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July Favourites 2014

July 31, 2014


Hey hey! It's the end of another month, which means it's FAVOURITES TIME! This month I have been playing with new skincare and digging keep into my makeup collection to find some old favourites.

Burt's Bees Radiance Night Cream with Royal Jelly: I have been testing out this new Burt's Bees range and will be doing a review of it very soon. This has made it into my favourites for one main reason: it smells amazing! This is a nice, thick, hydrating night cream, but it also has this gorgeous sweet but fresh scent, that I like to say smells like sunshine. This is a pleasure to use every night, and if you are a sucker for nice smelling skincare, I recommend trying this!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: When I first bought this, I did like it, but never thought that it would make my favourites. Ever since discovering the NARS Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo, I realised that my perfect everyday eyeshadow shade is a warm taupe. I wondered why I never came across these shades before, but then I realised that the Naked 3 Palette contains some beautiful warm taupes! Previously when I have used this palette, I have been using the left lighter half of the palette all over my lid, and the right darker side of the palette to add definition... WRONG! I have now been primarily using the darker shades (mainly Liar) all over my lid, the really dark shades to add definition, and the lighter shades as highlight shades. This has been my go to everyday look and I have been loving it! Perfect shades for brown eyes! Check out all of the swatches of this palette here.

l-r: Liar eyeshadow, Mocha Mi Amore blush, Rose Gold blush, Lady In Red, Flirt creamy matte liquid lipsticks
Milk & Co Face Cleanser: I had a bad reaction to a harsh scrub earlier in July, so I decided to buy a cleanser that was more natural and gentle. I decided to try out some Milk & Co products, and I have been very impressed with this cleanser in particular. This is a thin gel cleanser that works effectively without being harsh or stripping your skin. It also has a really lovely fresh lemongrass herbal scent that smells very light and clean. I think this is the type of gel cleanser that any skin type would get along with, and it was pretty affordable at $16.95 for 100ml. I did a full review here.

Too Faced Mocha Mi Amore and MAC 168 Angled Brush: I have been delving into my makeup collection for bronzers that would work on my pale winter complexion. I have realised that warmer rosy shades look much more natural on me than warm brown shades. I have had this Too Faced blush for years and it fell to the back of one of my makeup drawers. I have been using this every day as my contour/bronzer and I have been applying it with the 168 MAC brush, which has been a super quick and natural way to add some daily definition.

Sleek Rose Gold Blush:  My blush collection is mainly made up of matte blushes, but for some reason I have been loving shiny cheeks this month, and the sparklier the better! I originally started using my mini NARS Orgasm, but it didn't pack the punch I wanted. Then I remembered that Sleek's Rose Gold Blush is much more pigmented and shimmery dupe for Orgasm. I have been wearing this blush almost every day and it has been providing a beautiful peachy pink flush with a sheen of rose gold... I adore it! See the comparison of NARS Orgasm and Sleek Rose Gold below.

Top: NARS Orgasm. Bottom: Sleek Rose Gold

John Plunkett Essentials Anti Aging Glyco Peel: OMG this has been my top skincare find for July! I was given this in the Sparkling Soiree (Melbourne blogger event) goodie bag, and I am hooked! This is a glycolic peel that you apply every night for a week (...if you have oily skin. If you have other skin types they tell you to use it every second night or twice a week), then you have a week break, and then use it for another week etc etc. I am currently in my week break, but this has made my skin amazingly smooth. My skin feels like I have smeared expensive silicon primer all over my face! Being a glycolic peel, it does sting and feel a little uncomfortable for about half an hour, but you get used to it and the results are amazing! This also retails for under $30 and I believe that it is one of the strongest non-salon glycolic peel on the market. This is a new holy grail skin treatment!

Chi Chi Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lady in Red and Flirt: I haven't delved into Chi Chi makeup previously, but everything was 25% off at Myer in July so I picked up a few things. My most loved of the products that I bought are the Chi Chi Liquid Matte Lipsticks, and I have found my perfect bold nude shade (Flirt) and a lovely orange toned red (Lady In Red). These are pigmented, creamy, long wearing, and very comfortable liquid lipsticks, but they definitely aren't matte. Flirt is my new favourite nude, and if I want a bright vibrant red then I have been wearing Lady In Red. I did a full review with swatches here.

Moroccanoil Treatment: FINALLY! This was my first ever hair oil that I had tried, and loved instantly. When this leaked in my luggage, I ended up buying a different (more inferior) hair oil, and I promised myself that next time I am out of hair oil, I will splurge and buy another large bottle of Moroccanoil... nearly 4 years later (and after many hair oils from subscription boxes, gift packs, and pr companies) I found myself out of hair oil and I made the purchase! This was exactly how I remember it, it is hydrating, lightweight, smells gorgeous, and it makes my hair feel amazing. I did a review of all of the oils in my collection last week, which you can check out here.

Those were my favourites of July, what were yours?
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  1. Great faves Kat! I really love the Naked 3 Palette, I think it has really grown on me over time and I am constantly reaching for it (mainly for Nooner). I love the John Plunkett Essentials Anti Aging Glyco Peel as well, I need to track it down so I can repurchase!

    Kate | themintedbeauty.com

  2. I love the naked 3 palette! It's the only thing I've used since I got it back in december!

  3. The glyco peel is amazing - one of my holy grail products.
    I'm pretty sure I have that Burts Bees night cream in my stash (I accumulate so much stuff I have no idea what's lurking in my cupboards anymore!) If so I'll give that one a go next once the one I'm using now runs out :)

  4. Bit off topic but I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet range - I've been using 'hot pepper' on my lips all week and has lots of lovely compliments. You're right about the smell though!

    And Moroccan Hair Oil is the best. I'm buying my sister some for her birthday.

  5. I'm glad to hear you liked the Burt's Bees cream. I have the eye cream from the same line: love how it smells, but I haven't noticed my undereye circles getting lighter. Crazy hydrating though! 100% more than the sensitive eye cream from the regular line. Might pickup the night stuff on my next trip, sounds nice.

    If I had Sleek around here I would totally check out the blush: it looks absolutely gorgeous. I think the Loreal Color Lift Blush in Rose Gold Lift is really similar in color, although they're creamy. If you like the look, I'd check out Loreal's line. They don't all contain that much gold, but for a cream blush the texture is crazy soft. I just want to keep prodding them.

  6. So many great favourites, a few thins I have to try! xx

  7. Morrocanoil is in my month's favourites too! :) I absolutely love Naked3 as well and use the shades much like you do. Need to get my hands on NARS Kalahari, I have the left shade from the And God Created the Woman palette and it's one of my favourite eyeshadow shades.

    1. I saw that you had Moroccanoil in your favourites! Clearly we both have great taste!

  8. Killer picks, Kat! I recently got Sleek Rosegold from a British beauty swap and can't wait to give it a go! xo



  9. Love the look of the Sleek blush - thanks for the review!


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