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Chi Chi Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick review and swatches - Crazy In Love, Flirt, Wild Child, Viva La Diva, Lady In Red

July 21, 2014

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One Australian brand that I have been completely overlooking (until now) is Chi Chi. I have always seen Chi Chi as a tacky teenagers makeup brand, but lately I have been hearing some great reviews about their foundation, eye shadows and lip products. While Chi Chi is 25% off at Myer, I decided to pick up a few items - including a few of these Creamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

These retail for $16.95 full priced, but I bought these on sale for $12.70 each. These contain 7ml of product and you can see the list of ingredients at the Chi Chi website. There are 16 shades in the range; including nudes, pinks, oranges, reds, and a berry.

I was originally intending on only buying two shades - a nude and a red. I ended up picking up a few more when I realised I picked up the wrong nude.


The boxes come in roughly the same colour as the liquid lipstick shade, and they also have a small window that shows the lipstick tube. The boxes are bombarded with large font, but the shade is clearly listed on the front.


The actual packing of the liquid lipstick is quite simple. It is a clear plastic tube with a black lid and the Chi Chi logo printed on it in black. The packaging isn't anything special, but it doesn't feel cheap. The shade name is printed on a sticker on the bottom of the tube.



The applicator is slightly longer and straighter than a traditional doe foot applicator, but it also tapers in at the point and helps precise application.

All of the shades have a similar sweet scent, they almost smell like a more artificial version of stawberry Freddo Frogs. I don't mind the scent, but it is pretty strong and lingers a little bit.

Top to bottom: Crazy In Love, Flirt, Wild Child, Viva La Diva, Lady In Red

The formula is pretty impressive for the price point. These are very creamy and very pigmented. The only downside is that these aren't at all matte! If these were just liquid lipsticks then I would be raving about them, but because these are designed to be matte, then the finish is disappointing. The finish is more creamy than shiny, and as far as I can tell, none of the shades contain any shimmer.  These wear to a more matte/natural lip finish after a few hours of wear. The creaminess is very comfortable, but it is a little messy. These don't really ever set, so they can smudge if you aren't careful... I find that applying a thinner coat prevents smudging. I can easily get 4+ wear without eating.


Crazy In Love is described as a dusky pink. It is a soft pink mauve nude that would suit people who love pink toned nude shades. I was looking for a more brown toned nude when I accidentally picked up this shade.


Flirt is the shade I originally thought I picked up when I bought Crazy In Love. This is described as a pinky beige nude and is very very very close to my natural lip colour. This would suit people who are liking the 90s brown toned nudes or for people (like me) who can't get away with light nudes. This shade works perfectly paired with darker eye makeup.


Speaking of 90s browns... Wild Child is like no other shade that I own. This is described as a warm rosy brown, and I think it is a great shade if you are interested for a mid toned brownie nude shade. I think this is a great winter shade and it is one of my favourite shades of the moment.


Viva La Diva is described as a blue toned red, but I think this is more of a classic red lip. It's the kind of shade that any skin tone could pull off.


Lady In Red is described as a true red, but in my opinion this is more of a bright orange toned red (very similar to Lady Danger by MAC). This is my perfect red.

So overall I do really enjoy the liquid lipsticks and I have been wearing them most days. My main issue is that these are not at all matte! If you are buying this with the hopes they will be matte, then you will be very disappointed. That aside... these are great, affordable, comfortable, creamy, and pigmented liquid lipsticks. I do recommend them to anyone who loves a bold lip, just disregard the matte claim!

Have you tried these? What are your favourite shades?


  1. Wild Child is such a unique shade, pretty but unique! Also love Lady in Red. Don't think I'll pick any of these up though because I'm really not a fan of bold lippies that don't set down and easily transfer, kinda like the Rimmel Apocalips. They can get real messy when eating!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. These aren't as bad as Apocalips - those are much more wet, whereas these are more creamy. They don't set completely, but they don't move as easily as the Apolcalips. Also if you don't put much on then they do stay put better

  2. I've over looked them a lot till recently I guess they packet to what looks more for teens & I've always got stuff of theirs from my nan as a kid, usually any make up I got was cheap and more for fun so I guess I thought chi chi wasn't really any kind of decent brand, until I decided to try a few things out and they seem to be quite better then I thought. These definitely sound interesting! Although they don't dry I might have to try them.

    1. Yeah I think some of their makeup is still tacky... but they are coming out with some impressive products!

  3. I blame you completely for my recent purchase of Viva la Diva... But I don't mind too much, it's a great red and I can see myself wearing it a lot! Shame that they're not true matte but for the price, they're pretty awesome

    1. You can blame me for that! I can live with it :P

  4. I have Wild Child and love the colour on me. Its like a perfect nude. I love the creamy consistency but would have prefered if they dried to a matte finish.

  5. Chi Chi is such a hidden gem. Your lip swatches are perfect :)

  6. I really want Viva La Diva and Crazy in Love. They look amazing ♡

    <a href="”>Eila | theblushingbrunettes</a>

  7. Great review Kat - when I was in highschool I bought a whole bunch of ChiChi stuff (they had some nice bright coloured eye liners) just because they were doing a giveaway for a shirt that said "fussy bitch" on it. Oh yes, classy all the way!
    I was wondering though about how you feel about keeping lipsticks, and how long you keep them for? I know you must have loads of different lipsticks and balms - I've got about 20 that I carry around in my handbag but even with using them almost every day I barely make a dent in them, and I'm worrying that they're going to get old and funky before I even get to use half of them. Thoughts?

    1. Makeup does have a used by date (it's generally located on the back and shows a little open symbol and the amount of months that it should be used by after opening)... but I have lipsticks that I bought years ago and they still work fine for me. If it's only for personal use then you can use them as long as you want. I tend to think that when the scent or the texture changes then it is probably no longer good to use.

  8. I picked up Flirt and love it - I overlooked Chi Chi too but picked up some of their stuff after seeing it hyped and so far i'm impressed - their new eyeshadow palettes are my most reached for at the moment over my high-end.

  9. So weird that they would market them as matte when a creamy liquid lipstick would see just as well... I really want to try some of their matte lipsticks, probably a bright pink shade but for now I just have some of their big palettes which are quite nice (and some are dupes for Urban Decay too)

  10. I was just looking at these on their website a couple of days back and wondered what they were like and here you are reviewing them!
    Such a shame that they're not actually a matte finish though as there are a couple of shades there that I'd have picked up if they were and they're quite inexpensive.
    I wish all lip products could smell like strawberry freddos! :p

  11. Wow, these look gorgeous! Loving the fuchsia and red shades especially. I've tried a couple of Chi Chi products via an Australian beauty swap and have been super impressed with the quality! xo


  12. Such pretty shades, i must gives these a try.

  13. Thanks for the honest review. I've been looking for reviews on these liquid lipsticks and stumbled upon yours. XO


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