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Urban Outfitters Haul - Anastasia Beverly Hills and Stila

June 28, 2014


About a month ago Urban Outfitters were having 20% off beauty products, and I thought it was a great opportunity to try out some Anastasia Beverly Hills products! Anastasia products have just started trickling into Australian online stores, but they aren't cheap so I thought I should order a few products while they were on sale. I also managed to pick up a sneaky Stila product because the price was just too good to pass up!

This was my first experience with Urban Outfitters. Since I ordered over $50 worth of products, shipping to Australia was free. It took around 2 weeks to arrive to Melbourne.


I bought:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown for US$18.40 (down from US$23... AU$42 in Australian stores)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil in PRO 1 for US$14.40 (down from US$18)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette for US$16.80 (down from US$21... AU$39 in Australian stores)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Granite for US$17.60 (down from US$22... AU$39 in Australian stores)
Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten for US$17.60 (down from US$22... AU$32 in Australian stores)

I thought I would just mention that all of the Anastasia products come in lovely black and rose gold packaging. The actual packaging of the products also mirror this design, except for the Tinted Brow Gel that has clear plastic and silver detailing.


I usually use an eyeshadow/brow powder to fill in my eyebrows, so of course I had to pick up the Brow Powder Duo. After looking at numerous swatches online, I decided on the Dark Brown shade. This matches my eyebrows really well. These powders are matte (good) and quite cool toned (also good). I love that this comes with two shades because it allows you to define certain areas with the darker shade and also use the lighter shade to blend. So far, this is my most used brow product out of the few that I bought.


I saw that there was also this Pro Pencil available, and I immediately thought that this could be a great multi-task product. It is a flesh toned creamy pencil that I bought in the shade PRO 1 (it also comes in the slightly darker PRO 2 shade). This can work to define and tidy the brow (by drawing above/below the brow and blending out the line) BUT it can also be used on the waterline and as an eyeshadow base. I haven't used this as an eyeshadow base yet, but it is super creamy and works great as a waterline pencil and to define the brow, and it also lasts on the waterline which is a bonus.


Probably one of Anastasia's most popular product is the Brow Wiz. This is a super fine eyebrow pencil that can mimic the look of eyebrow hairs. I haven't used an eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows for months and months and months (I much prefer powders), but this is great for the sparse areas to give the impression of hairs. This is a very firm pencil so it I wouldn't recommend using this to fill in all of your brows (also because you only get a tiny amount of product in this pencil), but it is great for adding in the natural effect of hairs. I bought the shade Brunette.


Lastly, I picked up the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in the shade Granite. This would suit people who have full brows that need some taming and a slight hint of colour. Personally I am not sold on this product. I have very sparse brows so this alone doesn't quite cut it for me. As I need to fill my brows in with a powder/pencil first, the tinted nature of this product is completely lost on me, and I may as well just use a powder followed by a clear gel.

Top: Brow Wiz. Bottom: Tinted Brow Gel
Another thing that annoys me a little about this Tinted Brow Gel is that the brush is far too big for precise brow grooming. I don't own the Benefit Gimme Brow, but that brush is tiny! It's probably around a quarter of the size of this one (or smaller). It is very hard to neatly groom your brows with a brush that is as big as a mascara wand! I have decided to show you what the brush is like compared to the brush on the Brow Wiz... it makes no sense that they give you a small brush to brush out your brows, but a giant one to brush through a gel. I am guessing that they haven't updated the packaging of this brow gel because they are probably working on redesigning the brush.

Top to bottom: Tinted Brow Gel, Brow Wiz, Pro Pencil, Brow Powder Duo
PicMonkey Collage
Before and after


I also bought the Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten. For some reason I can never pass up an opportunity to get a nice blush or highlighter on sale! This is a highlighter that can be used on the face or the eyes, and it is a very highly regarded product in the blogging community. It comes with two shades - a lovely soft light pink that has a soft gold duo-chrome effect, and a light rose gold/bronze shade. The pink is great for a subtle light highlight on the cheeks, brow bone or inner corner of the eye, and the darker shade would look gorgeous as a highlight on tan skin, or as an all over the lid eyeshadow. The shades are very smooth and nicely pigmented, and this is the perfect highlighting duo that can last you through summer and winter.


That's my haul! I am loving everything that I bought, but my least favourite is the tinted brow gel, purely because of the size of the wand.

What are your favourite brow products to use?


  1. Amazing haul! I didn't even realise that Urban Outfitters had such a huge beauty range - I'll definitely look to them for future online shopping. I really want to pick up some Anastasia stuff, their brow powder sounds great, but I also really want to try the brow pomade!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I've never tried anything by Anastasia, but I've been interested in a few of their pencils-I agree about the brow gel, at that point I'd rather do a pencil & a regular clear one. Pretty Stila shadows, too!

    A Thing of Beauty

  3. Such a great haul! I was browsing Urban Outfitters and they have a great makeup range. My laziness makes the tinted brow gel sound so promising (and I bought the Revlon Brow Fantasy double-ended brow pencil and gel to try a tinted gel for the first time) so the downfalls of the Anastasia one are so disappointing. Sounds like the rest of the items live up to the hype though! You could try warming up the tip of the Brow Wiz so that the pigment comes out stronger instead of a faint scratch.

    1. I like dry pencils for eyebrows, so it works quite well.. but thanks for the tip! I'll try that with some of my liners x

  4. I didn't think of using kitten as a highlight but I think it would actually look so lovely also I really want to try the brow duo as I'm running out of my brow powder! xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  5. After reading a couple of your post about products purchased overseas I'm curious if the price you're posting are AU or local currency?

    1. The prices are US... sorry if I failed to mention that!

    2. Thanks, it just that I've seen this in a few of you posts.

    3. I always talk about Australian dollars, this is the only post that is different because the price isn't shown in AUD on the Urban Outfitters site

  6. I have the Brow Wiz in Medium Ash and absolutely love it. It has quickly become a daily must have! I was tempted to buy the brow gel, but like you the size of the wand threw me off.

    Ellen Rozalia | www.ellenrozalia.com

  7. Great haul! I didn't know UO sold Anastasia. Her brow products are my all-time faves :)



  8. I don't usually use to many brow products. I just got a brow pencil by Ofra. It is my first time using a product from them. At first I didn't think I would like it but, it actually works pretty good. I love the color of the Pro Pencil and the Stila All over shimmer duo in kitten looks like the perfect color combination. I haven't tried too many shimmer powders but I am loving the effect I see on other people who where them. By the way I think I accidentally double posted a comment on your last post. Not trying to be a spammer. But, my computer was acting weird and I didn't think my first comment got through. Sorry about that.

    1. No worries! Thanks so much for the comments xoxo

  9. Wow- didnt realise Urban Outfitters had such a good beauty range. I picked up the Anastasia brow pomade and I like it but it gives you a strong brow so still learning how to make it lookmore natural! Regarding the big wand, it might be fiddly and a bit annoying to do but I use a disposable mascara wand (which you can get in small sizes) and just wrap it around my tinted gel. That's more because I'm trying to achieve a natural brow but could serve you well too!


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