stunning.

  5. These look so exciting and like so much fun! I have 2 lip tars but have only tried 1 so far and loved it.


  6. Loving the colour of the plum. Looks so good.

  7. Loved this post - and I love the berry and teal shade you created! The blue looks amazing on its own too!


  8. This post is amazing! Very creative and there are so many options. I haven't tried the lip tars before but I love the idea of buying the basics and then mixing them! I love the pink and the purple that you created X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

  9. Oh my!!!
    I'm getting these! THANK YOU! <3

  10. OMG you made them look just like NYX's macaroon Lippies...That one looks just like pistachio, all you need is a color wheel and some patience..that is such a cool idea #occrocks I'm gonna go put an order in for them right now...I love your tips and reviews...Thank you so much!

  11. What a fabulous post! I love the idea of picking up these primary colours and black/white shades. You can really create anything with them and the shades you showcased here are so fun and pretty! Loving the light teal and dark red tones especially :)



  12. I am so stoked to try these, the problem is the original Primary 5 pack of mini's are sold out everywhere! I can't even find one on Ebay! And that is so unlikely, Ebay has Everything, well almost! So I called OCC and they told me they are coming back out with the Primary 5 pack of mini's in the Fall. I know no matter what it looks so fun to play around with and all, but Lip Tar's go such a long way and If I buy the odd colors by the time they are finally used up they will stink like mold LOL! So, if anyone was wondering, they will be back out in the fall, the sample sizes that is...But of course Right NOW we can buy all 5 full sized tubes if we want, but now it's either 18 dollars a tube for 5, but they are HUGE, or 29 for 5 sample sizes, I know we will want to play and destroy some of the tars ending up with a nasty ugly color, but I can't see myself using a whole tube of especially the Traffic or the Feathered? Anyone else with me? But either way I am so excited waiting for them!! I would have never even know for a while if it wasn't for Kat!! Thanks my sweets!


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