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Mini rave: Scünci Detangle Brush

July 2, 2014


Hey y'all, I thought I would smash out a mini rave review before I post my June favourites... this product may or may not be in my June favourites *wink wink*

This is the Scünci Detangle Brush and this was sent to me, but I was excited to try it because I have always wanted to buy a Tangle Teaser but I never wanted to spend the $30 on a brush that I would rarely use with my pixie cut. Now that I am slowly growing out my hair, I am actually needing to brush my hair, and this is the only brush that I have been reaching for in the past month!


This has plastic bristles of two lengths (just like a Tangle Teaser), but it also has a handle (unlike a Tangle Teaser). This brush can be used wet or dry, it is designed not to snag on tangles or break the hair, but what I love the most about it is that it brushes your hair thoroughly. That might sound strange, but I find that other brushes tend to brush the top layer of your hair and never really reaches your scalp. This brush brushes down to the scalp (and is designed to massage the scalp), which feels weird to begin with, but it makes brushing your hair much quicker and efficient, and if you brush your hair while blow drying it, this cuts down drying time dramatically!

This brush retails for $14.95 and you can check out more information at the Scünci website and you can also pick Scünci products at Priceline, Big W, Target and David Jones.


  1. I have one like this but a different brand, they're so good! :D

  2. It's good that this one has a handle. And it's half the price of Tangle Teasers! :) I'm so glad I haven't bought a TT, I'll get this one instead. Thanks for the review!

    Ty's Blog of Epiphanies

  3. This actually sounds really great! The head massage aspect sounds really appealing, so does the handle. The tangle teezer seems like it would be a tad annoying to hold!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


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